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Colin Daniels

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"On Monday Scott Hastings, who's relationship with Brian Shaw seems to be a close one, and Drew Goodman, the hosts of the noon-3 show on 104.3 the Fan, interviewed Shaw. The radio segment proved to be the most revealing audio yet to surface in terms of who the new coach is, what he believes in and how he perceives the team he inherited from Karl."

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"Mile High Sports will now have the only local sports talk show in the post-morning drive slot with the Brandon Spano show which recently moved over from night side"

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"He reportedly went so far as to say he “hated” the Nuggets and that he refused to suit up for the team. So what about Brian Shaw’s methods did Miller find so detestable and what could fans learn about the Nuggets from his behavior?"

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 12:12

Andre Miller reportedly wants to be a Timberwolf

The NBA trade deadline is noon Thursday (that’s tomorrow!) so teams are scrambling to get their pieces in place – either in the interest of making stretch runs or to eliminate bad contracts and cancerous jackasses like Andre Miller.

According to Basketball Insiders, my favorite resource at the moment for NBA scuttlebutt, Andre wants to be traded to Minnesota. Rumor has it that the Nuggets have been offered a deal that would send the embattled whiny jerk to the Timberwolves in a one-for-one for point guard JJ Barea. The same report claims that the Nuggets – are you ready for this? – AREN’T INTERESTED.

Denver had better find some way to rid themselves of Miller before the deadline, otherwise they will have to continue to pay him not to play.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 10:34

Score one for KC, Sharpe out Gonzo in at CBS

The new lineup for CBS' NFL Today pre-game program for the coming season has been unveiled and the show will no longer feature either Dan Marino or Shannon Sharpe.

CBS' crew next year will be James Brown, Tony Gonzalez, Boomer Esiason and Bill Cowher. That's right, a former Chiefs tight end (turned Falcon) displaces a former Broncos tight end (turned Raven). This is the biggest slap in the face to Broncos fans since the game which shal not be named.

As a commentator Sharpe wasn't everybody's cup of tea, popular as he might have been among Denver fans. Also, Sharpe had made life tough for his producers in the past, when accusations of stalking, rape and domestic violence were levied against him. The network looked the other way at the time but these things do tend to catch up to guys eventually.

Gonzolez remains an angel in the eyes of the media.

In rooting on USA hockey in this morning's clash against the Russian squad, Avalanche fans might have had a conflict. Luckily, Seymon Varlamov, Colorado's star goalkeeper, was not in net for the bad guys so everyone was able to root on team USA without concern for the emotional impact Russia's loss might have had on "Varly".

Sergei Bobrovsky, who plays for Columbus, was in goal instead. TJ Oshie of the Blues knocked down four of his six shootout goals in toppling "Bob-Rov" and causing Vladamir Putin to expressionlessly, wordlessly, turn and walk out of his luxury box.


"Brian Shaw needs help. Until he is supplied with the type of player who can share his message through his play the Nuggets will continue to struggle mightily"

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Thursday, 13 February 2014 10:24

Peyton Manning owes it to Broncos fans to speak

"Peyton Manning's silence in the wake of the worst loss in team history is deafening. Where has the quarterback been?"

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"There’s no question that the current Nuggets responded better to George Karl. Andre Miller did, that’s for damn sure. Miller undermined the new coach to the extent that Shaw refuses to play him even though the Nuggets desperately need him."


"Wherever he goes the media is going to follow in droves. Sam's performance on the football field is going to be a secondary story for a long time to come. His sexual preference is what is going to draw massive interest from the networks, magazines and newspapers and make things tricky for teams that might otherwise draft him without concern. If Michael Sam's draft stock falls don't blame bigotry, blame the media."

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