It was a middling week for our pickers in the South Stands Annual NFL Pickoff VS the Spread. Each picker, including this weeks guest, @M1LEHIGHRAIDER, managed to select right around half of the games correctly.

Three tied for first place for the week at 8-6, Our Buddy, Synder, Producer Scott Stafford and @M1LEHIGHRAIDER. Colin went 7-7 and John Reidy managed a respectable 6-8 on the week.

For the season, Snyder still leads with a total record of 78-63-4. Colin's in second place at 73-68-4, John's in third at 71-70-4 and Scatt Stafford is creeping back into the mix with a total record of 69-70-4.


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Our 2012 NFL pickoff VS the spread rolls into week ten with our buddy, Snyder having taken a commanding lead over the past two weeks. Snyder's record for the year is 70-57-4 VS the spread. Colin's in second place at 66-61-4, Reidy's right behind Colin at 65-62-4 and Scott is improving his position by the week. After a slow start, our podcast producer stands at 61-64-4.

We have invited the enemy into our midst this week. @M1LEHIGHRAIDER is our first guest picker in several weeks not to be employed at Mile High Sports.

We can't get smoked by a Raiders fan, now can we? Wish us luck.

Our picks after the jump.

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Thursday, 08 November 2012 13:33

It's been a pretty quiet Broncos week

The Broncos defeated the Bengals on the road Sunday. We haven't heard much about them since.

There was an election.

Marijuana's legal now.

The Nuggets season is underway (they beat Houston in Houston!)

The Rockies named Walt Weiss their next manager.

There's been a lot going on. A lot to keep the Denver Sports media spinning. Still, it's a little bit surprising how little breaking down of the Broncos upcoming match-up with the Carolina Panthers, John Fox's former team, there's been. There hasn't been very much post-Bengals coverage, either. Considering how well things are coming together for the Broncos, they've garnered precious little attention this week.

That worm is beginning to turn. With Sunday's game inching closer and NFL week ten getting started tonight with Colts / Jags, the relative silence surrounding the Broncos is bound to dissipate. The focus will start to turn towards John Fox's homecoming.

Carolina may batch up better with the Broncos than we think. Denver hasn't been overly impressive against the run this season. Carolina has an incredible backfield. While they've failed to properly utilize Jonathon Stewart and Deangelo Williams this season, it's not too late for the Panthers to start. Besides those two premium runners, QB Cam Newton is capable some impressive scampering.

The Panthers may have a trap waiting for the Broncos.

Hopefully, the Broncos have been more tuned in than we have this week. What seems like a cake-walk on paper might not be. John Fox might want to show the folks back home that he's a better coach than his 2-12 record his last year in Carolina would indicate, but Panthers head man, Ron Rivera has a thing or two to prove also. Cam Newton, who's drawn more than his fair share of criticism recently, also wants to show people that he's the right man for the job.

The Carolina Panthers have plenty of motivation entering week ten. But the Broncos have Peyton Manning. Hopefully that'll be enough.



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