Week eleven in the NFL gets underway tonight. Time sure flies, don't it?

Our pickers in our Annual NFL Pickoff VS the Spread,  Colin, John Reidy, Our Buddy Snyder and   Producer Scott Stafford continue to slug it out in what remains a relatively close contest. Snyder currently holds a the lead, as he has for three weeks now. It's unlikely that any of our pickers will create any separation this week, as all four picked this week's games pretty similarly.

This week we welcome Woody Roseland, a future guest on the South Stands Denver Fancast, as our guest picker. Woody is some kind of badass, and amputee, a helluva comedian, a cancer activist and a force for good in our Community. Most of us first got to know Woody when he played catch with Jeremy Guthrie. You can visit Woody's web site RIGHT FRIGGIN' HERE.

Our picks are "after the jump" (we stole that term from Deadspin)

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Eleven weeks into the NFL season Colin and Reidy are once again tied in their annual NFL pickoff VS the spread.  Colin entered the week up by two picks but Reidy gained ground.  He went 8-4-2 on the week to Colin's 6-6-2.  The fellahs share a record of 76-74-5 on the season. 

What this exercise demonstrates is that it's really hard to make a living betting the NFL.  Even sports experts like the fellahs find themselves jammed up more often than not.

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010 18:41

Reviewing our week 11 NFL Picks VS the Spread

Our NFL prognosticators, Colin and Reidy are locked up once again in their annual pick-off. Colin went 9-7 against the spread in week 11, closing the one game gap Reidy had on him. Reidy went 8-8. On the season both pickers are 65-60-2.
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Monday, 22 November 2010 23:05

Rest in peace, 2010 Broncos.

Dead last. 4th of 4. In the basement. Cooked. Done. Stick a fork in 'em. The 2010 Broncos are history.
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Thursday, 18 November 2010 21:09

Our week 11 NFL picks VS the spread

Colin has come catching up to do in his annual duel with Reidy for NFL picking superiority. He's down by a single game. Here's how the boys see it going down in week 11.
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Monday, 15 November 2010 11:21

Win in San Diego and we'll talk

Are YOU ready for some football? Beating the Chiefs was fun but getting it done next Monday night could truly turn the Broncos season around. Where are they storing those 1960 uniforms?
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