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Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I wasn't listening to the Press Box show on Mile High Sports radio this morning as I normally do for one really simple reason: the signal was down when I tried to tune the station in. It seems to happen about once a month in the morning that MHS' signal will be nothing but static. I guess I missed out on the real static, though. Once the signal returned Press Box co-host Oren Lomena said "Denver's not a good sports town, it's a bandwagon sports town."

I know trolling and that's some good trolling.

Not surprisingly, Lomena took a beating on Twitter by 50 or so not-so-happy Denver fans. Personally, I think Denver is a great sports town. But I can see where Lomena was coming from. We tend to be front-runners where every team but the Broncos is concerned. But who can blame us. Denver is a beatiful place and we have lots to do here. Teams kind of have to "earn" good attendence. This isn't some filthy East Coast city where people will show up to watch a team like the Knicks just because there's nothing better to do. We will respond to success.

A bandwagon sports town? That would be Seattle, Mr. Lomena. But nice job firing up Broncos Country.

rsz 1oren

What is the NFL about? It's not about the misdeeds of its players. It's not about money (well, yes it is). It's about this. What a wonderfully timed emotional display from two awesome performers on Thursday Night Football.

Thursday, 18 September 2014 09:23

Your Denver Sports #TBT: Dan Issel seals his fate

Welcome to our newest feature, Your Denver Sports #TBT. This Thursday we glance back to December, 2001, when an angry Dan Issel, then Nuggets head coach, walked off the court for the final time. Issel's race-laden insult "go have another beer you drunk mothe****ing Mexican " resulted in his dism"issel" days later.

"Once vibrant, downtown Colorado Springs is a sad wasteland now. Development has been pushed east and the heart of the city has been left to wither."

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 10:20

Radio Row: Denver fans clamor for Clough

"Now that Broncos’ season is in full swing there is a appreciable chasm in Denver sports talk radio. "

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Monday, 15 September 2014 22:39

How not to get bitten by daily fantasy sports

"First of all, realize that the inevitable 100% deposit bonus you'll be taking advantage of is the equivalent of that first line of coke you sniffed at the kegger. It’s only free until you hock your microwave to get more of it."

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Our five wagerers have been given $10,000 in imaginary money to gamble with this NFL season. In week one all but one of them took a bath. Each needed a little lesson in bankroll management and a little more information about the lay of the land on 2014. Now that they've been stung once did they improve in week two or are our heroes going to go bust before the mid-season? Let's find out. 

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Sunday, 14 September 2014 12:35

Here's your stupid Chiefs @ Broncos prediction

The Chiefs still managed to make the playoffs but it was clear that they were the third best team in the AFC West.

They still are

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After having bet each and every NFL games for the past four years, our contributors decided to try something new. Each was awarded an imaginary $10,000 with which to wager throughout the NFL season. In week one four of our five aspiring gamblers took a bath. Will things look better in week two? Here are their bets against the spread and on over / unders.

"This synopsis of what I think might have happened is completely bereft of established fact and is no way intended to be seen as a news story. It’s entirely speculative."

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