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Jennifer Eakins

Jennifer Eakins

Jennifer Eakins is a sports analyst and proud alumni of the University of Georgia Grady School of Journalism. She is a wife and mother who attempts to juggle it all while maintaining sanity. Jennifer is available for any writing, radio and pod casting gigs and no topic is off-limits. You can follow her on Twitter @themondaymommy.

"While disposing of the unused Jello shots and Super Bowl party confetti when you could muster up the heart to do it, you probably realized that the offensive line, which had played well for the bulk of the 2013 season, was now a legitimate cause for concern. "


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These days, when you hear or read that a slam dunk contest is taking place, especially the NBA one, the first thought in your mind is probably, no thanks. You certainly are not alone. Most people scoff at these events as the rules have been tweaked so much over years that nobody who is anybody wants to even participate anymore.


Luckily, the NCAA version is still entertaining and took place last night at SMU’s Moody Coliseum as part of their Final Four festivities.  The overall winner was Eastern Kentucky’s Marcus Lewis who edged out Baylor’s Cory Jefferson in the final round.


However, the slam of the night belonged to Michigan State’s Adreian Payne. After an assist from Lacey Holdsworth, an eight year old cancer patient who has developed a special friendship with the 6’10 basketball star, Payne pulled off a mid-air 360 while touching the ball to his feet half-way around.  On paper, that doesn’t sound too tough but I bet if you tried it on your nerf hoop above your basement door you’d see just how difficult and athletic that move actually is.


To top off this sick dunk, Payne followed up with the always funny and entertaining bowling pin celebration.



"Young kids, awkward teenagers and soccer moms were wrapping logo laden scarves, mostly Rapids colors around them and heading into the game. Was this the giveaway item last week and I missed a great score?  I mean, it wasn’t cold out, it was actually really nice and these scarves were a bit much for the 67 degree bluebird day."



"Those of you that follow me on twitter are probably painfully aware of my struggle with him this past year in fantasy football and how White's injury and lack of play crushed my very soul week after week of the 2013 football season."


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"Offense as a whole has taken a back seat in the first rush of free agency but there have been some deals that will impact the fantasy season in both a positive and negative manner. "



"Frozen Dead Guys lineup this year included a costumed Polar Plunge, Ice Turkey Bowling, coffin races, a frozen t-shirt contest and the hearse parade. "



Monday, 03 March 2014 12:12

What's with the Buccaneers new Unis?

Did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decide they would fare better as an Arena League team? I know they had a rough season in 2013, and are now rolling with a new coach and Mike Glennon as their signal caller, but what is up with this uniform change?

I was on board with the new helmet design, as they tweaked the logo just a bit and just made it bigger on the actual helmet. However, these new uniforms are pretty brutal. The numbers look alarm clock-y and there's only a hint of orange. It seems like they just keep changing and morphing their colors and logo to try to forget and erase the past.

I say they should come full circle and go back to the old orange and white with the swashbuckling afeminate pirate. It couldn't make it any worse, right? 


"Do we really need another sports team in the Colorado landscape? We already have a healthy dose of teams to cheer for and spend our hard earned money on. "


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Saturday, 22 February 2014 13:32

What must an alien think of the NFL Combine?


"The fact that these grown men are getting lathered up about other men’s body parts has homoerotic written all over it, almost has much as the two-man luge. Well, maybe not. "




"With all the success that Elway has experienced off the field for the Broncos, he has also been met with his share of criticisms, mainly when it comes to scouting and drafting talent, or lack thereof."


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