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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Ever since Nolan Arenado broke his finger diving head-first into second base on May 23rd in a 2-3 loss to the Atlanta Braves the Colorado Rockies have been in free-fall. The losses have piled up along with a laundry list of injuries. Colorado has gone from knocking on the door to first place all the way back to third and all hope of a possible post-season appearance for the Rockies have been seemingly lost.

Despite all this the Rockies have a beautiful opportunity at their fingertips.

Starting this evening the Rockies are on the road for six games, all against teams that are ahead of them in the standings. They face the Giants for three followed by the Dodgers. The Rockies trail the former by 12 in the win column but the former by only four.

If Colorado can win more than they lose on their upcoming road trip they can right their ship and re-enter the Wild Card conversation. It seems unlikely, if not impossible, that the sad sack Rockies could take four of six on the road against tough NL West competition but one just never knows with this club.

The Rockies are .500 over their past six games and their bats have heated up. They scored 28 runs in their past three games at hitter-friendly Coors Field. Can that production translate on the road? Probably not. However, if the Rockies can get some solid pitching it is at least possible that they could return home within a game or two of the Dodgers for second place in the division.

The Rockies return home to face the Brewers followed by the Cardinals after a day off on June 19th.

Our fine sponsor, Table to Tavern group, proprietors of BOTH the Handlebar Tavern at Downing and Alameda AND Boone's Tavern at Downing and Evans are ready for some FUTBOL! That's soccer to you and me.

Both Taverns kick off their World Cup festivities on Thursday, June 12th at 2pm with a kick-off party featuring Brazil VS Croatia. Handlebar will be offering $2 off Colorado whiskeys as well as $1 off all craft beers and wines by the glass. Boone's famous house margaritas will be specially priced at just $4! The deals don't end there, though, Each and every day there is soccer showing there will be great specials at both Denver taverns. Visit Table to Tavern on the web for the daily deets. Also, don't forget to visit Atticus, the newest addition to the T2T family, featuring delicious high end fare in a comfortable, Colorado inspired environment.

ALSO! Join Boone's Tavern on Father's Day for a delectable Dad brunch including STEAK AND EGGS for pops. Brunch runs from 9-3 and reservations are recommended.



"One Dan O'Dowd and company accept the fact that this star-studded Rockies team is once again doomed to mediocrity they will probably begin to trade off players. Michael Cuddyer will likely be the first to go."

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Thursday, 05 June 2014 22:52

Kathy Sabine's next level weather dong

Deadspin (@Deadspin) has been tracking instances of weather dong for as long as we can remember so it's with all due credit to them that  we present what might be the greatest of all time. Here is Kathy Sabine's wonderful contribution to the weather dong annals. Thanks, Kathy and thanks 9 News.

We can't help but wonder if this weather dong has visited the "back yard".


Thursday, 05 June 2014 13:54

All hope is lost in Rockies Town

"It’s truly a shame to see what has gone to waste over the past couple Rockies seasons. All-Star level performances from both offensive players and from starting pitchers are being allowed to go to waste over and over and over again all because the team simply cannot manage pitching in the late innings of games."

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It's about time that our friend Captain Bronco (@CaptainBronco) sat in front of a microphone and shared his feelings about the Broncos. The Post Game Boost Cast is born!

In this episode the Captain addresses John Reidy's disgust with the Broncos and in the process delivers an orange and blue sermon worthy of the Temple Mount. If you're a died-in-the-wool Broncos fan the Captain's words will move you and if you're angry about the Super Bowl you might just reconsider. Give the Captain 15 minutes and he will give you your pride back. 

Big thanks to Captain Bronco and here's hoping that Episode One is just the beginning.

Sure. Dad loves socks. Ties are always a hit and he has gotten lots of use out that cresent wrench you got him. What Dad really wants, though, is Mangrate, the grill enhancement system that will allow him to strike perfect grill marks every single time he throws some meat on the grill.

Mangrate makes every griller a grillmaster. Mangrate is 100% cast iron and 100% made in America.

Pound THIS LINK to place your Mangrate order today and save $10 off the normal price. Each Mangrate is only $19.95 with promo code DENVER, making Mangrate the best $20 gift you can possibly find for Father's Day.

The tenderloin in the photo is one I prepared on Mangrate last Saturday.


(via Deadspin)

World Vision, a Christian advocacy group, is boxing up for shipment Super Bowl championship tee-shirts originally intended to sell to Broncos fans. Instead these tees are on route to the third world, presumably Uganda or some other war-torn part of Africa where whether or not Peyton Manning won a second ring is not so big of a deal.

This is a heart breaking image to us. To Chiefs fans it must be hilarious.

Rumors have flown around for years that John Elway used to thump on his ex wife Janet back on his playing days. Maybe the domestic abuse apple doesn't fall too far from the Elway tree.

According to News 4's Brian Maass The Duke's son Jack was arrested and will spend the weekend in the pokey after allegedly THROWING A WOMAN FROM A MOVING CAR on Friday. 

The incident apparently took place on Colfax and Lipan, not far from Mile High Stadium.

Jack is 24 years old. He attended Arizona State University where he became pals with Brock Osweiler.

The youngster will be represented by Harvey Steinberg which probably means he will walk.

Our own curmudgeonly podcast host, John Reidy is still stinging from the Broncos' big loss. He has packed away all his Broncos gear, hidden his Wheaties boxes and turned his attentions to the sports of summertime in hope of killing the pain.

Our dear friend Captain Bronco wants Reidy back on the Broncos bandwagon. The following is this weeks open letter to John, the second in a series.

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