Colin D.

Colin D.

What a nutty week.

After attempting to launch a brand new lineup on Monday morning only to find out that it had no home on the dial, Mile High Sports radio has spent the past 48 hours scrambling madly to overcome technical issues and attain a new signal.

The station's old signal was sold off, leaving Mile High Sports to find a new home.

We are happy to report that it's now at 94.1 FM, now with a stronger signal than before. Now listeners have a live and local alternative once again - which is particularly pleasing 9-noon when both of the other Denver sports stations are carrying (gag) tape-delayed syndicated crap. 

The new MHS lineup includes Goodman and Pritchard in morning drive, the Press Box pre-lunch, Irv and Joe (of course), Spano 2-4, Danny and Cello in afternoon drive, Renaud Notaro evenings and Denver Sports Nation radio late night. 


Peyton Manning has a brother named Eli and, if we're lucky, an alter ego named Evil Peyton.

The quarterback was spotted at a charity event sporting this goatee, giving him a somewhat more ominous presence. Could this be the change needed to get the Broncos through the NFC West gauntlet next season?

Time will tell.

Even if Peyton looks a bit like an awkward middle schooler with his very first facial hair a little attitude can't hurt.

"It’s embarrassing now to be a Nuggets fan and it’s made worse by what the Broncos did in the Super Bowl. Even Clevelanders must pity us right now. Other than the Avalanche, who compete in a sport that very few people care about, our franchises are really making the Rocky Mountain region look awful."

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If you're going to play in today's NFL you had better know how to properly beat up a girl. CU defensive back Jeffrey Hall did his best to show the league that's he's ready over the weekend by choking out a female member of the track team.

According to TMZ Sports, Hall attacked the woman and then when the cops showed up he attacked her again.

Not only did Hall do an NFL-level job of strangling the female, he went "next level" by calling the Police "pigs" and accusing them of arresting him because he's black.

Police had to taze the 19-year old Hall not once - but twice - to subdue him.

Rumor has it the Ravens have already tagged him for the first round.

Deadspin love Javale McGee - and what’s not to love? The goofy seven footer has given the king of all sports blogs plenty to chuckle at during his years in the NBA. But, with Javale sidelined (and forced to play on Instagram) the site has found another Nugget to adore, Jan Vesely, Denver’s recent Czech-born acquisition out of Washington DC.

Deadspin panned Vesely this morning with a gif of the lanky Euro appearing to yank the basketball away from nobody. Deadspin’s headline: “Jan Vesely Appears to Believe he is Guarded By Ghosts”.

As long as the Nuggets keep on rolling the dice on the Association’s silliest physical freaks they should continue to find themselves on Deadspin’s home page - if not in the playoffs.

"With Both 104.3 the Fan and 102.3 ESPN airing nationally syndicated programming in the AM post-drive time slot (9-12), leaving it devoid of local voices, the brain trust at Mile High Sports Radio (FM93.7 AM1510) has moved quickly to shift its lineup in response."

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"On Monday Scott Hastings, who's relationship with Brian Shaw seems to be a close one, and Drew Goodman, the hosts of the noon-3 show on 104.3 the Fan, interviewed Shaw. The radio segment proved to be the most revealing audio yet to surface in terms of who the new coach is, what he believes in and how he perceives the team he inherited from Karl."

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"Mile High Sports will now have the only local sports talk show in the post-morning drive slot with the Brandon Spano show which recently moved over from night side"

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"He reportedly went so far as to say he “hated” the Nuggets and that he refused to suit up for the team. So what about Brian Shaw’s methods did Miller find so detestable and what could fans learn about the Nuggets from his behavior?"

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 12:12

Andre Miller reportedly wants to be a Timberwolf

The NBA trade deadline is noon Thursday (that’s tomorrow!) so teams are scrambling to get their pieces in place – either in the interest of making stretch runs or to eliminate bad contracts and cancerous jackasses like Andre Miller.

According to Basketball Insiders, my favorite resource at the moment for NBA scuttlebutt, Andre wants to be traded to Minnesota. Rumor has it that the Nuggets have been offered a deal that would send the embattled whiny jerk to the Timberwolves in a one-for-one for point guard JJ Barea. The same report claims that the Nuggets – are you ready for this? – AREN’T INTERESTED.

Denver had better find some way to rid themselves of Miller before the deadline, otherwise they will have to continue to pay him not to play.