Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and enjoyed all that the NFL had to offer and that you were treated to a delicious spread.

Speaking of spreads,  the South Stands NFL pickoff versus the spread got a whole lot more interesting this week as our contest leader, Snyder suffered his worst week in a long while.

Snyder managed only a 5-10-1 record for week 12, allowing the three other participants to close ground on him. John Reidy won the week, going 10-5-1. Scott Stafford was one game back at 9-6-1, and Colin Daniels was another game back at 8-7-1.

Snyder was sitting on an impressive lead, but now it's down to one game. He's sitting at 92-77-6. Reidy's one behind him at 91-78-6. Colin is at 89-80-6 and Scott Stafford, who was way back a few weeks ago, is 87-8-2-6.

The NFL is pulling into the home stretch and so our our pickers. Every week counts, you guys.

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Finally. After slugging it out in their Annual NFL Pickoff VS the Spread all season, our pickers can see a leader emerging.

After yet another difficult week in which our guest picker, Kevin Goff of the Burgundy Brigade and Producer, Scott Stafford each posted a 5-9 record and John Reidy and our buddy, Snyder each managed only 6-8, Colin's 8-6 gave him a solid five game advantage on the year.

Colin Daniels is sitting just above .500 at 45-43-2. Reidy and Snyder each have records of 40-48-2 and Stafford is pulling up the rear at 38-5-2.

Our guest picker slot has combined for a record far worse than even Stafford has mustered.

This week radio host Brandon Spano picks with us. Perhaps he can do the guest picker slot proud.


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Oh, boy. This is a big game for the Broncos. They're heading into Qualcomm Stadium for a Monday Night Football clash with the lead in the AFC West on the line. What do I think will happen? Glad you asked.

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Is the upcoming Monday nighter in San Diego a "must win" for the Denver Broncos?

You bet your sweet ass it is.

If it's not, then the term "must win" has no meaning.

Is that phrase to be held in reserve for the last three games of the season when teams are facing certain playoff elimination? I say "no way". Games in October have the same effect on a teams bottom line as games in January.

This may only be the sixth game of the 2012 / 2013 season, but the Denver Broncos have a golden opportunity to put their three early losses in the rear view mirror and go into their bye week favorites in the AFC West. All they have to do is win. And win they "must".

The alternative is to sink into a two-game hole in the division. They could eventually climb out of it, sure. But the odds of their taking the pennant would drop by as much as half. Why not take command now and never look back?

Both the Broncos and the Chargers hit their bye week after they clash Monday night. After that the Chargers face Cleveland, Kansas City and Tampa. They could easily win all three of those gimmies and be 6-3 after nine weeks - and that's assuming Denver beats them. The Broncos face the Saints, Benglas and Panthers. They, too, could easily be 6-3.

After those three match-ups, the Broncos and Chargers play each other again - in Denver.  That'll be a "must-win" game, too. Am I throwing the term around too loosely? No. San Diego and Denver will be within a game of one another all season long - and only one of them can win the AFC West.

If anything, beating the Chargers will render two or three other games on the schedule NOT "must-win".



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Our prognosticators, Colin Daniels, John Reidy, Producer Scott Stafford and our buddy, Snyder are back for more in our annual NFL Pickoff VS the Spread.

It's been tough sledding so far.

Only Colin has managed a .500 record through five weeks. He's 37-37-2 on the year. Reidy and Snyder are 34-40-2 and Scott trails with a record of 33-41-2.

This week they welcome guest picker Kevin Goff of the Burgundy Brigade (@BrgBrigadeKevin)

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Reidy and Colin continue to fight it out in their NFL pickoff VS the spread.  This week they both had a weak showing.  They tied with 5 wins, seven losses and a draw.  Colin retains his hard-earned one pick lead.  He is 42-42-4 on the season while Reidy is 41-43-4.  Both fellows would be languishing if they were playing for real money in Vegas but the free drinks would be enough to make up for it. 

*posted in the third quarter of Jets / Dolphins. 

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