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"When you become a part of a new family, you definitely adopt their way of life, customs and football teams if you’re in their world. I don’t get the Roethlisberger guy in the commercial however. That just seems strange that someone would adopt a team like that with no familial motivations."

"There isn’t much to gain from a week three win in the NFL, but there is a whole lot to lose, and it’s easy to foresee the sluggish-of-foot Manning taking much abuse at the hands of Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and company – again."

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"Tim Tebow in Denver was arguably a bigger distraction than Michael Sam will be. Those NFL execs arguing that they do not want an openly gay player on their team because of the “distraction” are, just as Chris Kluwe said on Monday, dancing around their own intolerance"

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Hey, look everybody. It's Brandon Perna (@BrandonPerna) and he's drinking wine from a box. That must mean it's time for more "That's good sports", the YouTube series which Brandon has been kind enough to allow us to embed.



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Here's your all-time NFL All-Thug team

(special thanks to John Stafford of Phoenix, AZ)

Former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez is the latest NFL player to face very serious criminal charges – but he is by means the first. The history of the league is filled with the doings of ne’er-do-wells, “thugs” if you will.

We wondered: what would a roster of football’s all-time greatest thugs look like? The South Stands is proud to present: the NFL All Thug team

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Boston. By Kathleen Kelly

Denver's own Kathleen Kelly ran in the Boston Marathon along with her husband Brad. The couple crossed the finish line only minutes before the bombing.

This is Kathleen's story, which she graciously allowed the South Stands to publish.

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"Let’s call a spade a spade; the 2007 Rockies were a bigger fluke than Moby Dick’s tail. It’s not everyday that a team catches fire en route to a pennant. Then again, it’s not everyday that a bird takes a dump on your head."


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Dear Carmelo ... by Luke Binder

Luke Binder (@303Luke) has been kind enough to share his fine writing with us in the past. His Wordpress site can be found HERE.

Today he allowed us to reproduce this letter to Carmelo, which we think our readers will enjoy.

Thanks, Luke.

"I’m of the opinion that Taco Bell is best enjoyed one of two ways – in the secrecy and privacy of one’s own vehicle, while parked in the parking lot of the Bell itself, or at home, with friends after a night of vigorous drinking."

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The George Karl Dilemma: By Luke Binder

As the dust settles over Mark Kiszla's Nuggets piece in the Denver Post titled "Nuggets coach George Karl has the cushiest job in the NBA", which has caused much consternation this morning, we were pleased to accept this submitted article by South Stands reader Luke Binder.

You can follow Luke on Twitter (@303luke) and visit his excellent Wordpress site.

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