Colin D.

Colin D.

"People come to Colorado with their allegiances in tow. Rather than adapt, to become ardent fans of the local teams, they show up to our venues to watch their teams play. Sometimes they’re obnoxious about it. But all the while they know that they’re here because the place they came from isn’t as awesome."

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"If the Monforts build it we will come - because we're idiots. At least that's how the Denver sports media seems to see us."

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You have to love April Fools' Day - especially when professional sports teams pull out all the stops to ensnare their fans in a joke like this.

Today the Colorado Rapids tricked their fans by teasing these fake "throwback" uniforms complete with stylish western style fringe. The bolero look is hot amongst scarf wearers, apparently.


It debuted in 1988 as "Prime Sports". It then became "Prime Sports Rocky Mountain", then "Fox Sports Rocky Mountain then "Root Sports". By this time next year the regional sports network tasked with covering Rockies baseball will become "DirecTV Sports".

Root Sports is currently a Liberty Media / DirecTV property. The company also owns the Dan Patrick radio show and the Dan Patrick TV show, Root Sports Pittsburgh and Root Sports Northwest. In 2015 DirecTV will rebrand the sports networks in the interest of better promoting its satellite television service. All of the Root channels are slated to be renamed "DirecTV Sports".

The move isn't shocking since Comcast cable currently operates "Comcast Sports Net" channels in numerous American markets. DirecTV will simply be following suit.

As far as this blogger is concerned they can call it the Mashed Potato Network if they want to so long as they keep Jenny Cavnar.

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 18:36

Source: Soicher out at 9 News


"According to a source inside KUSA 9 News Drew Soicher has been fired."

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Monday, 31 March 2014 19:20

Rox fans are losing an ace in Troy Renck

"On behalf of all baseball lovers and newspaper enthusiasts I wish to thank Troy for the awesome work he has done for the Denver Post ever since 2002."

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"Elway's actions as a GM, especially in the wake of Denver's 2014 Super Bowl loss, sometimes have gone beyond calculating to cold."

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Saturday, 22 March 2014 21:37

Another spark snuffed for the Nuggets

JJ Hickson has been a bright spot off the bench for your Denver Nuggets, contributing nearly fourteen points per game over the past ten and bringing some much needed energy to the floor. Now the team will have to go on without Hickson. He's the latest in a line of Denver players to suffer injury. He's lost for the season after tearing his ACL in yesterday evening's loss in Dallas.

The Nuggets are no threat to go to the playoffs. The 2013 / 2014 campaign is pretty much a lost season. Still, it stinks that they will have to proceed without one of the players who had been providing a spark.

Thursday, 20 March 2014 16:55

The Nuggets have a need, a need for Faried

"Since the trade deadline, particularly since the beginning of March, Faried has begun to prove his doubters wrong. Aside from Ty Lawson, "Manimal", it can be argued, has been the Nuggets best player, averaging over twenty points and ten rebounds per game."

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 17:25

It’s time to end the NCAA’s big lie

"When the players do benefit financially for their play it’s in violation of the NCAA’s hard and fast rules, rules that protect their monopoly, the money printing machine that it created under the guise of assisting “student athletes”."

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