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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Thursday, 05 June 2014 13:54

All hope is lost in Rockies Town

"It’s truly a shame to see what has gone to waste over the past couple Rockies seasons. All-Star level performances from both offensive players and from starting pitchers are being allowed to go to waste over and over and over again all because the team simply cannot manage pitching in the late innings of games."

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It's about time that our friend Captain Bronco (@CaptainBronco) sat in front of a microphone and shared his feelings about the Broncos. The Post Game Boost Cast is born!

In this episode the Captain addresses John Reidy's disgust with the Broncos and in the process delivers an orange and blue sermon worthy of the Temple Mount. If you're a died-in-the-wool Broncos fan the Captain's words will move you and if you're angry about the Super Bowl you might just reconsider. Give the Captain 15 minutes and he will give you your pride back. 

Big thanks to Captain Bronco and here's hoping that Episode One is just the beginning.

Sure. Dad loves socks. Ties are always a hit and he has gotten lots of use out that cresent wrench you got him. What Dad really wants, though, is Mangrate, the grill enhancement system that will allow him to strike perfect grill marks every single time he throws some meat on the grill.

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The tenderloin in the photo is one I prepared on Mangrate last Saturday.


(via Deadspin)

World Vision, a Christian advocacy group, is boxing up for shipment Super Bowl championship tee-shirts originally intended to sell to Broncos fans. Instead these tees are on route to the third world, presumably Uganda or some other war-torn part of Africa where whether or not Peyton Manning won a second ring is not so big of a deal.

This is a heart breaking image to us. To Chiefs fans it must be hilarious.

Rumors have flown around for years that John Elway used to thump on his ex wife Janet back on his playing days. Maybe the domestic abuse apple doesn't fall too far from the Elway tree.

According to News 4's Brian Maass The Duke's son Jack was arrested and will spend the weekend in the pokey after allegedly THROWING A WOMAN FROM A MOVING CAR on Friday. 

The incident apparently took place on Colfax and Lipan, not far from Mile High Stadium.

Jack is 24 years old. He attended Arizona State University where he became pals with Brock Osweiler.

The youngster will be represented by Harvey Steinberg which probably means he will walk.

Our own curmudgeonly podcast host, John Reidy is still stinging from the Broncos' big loss. He has packed away all his Broncos gear, hidden his Wheaties boxes and turned his attentions to the sports of summertime in hope of killing the pain.

Our dear friend Captain Bronco wants Reidy back on the Broncos bandwagon. The following is this weeks open letter to John, the second in a series.

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We at South Stands have been using Mangrate for years.

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(via Awful Announcing)

Dino Costa is a world class scum bucket. This is widely known.

The disgraced former talk jock turned from terrestrial radio to satellite them from satellite to a subscriber-only internet-only product. There and his dozen or so homophobic, racist bible-thumping clones share their distain for the outside media via Costa’s rants and his “blog”.

The problem is, without the outside media Costa wouldn’t have a product at all. Hidden behind Costa’s pay-wall (his subscribers are asked to pay $6/mo to imbibe his bullshit) are articles he stole directly from real sports writers.

How much stolen content is there? Lord only knows. I, for one, am not about to pay his ransom in order to view the articles contained at Costa’s site. The folks at Awful Announcing apparently bought their way in, however, and they found one of their articles there, copied verbatim, with no link to the original article or acknowledgement of where it came from.

The piece encourages ESPN to reunite Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman behind the Sport Center desk. The author is Matt Yoder and the publication date was May 22, 2014. Costa didn’t bother changing so much as punctuation. All he altered was the headline.

The world didn’t need additional evidence that Costa was a waste a useless waste of flesh but he provided it anyway. Now it is incumbent on the PR departments of the Rockies, Avalanche, Nuggets and Broncos to refuse Costa press credentials. He cannot be allowed to represent the Denver media.


*Originally published Saturday, May 24*

"Rather that attempting to send a message that the abuse of women is a trend that the team and the NFL will no longer stand for the Ravens became accomplices – not only to Rice’s domestic assault – but to others like it that will occur in the future."

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Talk about sending a message.

According to ProFootballTalk Broncos director of player personnel Matt Russell was sentenced today to seven months in jail plus two years of probabtion after pleading guilty to DUI, reckless driving and driving with an open container.

You might recall that Russell was popped in Breckenridge in July of last year after bouncing his vehicle off of a cop SUV and side-swiping other vehicles before coming to a stop, setting a fine example for the players he looks over.

Seems the judge made an example out of Russell once again. The punishment is extreme for a first tme DUI offense.  

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