It was another exciting week in the National Football League filled with surprises. As the season progresses it gets harder and harder to pick games versus the spread. There's just no telling who will cover and who will let you down.

This week we welcomed guest picker @OpieGoneMad to compete with our pickers in our Annual NFl Pickoff VS the Spread. He did well, but finished under .500 with a record of 7-8-1. Producer Scott Stafford equalled his effort.

Colin Daniels finished last this week, picking 5-10-1. Not good. John Reidy and Our Buddy, Snyder tied for the win at 8-7-1.

The season contest is tighter than RGIII's MCL. Snyder is still in the lead at 105-95-7 for the season. Reidy's close behind him at 102-98-7. Colin's one behind Reidy at 101-99-7 and Scott is one behind Colin at 100-100-7. The contest continues through the Playoffs and all the way to the Super Bowl.

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Thursday, 06 December 2012 16:36

Here's your stupid Broncos / Raiders prediction

After a rather muted Raiders week, the Broncos head into the Black Hole tonight to face their most hated division foe. Rivalry? You betcha. We don't care what the media says, the hatred burns just as hot today as it ever did.

Here's how I see this one going down.

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Our Annual NFL pickoff versus the spread is heating up, even though our pickers went ice cold in week 13. Five games separate first and fourth place as Colin, Reidy, Snyder and Scott plug away with victory on their minds.

Last week our pickers were decamated by our guest, @DSNAdam. Can this weeks guest picker @OpieGoneMad fare as well? We will see.

Our picks are, as they say on the internet, after the jump.

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It's the 4th quarter of the NFL season and things have gotten tight in the South Stands' annual NFL pickoff VS the spread.  Colin came into week 14 trailing Reidy by three games.  He picked .500 this week, one game better than Reidy.  Colin picked 8-8, Reidy picked 7-9. 

Colin's deficit has shrunk to two games.  Reidy holds the lead on the season 102-96-5 to 100-98-5. 

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Saturday, 10 December 2011 13:26

Our NFL Week 14, Picks vs. the Spread

There are only four weeks left in the NFL regular season.  Yes, South Standers, it’s 75% over.  Thankfully, Reidy and Colin’s NFL pickoff VS the spread will continue all the way through the Superbowl.  You can continue to monitor their progress as the fellows attempt to claim the 2012 title.

Colin must make up a three-game deficit.  He has fallen to Reidy in each of the past two weeks.  With the sun setting on the 2011 season he cannot afford to fall further behind.  Week 14 provides a great opportunity for Colin to right the ship.

Here’s how the fellows see it going down.

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Saturday, 10 December 2011 13:04

The Broncos can't look past the Bears

Your Denver Broncos find themselves favorites at home against the Chicago Bears.  They can't afford to take a win for granted with next week's clash with New England looming.

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 21:38

Reviewing our week 14 NFL picks vs. the spread

How did the boys do against the spread in week 14?  MORE
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Friday, 10 December 2010 10:08

Our week 14 NFL picks VS the spread

It's week 14.  The regular season is winding down, the Fantasy playoffs have begun and our prognosticators are deadlocked once again.  Here's how they see it going down VS the spread.
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