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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Philip Rivers is known for his reproductive capabilities. He's got a ton of kids - all with his wife and high school sweetheart. Apparently Philip has the dominate genes, though. This picture of his kids is crap my kid photoshopped for me.


This week the beautiful Christina (@YesWhatISayGoes) gives up some cleave, exposes a glory hole, twerks on Rivers with Andy Reid and promises redemption for the Broncos. Also, she picks all four of this weekend's games.

We're ever fortunate to have discovered Christina's vids and oh-so-thankful that the lets us highlight them. We have a feeling we'll be saying we knew her when ... 


Friday, 10 January 2014 16:37

Another Broncos beat writer bails from Post

The number two beat writer covering the Denver Post is leaving - right away apparently.

Joan Niesen, who replaced Lindsay Jones (who left for USA Today) a few short months ago, is making tracks for Sports Illustrated. Neisen was doing a bang-up job for the Post and it going to suck to see her go so quickly. She didn't stay with the paper even for a single season. 

From what we're hearing she gave notice and intended to stay through the Super Bowl but her unhappy bosses told her not to let the door hit her in the posterior on the way out.

We wish Joan the best at her new gig but we also kind of wish she had stuck around awhile.

South Stands readers may recall that we were encouraging the Post to hire Andrew Mason when Jones left. The paper would have been better off listening to us. It's not an ideal time for a dent in its NFL coverage.


There are not a whole lot of games left for our pickers in the annual South Stands NFL Pickoff VS the Spread. After the Divisional Round there are two Championship games and one Super Bowl. That's it. So, with the top three in our contest bunched closely together, this week is crucial. 

We invited internet sensation @KrissiBex to join us this week.

Here's how the fellows (and gal) see it going down.

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I did not come up with the idea for the latest installment of "Crap my Kid Photoshopped for me". It was spawned by Marcelo Duran, @GuyIncognito on Twitter.

Marcelo suggested a new and improved, slightly snazzier mascot be designed for the Rockies called "Blinger". Well, I asked my twelve year old to fire up his Imac, open up CS5 and produce Blinger. Here he is in all his shiny glory. I think Marcelo is on to something here.

"I don’t usually post my game predictions until Sunday mornings but the diatribe surrounding the upcoming divisional playoff game has been making me insane so I decided to get this one out there a few days early."

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Having watched hundreds of Nuggets games while scrolling through Twitter I know this much - fans love to complain about Andre Miller. But it looks like we're not going to have old ass Andre to kick around anymore. He has, according to Chris Dempsey, probably played his last game in a Denver uniform. He just couldn't make it work with Brian Shaw.

Now the Nuggets are shopping Miller around the league and it looks as though they won't rest until he's gone, baby gone. Nothing has really surfaced in terms of a bonafide destination for the aging point guard, but it feels like he'll wind up in Golden State with his rat fink pal Iguodala.

We will just have to find another Nuggets player to pick on (at least until McGee gets back).  

Tuesday, 07 January 2014 15:15

Deadspin calls out Dmac

Darren McKee AKA "Dmac" from 104.3 the Fan is in a little internet hot water over a bet he made and hasn't paid.

Apparently after the Ravens toppled the Broncos in the playoffs last season a listener coaxed Dmac into talking a $100 bet over twitter. The listener asserted that the Ravens would not make the post-season this year. Dmac insisted that they would - and he took the guy's bet.

Now the guy wants his money. His collection tactic? Contact Deadspin.

The sports muckraking site called Dmac out today with the headline "Hey, stupid sports radio guy you owe this man $100".

Dmac is addressing the bet - and the post on Deadspin as I type this.

Funny stuff.

"When the Avalanche selected Nathan MacKinnon on draft day I was disappointed. When I am wrong I can admit it."

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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 13:26

So … what if the Broncos lose on Sunday?

"Tim Tebow left us with the memory of a big win over the Steelers. His Denver legacy would tower over Manning’s if the Broncos were to be one-and-done for a second straight year."

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