Colin D.

Colin D.

"The Nuggets aren't in contention to make the post-season and few contests left on their schedule hold the appeal of a tilt with LA. Still, fans have a reason to attend. The Nuggets remain willing to win - even if in some circles winning is controversial."

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"Once an organization opts out of pushing for the playoffs and decides to start sacrificing wins it should have to notify the NBA and the fans about it. These teams can then be categorized appropriately and be compelled to cut their ticket and concession prices."

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Broncos fans are elated over the signings that Elway and Company have made so far in free agency. Denver has added two pro-bowlers on defense in Talib and Ward and one nasty quarterback-hungry pass rusher in Ware. There's no question that the defense is going to be far better in 2014.

Now fans are clamoring for an all-star addition on offense. Steve Smith, the primadonna wide-out, was cut by the Panthers today, making him the latest eye-popping free agent to hit the market.

The Broncos have certainly not been shy about bringing in mercenaries since Elway's arrival in the front office so there's no reason to think the team won't make Smith an offer, especially in light of the fact that they let Eric Decker walk away. Unlike the defensive signings, however, making a move on Smith would very much be for "right now". Smith could potentially be the next shoe to drop in Denver via free agency. It's more likely, however, that the Broncos look to improve their receiving corps through the draft.

Nothing John Elway does should surprise anybody, though. He has an "anything is possible" mentality.

"The aforementioned Wesley Woodyard, recently a defensive captain for the Broncos, is on him way to Boston to talk with the Patriots, according to Brandon Krizstal. The way Denver “did” Woodyard last season he probably can’t wait for his first opportunity to lay the “wood” to Peyton Manning."

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When it comes to appearing in a pump-up video set to Imagine Dragons' hit song "Radioactive" your Colorado Avalanche said "Why not us?" Here are a few select Avalanche studs lip-synching to the sounds of the modern stadium rock anthem. It's viral, people. Go with it.

It's not been the greatest season to be a Nuggets fan but there's still a ton of pride in this city for our team. This video, produced by Airball Creative (@airballcreative) was circulated to season ticket holders by the Nuggets. It's awesome and it's bound to make all Nuggets fans rise to their feet. 

And, if you reTweet the tweet below on Twitter today you will be entered into a giveway for two club level seats to see the Nugs abuse the Lakers tonight at Pepsi Center.



Thursday, 06 March 2014 18:32

Morning sports radio kind of sucks now

"Program Directors do their best to make decisions that benefit their stations, their listeners and the bottom line. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they totally screw it up."

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"It takes a cold heart to be an effective Vice President of Football Operations / General Manager for an NFL team."

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"Dallas is a playoff contender but nothing really all that special. The Mavs are a quality opponent that is beatable and Nuggets fans deserve to see the blue and yellow win tonight."

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What a nutty week.

After attempting to launch a brand new lineup on Monday morning only to find out that it had no home on the dial, Mile High Sports radio has spent the past 48 hours scrambling madly to overcome technical issues and attain a new signal.

The station's old signal was sold off, leaving Mile High Sports to find a new home.

We are happy to report that it's now at 94.1 FM, now with a stronger signal than before. Now listeners have a live and local alternative once again - which is particularly pleasing 9-noon when both of the other Denver sports stations are carrying (gag) tape-delayed syndicated crap. 

The new MHS lineup includes Goodman and Pritchard in morning drive, the Press Box pre-lunch, Irv and Joe (of course), Spano 2-4, Danny and Cello in afternoon drive, Renaud Notaro evenings and Denver Sports Nation radio late night. 


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