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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 12:23

Our week thirteen NFL picks VS the spread

We have been having a great time picking every NFL game VS the spread this season. A couple of our pickmasters are above .500. I couple of others aren't. We've seen a few lead changes and things have tightened up a bit recently.

The contest in entering its stretch run, although we intend to pick right through the Super Bowl.

Here's how we see the games unfolding in week thirteen

It's the annual SUPERPOD starring the Colorado Sports Guys and the South Stands Denver Fancast!

We infiltrate every orifice of the Denver Sports scene with our pals from that "other" Denver Sports Podcast in a delightful show that we hope will set the tone for the coming week and on through the Holiday Season.

Huge thanks to everyone involved. This was a rockin' show.

"The guy the Broncos have hitched their wagon to can’t play when it’s cold outside. And guess what? It’s cold outside during the playoffs. Manning’s struggles in frigid temps are plenty well documented. So how can the Broncos count on their twenty-million dollar man when it matters most? The answer is shockingly simple"

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Molson Coors is selling its 15% stake in the Colorado Rockies according to Sports Business Journal.

The buyer is Arizona developer Jay Stein who had previously been involved with the ownership group that controlled the Padres and has since sold.  It is estimated that his new stake will cost him somewhere in the neighborhood of $75M, just shy of the reported $80M in debt the Rockies currently hold.

The Denver Post recently sold its stake in the Rox. Now Coors, which has been a partner since inception, is doing the same. One has to wonder if these divestitures have anything at all to do with Monforts and a reluctance to be associated with them - or if these have been purely financial decisions.

Either way, it's worth speculating whether the Monforts themselves may eventually sell. It's something Rox fans would love to see happen. Dick and Charlie have no idea what they're doing. Stein may have the contacts to put a buying group together that could finally take the Monfort Brothers out.

The naming rights agreement that Coors has will not change. Fans will not be flocking to Sports Authority Park anytime soon.

"The Broncos appear to be minimizing concerns regarding head injuries and hastening players' return to play by seeing that they undergo as little testing and monitoring as they can possibly get away with."

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"After KC come the Titans, Chargers, Texans and Raiders. Even allowing for one surprise loss among those games, the Broncos will finish the season no worse than 13-3. But let’s not forget … they did that last season, too. And the Nuggets won 57 games. "

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"As hyped as the Manning / Brady showdown has been in the media, Denver does not want this game to come down to the quarterback play. Tom Brady is far more comfortable playing in the conditions we will see tonight."

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Saturday, 23 November 2013 18:15

South Stands Fantasycast, NFL week twelve

With the playoffs fast approaching John and Colin discuss some crucial decisions, roll the 12-sided dice and glance at the likely playoff teams in #SSDFFL and #SSDFFLB. Good show.

NBC has the Denver / New England game on Sunday night. They also have Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon dedicated three minuted of his show last night to "Superlatives" describing various players involved in the big SNF game coming up.


Our favorite foul-mouthed "chick with some picks" is back for week 12, thrashing Chris Collinsworth, previewing the Patriots game and making her weekly picks. She does live in Vegas, after all.

Follow Christina on Twitter @yeswhatIsaygoes