Colin D.

Colin D.

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 18:36

Source: Soicher out at 9 News


"According to a source inside KUSA 9 News Drew Soicher has been fired."

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Monday, 31 March 2014 19:20

Rox fans are losing an ace in Troy Renck

"On behalf of all baseball lovers and newspaper enthusiasts I wish to thank Troy for the awesome work he has done for the Denver Post ever since 2002."

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"Elway's actions as a GM, especially in the wake of Denver's 2014 Super Bowl loss, sometimes have gone beyond calculating to cold."

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Saturday, 22 March 2014 21:37

Another spark snuffed for the Nuggets

JJ Hickson has been a bright spot off the bench for your Denver Nuggets, contributing nearly fourteen points per game over the past ten and bringing some much needed energy to the floor. Now the team will have to go on without Hickson. He's the latest in a line of Denver players to suffer injury. He's lost for the season after tearing his ACL in yesterday evening's loss in Dallas.

The Nuggets are no threat to go to the playoffs. The 2013 / 2014 campaign is pretty much a lost season. Still, it stinks that they will have to proceed without one of the players who had been providing a spark.

Thursday, 20 March 2014 16:55

The Nuggets have a need, a need for Faried

"Since the trade deadline, particularly since the beginning of March, Faried has begun to prove his doubters wrong. Aside from Ty Lawson, "Manimal", it can be argued, has been the Nuggets best player, averaging over twenty points and ten rebounds per game."

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 17:25

It’s time to end the NCAA’s big lie

"When the players do benefit financially for their play it’s in violation of the NCAA’s hard and fast rules, rules that protect their monopoly, the money printing machine that it created under the guise of assisting “student athletes”."

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OK, so maybe it's not sports-related but we just can't resist a good cock shot.

A soon to be former producer at Fox 31 made the brilliant decision this morning to use Twitter as a source for images of the KOMO helicopter crash in Seattle in which two people perished. The producer searched the social media site for images associated with the hastag #KOMO. Welp, it didn't turn out so well. Live and on air he or she flipped through images that included Edward Scissorhands, some kind of omelette and a photo of a man's semi-erect penis sticking out of his pants. 

Here's the vid. Be warned. It is definitely unclean and NSFW ... but it's real and it's spectacular.    

"The Nuggets aren't in contention to make the post-season and few contests left on their schedule hold the appeal of a tilt with LA. Still, fans have a reason to attend. The Nuggets remain willing to win - even if in some circles winning is controversial."

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"Once an organization opts out of pushing for the playoffs and decides to start sacrificing wins it should have to notify the NBA and the fans about it. These teams can then be categorized appropriately and be compelled to cut their ticket and concession prices."

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Broncos fans are elated over the signings that Elway and Company have made so far in free agency. Denver has added two pro-bowlers on defense in Talib and Ward and one nasty quarterback-hungry pass rusher in Ware. There's no question that the defense is going to be far better in 2014.

Now fans are clamoring for an all-star addition on offense. Steve Smith, the primadonna wide-out, was cut by the Panthers today, making him the latest eye-popping free agent to hit the market.

The Broncos have certainly not been shy about bringing in mercenaries since Elway's arrival in the front office so there's no reason to think the team won't make Smith an offer, especially in light of the fact that they let Eric Decker walk away. Unlike the defensive signings, however, making a move on Smith would very much be for "right now". Smith could potentially be the next shoe to drop in Denver via free agency. It's more likely, however, that the Broncos look to improve their receiving corps through the draft.

Nothing John Elway does should surprise anybody, though. He has an "anything is possible" mentality.

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