Colin D.

Colin D.

"The Rockies are winning with baseball’s most fearsome offense as well as with surprising starting pitching performances from guys like Jordan Lyles. If they can keep things rolling for the rest of the month of May they “may” find themselves in first place by the time June rolls around."


"Not everybody was prepared to see two athletes kissing on TV. And it wasn't only the kissing that rocked America. It was the gentle stroking of Sam's bicep, the hand holding, the embrace"

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"Monikers get stranger and stranger with each passing season thanks to an increase in players from foreign lands and the evolving nature of urban names in America. It can be downright comical. "

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"Wednesdays with Woody" promises to offer the two best hours of sports talk in Denver each week - certainly when it comes to historical perspective - assuming Burns continues to draw on Paige's story telling abilities."

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Happy Tuesday, South Standers. Here's everyone's favorite $20M man crooning a Johnny Cash tune with Jake Owen at a fund raising gala in Indianapolis. You're welcome.

"I have a big orange and blue blister on my soul as a sports fan."

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"This “look at me” rush to protestation gives too much credit to men like Donald Sterling and not enough credit to our society."

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The always curly and terminally smiley Susie Wargin is vacating the media planet to dedicate herself to selling real estate according to Joanne Ostrow of the Denver Post. It means one less sports MILF at 9 News.

Wargin's mother has been a real estate agent for nearly 40 years and the time has come for Susie to follow in her footsteps. She'll be missed, not only only in her role as morning sports anchor for the local NBC affiliate but as a longtime presence in Denver radio as well. She started her media career with KBPI, has worked for KOA and started with 9 News as a middle-aged intern in 2001. She's been a sports anchor at 9 since 2004 according to the bio at her personal web site. 

We'll miss Wargin's talent as well as her iconic hair and sculpted arms.

"Then the Broncos get a bye. A miserable, crummy, week four bye. It'll give them a chance to lick their fresh wounds (Seahawk talon marks) which is nice but it also leaves them staring at 13 more tilts with hardy a rest. The scheduling gods did Denver no favors here."

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In ten minutes this will be old news. Thanks to Vic Lombardi and the magic of Twitter we have it now.


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