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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Saturday, 04 January 2014 11:40

If the Broncos lose the River will they Wade?

The name "Del Rio" means "the River" is Spanish.

Denver Broncos' defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio may be running through it on his way to a head coaching gig in the NFL. Broncos coordinators are the hot ticket, after all. It was surprising enough that JDR returned for this season. It would be shocking if he were here again next season.

That means that the Broncos might Wade. Phillips, that is.

Yes, the one-time head Denver head coach could easily end up waddling up and down Broncos sidelines once again. He just got canned by the new regime in Houston (they want fat ass Romeo Crennel for some reason). Would anybody be surprised if Phillips returned to the Broncos as their D.C.?

With no Broncos to talk about this week the lovely Christina is left to break down the Wildcard games this weekend - and break them down she does. Please enjoy this latest video from everybody's favorite Vegas blonde.

Polls never lie, right?

A company called Public Policy Polling (PPP) has released the results of its 3rd annual NFL poll and it revealed not only that the Denver Broncos are now the most popular football team in the United States but that the lowly Dallas Cowboys, once known as “America’s Team”, are the LEAST favorite squad of 23% of poll respondents.

Denver was called “favorite” by 14% of those questioned, followed by Dallas, Green Bay, Chicago, New England and Pittsburgh.

So congratulations, Broncos Country. You can stand up and salute. You’ve got America’s team now.

PPP 3rd Annual NFL poll

The regular season is over so there are fewer games to pick each week in the South Stands annual NFL pickoff VS the spread. With only three games separating first and third place in our contest these next few weeks will be crucial.

Here's how our pickers see the Wild Card games ...

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"Aside from the fact that the Broncos will have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs for their run this time, their schedule will have a familiar feeling for fans in that each of their AFC opponents will be one that had beaten them at some point in the regular season."

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"Now the tireless Burns is taking his show into syndication. The first step: Saturdays noon to two on 104.3 the Fan."

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Thursday, 02 January 2014 14:47

Is Derek Wolfe headed to IR?

Something is wrong with Derek Wolfe. The defensive end was the only Broncos player not to practice today. He claims to be getting back into "football shape" after falling ill in late November and failing to play a snap in the month of December, yet he keeps mysteriously winding up a scratch from team activities.

There's something about Wolfe's condition that the Broncos aren't telling us. A little birdie (SOURCE!) tolf me today that Wolfe will go on IR for the Broncos next week and that he will not participate in the playoffs at all. That's a pretty extrememe measure for a player with the "flu". Is my little birdie correct? We will have to wait and see. It would be a real drag. The Broncos can really use Wolfe coming off the end to help get pressure on the likes of Philip Rivers, Alex Smith or Andrew Luck next week.

"Josh McDaniels can't change them in to a winning team quickly and the Browns have shown that they don't have the patience to allow McDaniels several years to install a system and a plan."


Records were shattered during Denver's 13th win of 2013 and folks took to Twitter to talk about it. We snagged their Tweets and slapped them together for this Tweetcap. Are your Tweets in there? Only one way to find out, friend ...

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"Hopefully the Broncos will host two more games at Mile High - not one. Each of the three teams that beat Denver during the regular season is a potential post-season match-up for them."

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