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"There is, however, something very odd about how many people and pundits in Denver view the various other professional sports outlets in the city. Particularly basketball, which the town seems to have a love/hate relationship with. For a brief history lesson, keep in mind, the Nuggets are just 7 years younger than the Broncos"

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"For the professional athlete, the consideration is even more complex – to reveal something intrinsically private, and in the same vein become the public face of your private life."

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 13:47

Morton: An open letter to Tim Tebow

"You see, if you love football and Jesus as much as I believe you do then the narrow and frankly ugly version of Christianity that Jeffress preaches wouldn't even enter your mind."

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(Editors note: Jeffrey Morton is a friend and a contributor to Denver Stiffs. We have asked Jeffrey to work with us when his ramblings are non-NBA related. Today Jeffrey is riled up about Twitter)

"Why listen to what Jeff Morton has to say about a possible Nuggets trade when you can be distracted by his sexuality?"

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