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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"Their loyalty, however, is misplaced. Rather than offering it to the people who pay the bills they give it to Dan O’Dowd. The reason for this is no mystery. O’Dowd shares the Monforts’ faith."

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"The Rockies are, after all, a team bejeweled with All-Star talent, one that absolutely drips with potential. But that potential is never realized. Monfort seems to be awakening to the fact that it's inexcusable."

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"9 News employs dozens of excellent reporters and anchors who help the station set the gold standard with its local news product. Even its other sports anchors, Rod Mackey, Aaron Matas and Suzie Wargin perform their roles without the aid of banana suits and slide whistles."

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"Since Nolan Arenado broke his finger the Rockies have won nine games and lost 24"

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Friday, 27 June 2014 12:04

Douggie McNugget we hardly knew thee

Douggie McNugget we hardly knew thee

Bill Simmons said that it made no sense for the Nuggets to draft you, Douggie, but we were excited anyway. Heck, my buddy Renaud, who prides himself on his ability to keep a certain distance from his fandom actually leaped up from his chair when it was announced that the Nuggets had selected you. You may have been another Danilo Gallinari and the blue and yellow may not necessarily have needed you but boy would you have looked good in a Denver uniform.

Your disarming smile as you donned your crisp new hat and shook Adam Silver’s hand had us all filled with hope for the future. You were Denver’s great white hope.

Mile High Sports President James Merilatt Tweeted this when they called your name:

rsz james

For Creighton you lead the nation in scoring last year. You were a consensus All-American for the past three years and you played for your Dad which means you’re probably coach-able. Brian Shaw would have loved you. The experience you gained competing in the FIBA under-19 championships probably helped make you NBA ready for the coming season.

But the Nuggets traded your rights to the Bulls for the 16th and 19th pick. We had you for just a fleeting moment. Now we have a 7 footer from Bosnia. Again.

Douggie McNugget we hardly knew thee.

Thursday, 26 June 2014 10:33

The de-Masaiing of the Nuggets has begun

When Masai Ujiri remained the GM of your Denver Nuggets he was held in very high regard as one of the NBA's finest wheeler-dealers. In his absence, though, some of his roster moves have proven to be perplexing. The most maddening of these was the trade that sent shooting guard Arron Afflalo, a Denver favorite, to the Orlando Magic along with Al Harrington as part of a four-team deal that netted the Nuggets Andre Igoudala from the 76ers.

Iguodala had only one year left on his contract. He waved goodbye to Denver the first chance he got and joined up with Golden State.

Today, with the NBA draft upcoming, we learned that the Nuggets swapped Evan Fournier and their 56th pick to Orlando to get Afflalo back in the fold here. The trade was inarguably very favorable for Denver. NBA scribe Bill Simmons Tweeted that Denver paid $.30 on the dollar in the deal and that it made no sense. Regardless, the swap is clearly part of the de-Masaiing of the Denver at the hands of new GM Tim Connelly.

Arron Afflalo would seem to be precisely the type of character player that Brian Shaw covets. He's not likely to leave candy bar wrappers on the team plane.

Our old pal Carmelo Anthony is doing to the Knicks what he did to the Nuggets - holding the team hostage and exploring his options. The difference being that he can opt out of his deal with New York and wander away a free agent.

In this interview with Vice Sports Anthony, who wore a silly hat, explaing that he left Denver because "you can only go so high". Apparently he hasn't heard about legal weed. You wanted him, NY. You got him.

"...they would be breaking every stereotype in the macho world of sports publishing."



"Once Daniel Snyder capitulates the matter will be swept beneath the rug within a week and our attention will be drawn elsewhere. That's the way these things work."

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"LA Dodgers' super star pitcher Clayton Kershaw pitched a no-hitter last night at Chavez Ravine against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, a AAA Team."


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