Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and enjoyed all that the NFL had to offer and that you were treated to a delicious spread.

Speaking of spreads,  the South Stands NFL pickoff versus the spread got a whole lot more interesting this week as our contest leader, Snyder suffered his worst week in a long while.

Snyder managed only a 5-10-1 record for week 12, allowing the three other participants to close ground on him. John Reidy won the week, going 10-5-1. Scott Stafford was one game back at 9-6-1, and Colin Daniels was another game back at 8-7-1.

Snyder was sitting on an impressive lead, but now it's down to one game. He's sitting at 92-77-6. Reidy's one behind him at 91-78-6. Colin is at 89-80-6 and Scott Stafford, who was way back a few weeks ago, is 87-8-2-6.

The NFL is pulling into the home stretch and so our our pickers. Every week counts, you guys.

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Arrowhead Stadium has been the site of many a Broncos late-season nightmare. Today's week twelve match-up is shaping up to be what dreams are made of, however.

Brady Quinn is starting for the Chiefs at QB as KC's season is crumbling. Aside from Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs have little to offer in terms of offensive fire power. With Quinn's propensity to check-down to the short range reciever, look for Charles to have a decent day, around 65 yards rushing and around eight catches for another 60 or so yards. Aside from that, the Chiefs won't be able to accopmlish much of anything against Denver's surging defense. 

This is not going to be a very good game. Yeah, anything can happen. "Any given Sunday" and all that. But the Broncos are going to roll while the Chiefs just roll over.

I predict a 31-3 outcome featuring the following individual stat lines for your favorite Broncos players:

Von Miller: 3.5 sacks

Peyton Manning: 293 yard passing, 3 TDs

Demaryius Thomas: 88 yards recieving (see what I did there?) and a TD

Eric Decker: 3 catches, 64 yards and a TD

Joel Dreessen: 2 catches and a TD

Knowshon Moreno: 42 yards rushing, 1 TD and a fumble

Ronnie Hillman: 68 yards rushing, 5 catches, 45 yards recieving.

Enjoy the game!

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 23:58

Our week twelve NFL picks VS the spread

Our annual NFL pickoff VS the spread is a tight race, although our Buddy, Snyder seems to have a pretty solid lead. We'll see if Producer Scott Stafford, John Reidy and Colin Daniels can get that bastard back on the ropes before he starts getting a big(ger) head.

No guest picker this week. We had to get this crap in turned in early 'cause blogger buy is driving to Nebraska on Wednesday morning. Ah, the Good Life.

Our week 12 picks are, as they say on the internet, "after the jump"

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It was a nutty week in the NFL - but aren't they all?  Coming into week 12, Reidy and Colin were knotted up at 76-74-5 in their annual NFL pickoff VS the spread.  Reidy went 9-7.  Colin went 7-9.  That means that Reidy takes the lead, 85-81-5 to 83-83-5. 

Things are heating up, you guys.  The bye weeks are behind us and we've only got 5 regular season games left.  The fellahs will keep this contest rolling through the Superbowl, though. 

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Saturday, 26 November 2011 22:24

Our NFL Week 12, Picks vs. the Spread

Reidy and Colin have been picking each and every NFL game VS the spread all season now, battling the odds in all-out race for football supremacy.   As the regular season reaches it’s autumn, the fellows find themselves deadlocked.  With each passing week the pressure builds.  Who can establish dominance?  Who can pull ahead?  Who will be VICTORIOUS!?
Here’s how the fellows see it going down week 12.

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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 21:04

Reviewing our week 12 NFL picks VS the spread

Colin and Reidy slugged it out once again in picking the week 12 NFL games against the spread. Neither fellah would have beaten Vegas this week but John was able to reclaim the lead in their annual contest by a single game, going 8-8 to Colin's 7-9.

Our prognosticators entered week 12 tied at 65-60-2. Reidy now leads with a record of 73-68-2 to Colin's 72-69-2. Don't let anyone tell you that beating the spread is easy.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 16:06

Our week 12 NFL picks VS the spread

Happy Thanksgiving, South Standers. Enjoy your football feast. Colin and Reidy are locked in a tie going into the week 12 games. Let's see how the boys see it going down this week.

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