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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

(via USA Today's "For the Win" blog)

Welp. There's no reason to play the Super Bowl now becuase the good folks at EA Sports have already simulated the game using Madden 25.

The Broncos won in a tight game that began with a Richard Sherman pick six. Ultimately, Matt Prater kicked a game-winning field goal. Final score, Broncos 31, Seahawks 28.




Monday, 27 January 2014 11:35

Updating our NFL pickoff VS the spread

Our fellows, Colin, Riedy, Scott Stafford and Snyder have been battling all season long picking every single NFL game VS the spread. Last week they did the over / unders, too. So where do our pickers stand with just one game yet to be played?
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Saturday, 25 January 2014 09:18

Remembering "the Boz"

"Remembering “the Boz” brings back colorful memories of the days when the Broncos were always contenders but never brought home the trophy."

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We've all heard Broncos tribute songs. They are usually hacked together by some wannabe rapper and sometimes pay tribute to Steph Curry which is incredibly strange.

Finally a real Denver band with actual instruments (and talent) has recorded one. Here are the Railbenders with "Time to Ride" . 


"The upcoming Super Bowl offers Peyton Manning the chance to kill two narratives with one stone. It’ll be a big game. There aren’t games any bigger. And it will be cold."

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(via Busted Coverage)

Oh, those silly Raiders.

According to a lawsuit filed by one Oakland cheerleader the Raiders don't pay the Raiderettes minimum wage. "Lacy T" asserts that the girls are paid $1250 for an entire season worth of work including appearances. By Lacy's math it comes to under $5 per hour. California's minumum wage is $8.

Lacy also claims that the Raiderettes get fined for things like forgetting ther yoga mats.

Read the entire suit at Busted Coverage.

(photo: Nancy Lane, Boston Herald)

"As enjoyable a read as Ron Borges’ piece on Belichick was for this blogging Broncos fan, Ben Volin’s piece in today’s Boston Globe was even more delightful. The headline: “Broncos were far better than the Patriots”. Drink it in, everybody. Drink it in."

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Brandon Perna is a pretty happy fellow today and he is back with a triumphant new edition of That's Good Sports! Follow Brandon on Twitter @BrandonPerna

"This does not bode well for Denver’s chances of hosting the big game in the future. If the weather in the East causes as many problems for preparations as it might the league will surely stick with warm weather climates for future championship games."

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(Photo USA Today)

"This was the best move for a couple of reasons. One, the Browns are a miserable franchise with an owner embroiled in a nasty legal fight that could result in his serving time. Two, Gase's stock can only rise by sticking by Peyton Manning's side"

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