The NFL is a fickle, fickle mistress and week 13 was certainly evidence of that. Our pickers struggled mightily versus the spread this week.

Our Buddy, Snyder, who led the contest coming in went a disastrous 5-11, but still topped John Reidy, who had been surging. Reidy managed the worst total of the season, going 3-13. Ouch. Scott Stafford, who has come back into the fold of late went 6-10 and Colin Daniels pulled together a 7-9 week, which looks decent by comparison.

Our guest picker, Adam Kinney (@DSNAdam) was the first guest of the year to win the week with a very strong 10-6 performance. So congratulations are in order.

With the NFL season entering it's fourth quarter, the standings are now: 1) Snyder 97-88-6, 2) Colin 96-89-6, Reidy 94-91-6 and Snyder 93-92-6. All pickers are within a paltry FOUR GAMES of one another, the closest it's been since the beginning.



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It's week 13 already! Can you believe it? How time flies. For many of you, this will be your final week of fantasy football! The fantasy playoffs begin in most leagues next week. Wow. So...if you're on the bubble we wish you the best. Meanwhile, it's time for our week 13 picks in the annual South Stands NFL pickoff VS the spread.

The contest has certainly gotten more interesting. Week 12 saw our buddy, Snyder come back to earth a little bit. Now all our pickers, Colin, Reidy, Snyder and Producer Scott Stafford are within 5 games of each other. The pressure is on, you guys.

Adam Kinney of Mile High Sports / Denver Sports Nation Radio joins us for the second time this season as guest picker. He hopes to cool the burn he experienced last time.

Our picks for week 13 are, as they say on the web, after the jump.

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Entering week 13, Reidy held a narrow 2-game lead over Colin in the South Stands annual NFL Pickoff vs. the Spread. After week 13, his lead is 3 games. Reidy went an impressive 10-6 against the spread while Colin went 9-7. Both fellahs are now over .500 for the year, but Colin has some work to do if he doesn't wish to suffer the shame and embarrassment of losing to Reidy, despite his superior NFL knowledge. Fortunately for Colin, a three-game deficit can be recovered from in just one week.

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Friday, 02 December 2011 14:11

Our NFL Week 13, Picks vs. the Spread

December has arrived and that means the competition is heating up in the National Football League.  Playoff hopefuls look to pull away from the pack – much like Reidy looks to pull away from Colin in the South Stands’ annual NFL Pickoff vs. the Spread.  It’s been a tight race all season long, with numerous lead changes along the way, the most recent being in week 12 when Reidy opened up a two game lead thanks to some deft selections.  He leads the race 85-81-5 to 83-83-5. 

Can Reidy pull ahead, leaving Colin in his rear-view mirror?  Time will tell, you guys.  Here are their selections for week 13.

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Thursday, 02 December 2010 14:51

Our week 13 NFL picks VS the spread

Another fine week of NFL football is upon us. Some games are stinkers but others are epic. Here's how the boys see it going down in week 13.
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