South Stands Denver Fancast

South Stands Denver Fancast

A bitter sweet farewell to long time South Stands Denver guest and soon to be ex-Denver Post columist Benjamin Hochman (@hochman). 


We talk about what's in store for Ben as he moves back to St. Louis to be a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. How he's handling having to be impartial as he covers his favorite team, and what he'll miss about Denver.


We talk a lot about NWA, the hat faux pas and the group's impact on society. Seriously. Good stuff and we tie it in to the racially troubled area Hochman is moving to.


We pester Hochman to tell us his favorite things and least favorite things about Denver, his favorite athletes to cover and what it's like to root for and now cover a baseball team that has a chance to go all the way, every year.


And we do get some good Broncos talk in at the end.


We'll miss Hochman and wish him the best. Thanks for coming in all these years.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 22:50

South Stands Denver Fancast Show 210

We finally corner Denver Post Rockies beat writer Nick Groke (@NickGroke) and make him sit in the hot studio for a great show.

We talk Rockies, but focus on Coors Field and its affect on Denver's development into the hot spot it is today.

KBUD is covered. As is why there aren't any more Arby's pint glasses honoring our local sports teams. Colin asks John and Nick about beards for some reason.

Demaryius is talked to in depth and we discuss how much athletes are paid and the misconceptions fans have about it. 

We finish it up with some questions for Nick about the Rockies broadcasters and then we nerd out on some Denver music stuff including the Warlock Pinchers. Check out Nick in the Denver Post as he covers YOUR Colorado Rockies.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015 22:37

South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 208

We're as rusty as a Tin Man in this horrific Colorado spring, but we managed to get a show in with the fantastic James Hernandez of 5280 Shirt Shop (@5280shirtshop).

We talk all kinds of Rockies, but we go in on Les Shapiro and his recent rant on lowly bloggers and spend a considerable amount of time dissecting why Root Sports sucks so bad.

There's a Tweep of the Week, a Raider or Juggalo and some sporadic NFL talk in between creaking bones that is our first show back in awhile. It gets better.

Thanks to James, our original sponsor and a true Denver sports fan for kicking off the summer season of the South Stands Denver Fancast.

Our good buddy, Denver Stiffs writer, Colorado Sports Guy and super stylish dude, Jeff Morton joins us for a great pod on the Nuggets, the Broncos and just about everything in between.

Jeff has a lot of insight into the Nuggets woes and he spills those details and what it's like to be around the team as a Denver Stiffs writer. Then we get into the Julius Thomas fiasco, Spano's involvment and how Elway knocked Jeff down as a child.

There's a gay music quiz and we pepper Jeff with questions about gay athletes. Whenver Morton is on, it gets real and this show was no different. Follow him on twitter @jmorton78 and read his excellent work over at


Wednesday, 28 January 2015 22:40

South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 205

Mile High Sports superstar Brandon Spano (@BrandonSpano) joins us for some yelling and riveting Broncos talk. But before he arrives, we jump right in with Marshawn talk and Colin and John are at odds.

Super Bowl media day is covered and the general asshattery of it all.

Then Spano joins us for the second quarter and it gets loud and we confront him about his supposed getting of a Patriots tattoo.

Unconfirmed Broncos rumors, bad conditioning on the team and why some free agents are out of here.

We go deep in on Soicher and Spano relates a story about him interviewing Von Miller, and John talks about being blocked by both Soicher and the Rockies. 

Colin and Spano have a rant off and we wrap up with some Super Bowl predictions. Check out Spano's sweet new website: and hear him on Mile High Sports from 9-12 weekdays.

The boys from the Sin Bin, Mile High Sports (and the only one of its kind in Denver) hockey show, joins us for a rip roaring show about hockey, the Broncos and plenty of sack talk.

Kevin Goff (@BrgBrigadeKevin) and Aaron Musick (@Avalangelist) endure  our  venting that everyone got to make ball jokes all week and we didn't get a chance. IT'S OUR FORTE DAMMIT AND WE DEMAND TO HAVE OUR MOMENT IN THE SUN. And we do.

We talk hockey, Avs, a little more sacks and then we finally get into some Broncos/Kubiak talk before we do an Avs quiz where John absolutely gets smoked.

Check out the Sin Bin on Mile High Sports, Sundays noon to 2pm.

We talk A LOT of Broncos and delve into whether the coaches tanked, whether the players quit and where we go from here.
Our good buddy Renaud Notaro (@renknowitall) joins us and helps us sift through the wreckage.
We also talk about the Fan, daily fantasy, and some Super Bowl and Broncos coaching predictions. Next week will be more positive, we promise.

Denver Broncos legend, Ring of Famer and all around cool dude, Tom Nalen joins us again for a rousing South Stands Denver Fancast.

We get great insight into the current Jay Cutler situation and the past Jay Cutler situation involving Jake Plummer.

We talk some great Broncos with Tom, and he gives us a glimpse into what's going on with this severe shift in the offensive gameplan.

Lots of old man talk and we get to the bottom of the crazy music these kids listen to today.

Colin is hot for teacher, a great Tweep of the Week, and Tom tells us why he's not on Twitter and why he doesn't play fantasy football anymore.

Big thanks to Tom for taking the time, he's a gent for coming on the show and we miss him on the airwaves.

Tuesday, 09 December 2014 23:20

South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 201

Where do we begin? How about the beginning. Long time friend of the show, ESPN Denver and's Cecil Lammey (@cecillammey) joins us for an epic slice of podcasting, clocking in at just under two hours.

We cover it all. The Denver Broncos, fantasy football, parenting, and there's a hard rock/heavy metal quiz for the ages at the end.

We ask Cecil point blank about Manning's arm, the abrupt switch to the heavy run game and he dishes heavily on the Broncos and life as a rising star in the sports media world (our words, not his). But inbetween there's comic book talk nad nearly everything else discussed.

Always a pleasure to have Cecil in and he doesn't disappoint. Settle in and enjoy.

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 22:40

South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 200

Show 200. We started as the McDaniels era was getting under way and we out lasted that bastard. What a medium length, fairly normal, trip it's been.

Our big guests our coming next week so we decided to do show 200 with the guys who got you there. 

We reminisce a bit but we first go deep into the Dater situation, we talk a little Broncos and then we spend a lot of time talking about killing black people and how fucked up the world is. It's not as depressing as it sounds. A great Tweep of the Week, some more Broncos and a promise that that next 200 will be even better. 

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us this long. It's been a pleasure.

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