South Stands Denver Fancast

South Stands Denver Fancast

Thursday, 04 February 2016 09:29

South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 221

​A somewhat subdued Super Bowl edition of the South Stands Denver Fancast, probably because it was so raucous two years ago, we felt a mellower approach reflected our confidence in YOUR Denver Broncos winning its third Super Bowl title.

This time, long time pals Jennifer Eakins (@themondaymommy) and Chris Snyder (@madgamecc69) join us for a thorough dissection of Super Bowl 50, the Broncos chances and the rich narratives surrounding the game.

The pee bet is covered in great detail, how people will be spending Super Bowl Sunday and why people are not planning on large gatherings and where to go to breathe in tear gas when they do win are discussed. Predictions are made and a general positive attitude is displayed toward Peyton Manning riding off into the sunset with what will be an epic Super Bowl win. We hope.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 23:26

South Stands Denver Fancast Show 220

At long last Colorado Springs Gazette sports everyman Paul Klee (@bypaulklee) joins us for a rambunctious show featuring Broncos, Nuggets and Handsome Tom talk.

We lost the first 15 minutes we recorded due to some technical errors but we roared back and asked some of the same questions as Paul pretended to hear them for the first time.

We get into a lot of Broncos including some predictions for this weekend's AFC title game, some Nuggets talk, some fan talk and plenty of talk about the mesmerizing, haunting beauty of Tom Brady. 

Enjoy the show and enjoy Paul's excellent coverage of your Denver teams in the Gazette. America's last real newspaper.

Thursday, 14 January 2016 23:33

South Stands Denver Fancast Show 219

A whale of a show and by whale, I mean yuuuuuge.

But we needed a big show to contain the likes of Nate Kreckman (@natekreckman) and Cecil Lammey (@cecillammey), two titans of the Denver sports media scene.

We talk about DFS, Mike Malone, some Bowie, Headlines to Yardlines, the radio biz and what wrong over at the guys' former station.

And then we get into some Broncos. Was Brock set up for failure? Who will win this weekend, will Peyton return, and who will be in the Super Bowl. Colin's pee bet may be in play.

Just a great show with two of our favorite guests who should be back on your radio dial very soon.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 21:45

South Stands Denver Fancast Show 218

We have the newly minted superstar of the Fan, Ryan Edwards (@ryanedwards1043) on and he tells us about his new daytime show and we try to not get him fired.

Scott is still on IR and we have some hilarious mishaps involving the mute buttons.

Plenty of Broncos talk, some daily fantasy, and we talk about how Lemmy kept us all on our path of righteousness. 

We talk a bunch about Manning, his latest woes and why people like to pile on him. 

Then before we send Ryan on his way to broadcast his last nighttime show, we talk the future of the Broncos and what to expect going forward. 

Check out Ryan's new show on 104.3 the Fan, weekdays from 10-

Thursday, 03 December 2015 22:17

South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 217

Back in the saddle with the definitive collection of "Brock" songs for your pleasure.

We talk tons of Broncos, how mass shooting may be affecting how you view sporting events and we even manage to fit in some Nugs and Avs chat.

A Tweep of the Week and John discovers during the show that he's been censored by a podcast he appeared on. Retribution is swift and harsh.

Colin's "Headlines to Yardlines" is the most depressing/funny thing you'll hear all week.

A great "Brock" filled show filled to the brim with loads of laughs PER USUAL.

Thursday, 12 November 2015 23:04

South Stands Denver Fancast Show 216

At long last, producer Scott Stafford is back from IR and magically we resolve our sound issues.

It's great to have him back and we are also paid a visit by our good friend and long time friend of the show Renaud Notaro (@Renknowitall).

We talk Broncos for sure, but we take a few detours including explaining Preppy Summer, the Horn of Plenty (again) and whatever else we've talked about for the last six years.

The Paid Patriotism scandal is broached as is the current keruffle about daily fantasy in New York. 

We're back in the groove and it feels so right.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015 22:49

South Stands Denver Fancast Show 215

6 and 0hhhhh, HEY! 6-0. It's a call back to the legendary and early days of the South Stands Denver fancast when we drunkenly celebrated the last time the Broncos went 6-0.

This show is a wee bit tamer but we go deep on the Broncos woes, triumphs and future victories and features our good friends Matt Megyesi (@MattMegaC) and Snyder (@madgamecc69) who help us ring in the autumn season of sporting glory.

We also talk Nuggest as the season gets under way and the Avs as the season gets under the weather. 

Then we discuss the "Horn of Plenty" and where it is now. 

A great show, with minor technical difficulties but with some great folks who've been with us from the beginning. Here's to 6-0.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 22:43

South Stands Denver Fancast Show 214

Our board is crapping out but that doesn't stop us from crapping out one of the funnier shows we've done in a long time with BSN Denver's Adam Kinney (@adamkinneyradio) and Ryan Koenigsberg (@RyanKoenigsberg).

We talk all kinds of Broncos and Peyton before delving into Colin's "cave of the winds" lower extremity. We talk a little AVs before realizing we can't play any intro/outro music, so Adam sings his way out of our problem.

Then we dig into Ryan about college football and he reluctantly agrees it's a garbage sport with no redeemable qualities (he doesn't really).

Despite the technical difficulties, it's a glorious show and will make you laugh AND cry.

Check out Adam on the radio at Mile High Sports and read Ryan at

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 22:27

South Stands Denver Fancast Show 213

This isn't your father's local talk radio Rockies talk. It's compelling and rich talk as we welcome in the incomparable Tyler Maun(@tylermaun) from the Purple Dinosaur Podcast (@purpledinocast) who talks all facets of the Rockies and if you're even a casual observer of the shenanigans at 20th and Blake, you'll want to hear this.

We break down the Rockies broadcast team with Tyler and after going in hard on some of them (MARK STOUT) we heap praise on Jenny Cavnar and plead for Root Sports to put her in a more prominent role. The anti-stats dbags are taken to task and how the old guard media in Denver needs to clear the way for the new generation.

Fake followers are discussed. A depressing Ray Lewis Tweep of the Week is recited. And we wrap it up, as we always do, with some Broncos talk.

Truly a great guest and we hope Tyler comes back soon. The Rockies may suck but the Purple Dino Cast does not, and that's all you can hope for at this point.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015 23:02

South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 212

The always delightful Brandon Spano (@brandonspano) joins us and as usual, it gets loud.

We talk all about his wonderful Denver sports website, and what it's like to be a burgeoning new media guru in a world of old hacks who don't understand how Twitter works.

Then we stick it deep into Soicher for awhile and finally get around to some Broncos and some eye opening predictions for this Thursday and beyond.

Spano is a long time friend of the show and never fails to deliver on many levels. Check out the good work they're doing at and tell them the South Stands sent ya.

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