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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

NBC has the Denver / New England game on Sunday night. They also have Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon dedicated three minuted of his show last night to "Superlatives" describing various players involved in the big SNF game coming up.


Our favorite foul-mouthed "chick with some picks" is back for week 12, thrashing Chris Collinsworth, previewing the Patriots game and making her weekly picks. She does live in Vegas, after all.

Follow Christina on Twitter @yeswhatIsaygoes

Readers of SSD probably already know who Jessica Redfield Ghawi was and how her bright smile was taken away.

You're probably also already familiar with the JRG Scholarship helps aspiring broadcasters realize their dreams. But did you know that Jessica would have been 26 on Wednesday the 27th?

Celebrate with her spirit and her friends in the place she would most want to be - at Pepsi Center watching the Avs play - and party at the Wynkoop afterward - all while supporting a great cause! 20% of food and drink will be donated. Ten dollars from every ticket purchased HERE will benefit the foundation.


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Friday, 22 November 2013 13:40

Our week twelve NFL picks VS the spread

Our Buddy Snyder gained back some serious ground in our annual NFL pickoff VS the spread last weekend. He pegged a whopping nine winners and went on to surpass John Reidy after having been in last place since week one.

Colin still holds a small advantage over Scott Stafford.

Will the rankings hold through week twelve?

Here's how the boys see it happening VS the spread this week ...

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"From his chiseled chin to his soulful eyes Tom Brady has long held the mantle of the most handsome man in the NFL. But a dashing young wide receiver threatens Brady’s perch. He will be on the opposing sideline from Brady when the Broncos come to town on Sunday.

His name is Eric Decker"

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I guess I kind of like Brian Shaw. And I guess things are going a little better than I thought they were going to go.

The Denver Nuggets are not tanking.

Ty Lawson is a star, Nate Robinson can provide scoring punch and Javale's leg has been addition by subtraction.

Not a bad looking little doomed-to-fail team.

They pulled me back in. 

I will be sure and check in on them every now and then if there's not any football on. 

This image has been making the viral rounds today.

This woman, who calls herself “Natasha Kizmet” claims to be wearing a painted body suit in the photo and that the photo was “slightly edited” to make it “PC”.


Then why are her boobs crooked and shaped like playground balls? Why do her face and hair looked totally airbrushed? For that matter, why is the entire image superimposed onto a backdrop?

The whole thing looks super fake to me. Perhaps Natasha did have some body paint applied but I am guessing that neither the paint job nor Natasha herself look anything like this.

Oh, and what's the deal with those shoes?

"Nalen is unapologetic and unafraid to speak his mind. He openly and honestly shares his experiences and his opinions and makes zero effort to walk the company line where the Denver Broncos are concerned."

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Can Peyton Manning handle the bitter New England cold on a puffy sprained ankle?

Prepare to find out.

The forecast for this coming Sunday at Foxborough is quite unpleasant. In fact, resembles the forecast in Denver back on January 12 of this year. Let’s just say that Peyton will be wearing the glove.

This is a screen shot from detailing the outlook. Let’s not forget … it’s a night game.

rsz cold


Wednesday, 20 November 2013 14:22

NEW! That's Good Sports: Broncos VS Chiefs

Hey, look. It's our pal Brandon Perna (@BrandonPerna) and he's drinking CHIEFS BLOOD~!

We have really been enjoying Brandon's Broncos coverage this season and we are very grateful that he lets us embed his sweet vids.