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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"Brian Shaw needs help. Until he is supplied with the type of player who can share his message through his play the Nuggets will continue to struggle mightily"

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Thursday, 13 February 2014 10:24

Peyton Manning owes it to Broncos fans to speak

"Peyton Manning's silence in the wake of the worst loss in team history is deafening. Where has the quarterback been?"

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"There’s no question that the current Nuggets responded better to George Karl. Andre Miller did, that’s for damn sure. Miller undermined the new coach to the extent that Shaw refuses to play him even though the Nuggets desperately need him."


"Wherever he goes the media is going to follow in droves. Sam's performance on the football field is going to be a secondary story for a long time to come. His sexual preference is what is going to draw massive interest from the networks, magazines and newspapers and make things tricky for teams that might otherwise draft him without concern. If Michael Sam's draft stock falls don't blame bigotry, blame the media."

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"Atticus will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. In continuing with the “Statriotic” theme established by Pour Kids, Atticus will place an emphasis on locally-sourced produce, meats, craft beers wines and spirits."

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Friday, 07 February 2014 13:28

Dear Peyton: another open letter to Manning

Yesterday the Denver Post published an open letter to Peyton Manning which has gone viral. It was written Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann whom the paper described as “a journalism professor, blogger, mom, and a Broncos fan” living in Charleston, SC. In it she waxes poetic about the quarterback’s dedication, preparedness and legacy.

Reading it in the wake of Sunday’s Super Bowl had me grinding my teeth. That’s why I decided to offer up an open letter of my own to Peyton.

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Rumors abound that Nike has been given the green light to design new Denver Broncos uniforms to be revealed for the 2015 season. There's even a possibility, according the scuttlebutt, that the shoe company might design several different new looks for the Broncos, making them the Oregon Ducks of the NFL.

Most of what's making the viral rounds is probably untrue. The no-fun-league isn't likely to allow Denver to mix and match their look from week to week the way Oregon does. It would not be surprising, though, if the Broncos unveiled a new look.

If that happens I believe that the Broncos should bring back the "D" for Denver on the helmets. Not the old D - a slick new one that integrates the more modern look of Denver's logo. The proposed uni is this photo made the rounds last season and it was a huge hit among fans that spied it.

Give us the D, Broncos. God knows we could use it.


"The Reed Marks show will be missed - even though it had barely gotten off the ground. It was often the only show to cover hockey, baseball and college athletics in a given day - particularly during the Broncos' playoff run."

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Thursday, 06 February 2014 10:15

There is a growing schism in Broncos Country

"For some people the wounds of Super Bowl 48 are just too raw for any kind of celebration yet there is no denying that, aside from the thrashing the Broncos took, the 2013 season was a mostly joyous experience."

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 16:11

The Super Bowl is less painful to watch in Lego

I have heard tales of people re-watching Super Bowl 48. I guess it was on NFL Network last night. Not me. No thanks. I won't ever watch that  game again. Ever. Once was plenty. However, watching the Broncos get thumped by the Seahawks is a little more tolerable in Lego.