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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 21:22

Bill Romanowski is dead to Denver

"When I say “Romo” I am referring to the Dallas Cowboy quarterback. Romanowski isn’t my pal. He’s not my buddy. He’s the enemy."

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 12:57

The Super Bowl may be Knowshon's farewell

(via Pro Football Talk)

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is reporting that the Broncos are likely to let Knowhon Moreno leave in free agency. The Broncos will have many priorities when it comes to resigning players and apparently the running back is not high on their list. The Super Bowl could very well be his very last game in a Denver Broncos uniform.

But don't shed any tears for Knowshon. His thirteen TDs in this breakout season will likely mean that he will make significantly more money in his next contract - wherever he may happen to play.




(photo: Denver Post)

"Over the course of the regular season the Seahawks did possess the top defensive unit. Things change, though, and when one considers the number of injuries the Broncos were forced to overcome it’s not hard to understand why their defense is just now beginning to gel.'

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 00:16

Super Bowl MVP? On Twitter it's @Dmac1043

"The view that Dmac gives his followers of the goings on surrounding the Super Bowl is gritty, honest and hilarious. He's loves to laugh and he loves when people laugh with him - even at him."

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Something about Drew Soicher's sea lion friend looks awfully familiar. I could swear I have seen that face before.

John Leyba (@presto89) is a senior photographer at the Denver Post and he does incredible work. This beautiful shot is representative of Leyba's skill. It shows the manic media scrum induced by the presence of one #18.

Great work.

Apparently a small group of Broncos players headed for a "low rent" strip club Monday night in New Jersey. Only one was dumb enough to let one of the dancers take his picture, though. That would be none other than "Mr. Butterfingers" himself, Ronnie Hillman.

Hillman came into training camp listed atop Denver's depth chart at running back and now hardly ever even touches the ball. Perhaps this is an example as to why that is the case. It's absolutely asinine for a professional to allow himself to be put into a situation like this. Hillman should know better. Still, this could be the only "play" Hillman gets this week.

This isn't the greatest of all Sports Center commercials. No Hannah Storm for one thing. But it's pretty good - and it's got Denver Broncos' mascot Miles in it so we dig it.  Speaking of Hannah Storm ...



The hugely talented Bradon Perna of That's Good Sports dedicated this awesome video parody of "Timber" by Pitbull (feat Ke$ha) in honor of the Orange and Blue so HURRY HURRY and click on it.

(photo, @Dmac1043)

"These Denver radio personalities, along with the sports anchors from the local television stations, Drew "Sea Lion" Soicher, Tom Helmer, Raul Martinez, etc, make up a small sliver of the 5,000 or so total talking heads assembled in the Big Apple to cover the Broncos' sixth appearance in the big game."

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