Rich Kurtzman

Rich Kurtzman

"Colorado has few homegrown talents, Tulowitzki being one, and he's the team's most talented player. In O'Dowd's 13 seasons, he's picked Jeff Francis, Ian Stewart, Chris Nelson, Tulo, Greg Reynolds and a whole bunch of other guys that have yet to pan out at the major league level. Of those, only Tulo is a star, the rest are middle-of-the-pack at best at their respective position. "

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"CSU wants to pull off the impossible upset, even if they know it will take a perfect game to do so.

And if they can't win, there are still valuable lessons to be learned, confidence to be gained."


"When giant stretches of much-needed roads are closed, people panic, looking for ways to get to their destination. If they were like me, one dead end led to another, and another and so-on until there were lengthy backups and people driving like maniacs to get around town."

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"Let's start out in Oakland, where the black hole seems to have sucked in all remnants of playing winning football. Their likely signal caller is someone named Matt Flynn"

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013 10:03

My Special Friendship through Fly Fishing

"Gary's given me more than I could ever repay him for – the knowledge of how to fly fish, the locations of where to fly fish and the confidence to go out and do it well – and all I've given him in repayment is camaraderie."

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When Broncos brass blew and came up hot, they really blew it. These are executives, grown men in charge of looking over and assembling younger men to achieve one goal; win the Super Bowl. 

Tuesday, 09 July 2013 12:03

These Ain't Your Denver Nuggets

Welcome to the latest in a long line of new Nuggets teams, Denver.

Masai Ujiri was a young man when he was hired, and was paid the lowest salary in the NBA. While he taught us that was no indicator of success, it seems as if Josh Kroenke may have done something similar with the hiring of Tim Connelly.

The Nuggets future and Josh Kroenke's legacy as Denver Nuggets President and Governor both rest on his coach and GM hires. 

Pay Masai Ujiri, Kroenke Sports Enterprises, or fans will remember why their favorite team doesn't have a chance for a championship. 

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