"Nobody involved in professional sports at any level would ever confess to being influenced by the ramblings of a cynical newspaper columnist."

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Mark Kiszla said "don't do it". But Walt Weiss did.

The Colorado Rockies have announced that Weiss will replace Jim Tracy as the Manager of the Colorado Rockies.

Weiss, who was previously the skipper of a high school team, will have his work cut out for him. The Rockies are among the worst performing teams in all of baseball. The front office has been on the hunt for its latest patsy. In Weiss they've finally found it. Even Kiszla thinks the Rockies made a good hire. The question now becomes whether or not he will be given enough rope ... or if he will wind up being hung without it.


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Friday, 02 November 2012 11:17

Mark Kiszla Kiszzes all over Rockies

 Denver Post Sports columnist and Colorado Rockies antagonist Mark Kiszla shot a monster wad of white hot sticky Kiszz right in the club's face with his column in this morning's paper.

Bill Geivett must have a heck of a time pulling his eyelashes apart after opening his Post to see Kiszla's warning to Walt Weiss - currently coaching a high school team - not to accept the Rockies' Managerial job if it's offered to him. "Jusy say no, Walt", Kiszla advised. He went on to assert:  "Weiss has carved out a good life in Colorado. Why ruin every sunset?"

Kiszla's Kiszzed before, but this is Kiszzkaki.

Kiszla's "rocky" relationship with Colorado baseball has reached a new low (or high depending on how you look at it), much like the Rockies themselves. If Kiszla wasn't already public enemy number-one down at 20th and Blake, they're hanging wanted posters today.

Maybe Kiszla's right.

Maybe the Rockies are so damaged and run so ineptly that only a fool would take the job. Somebody in Weiss' position would be hard pressed to find another opportunity to manage in the big leagues, though. For Weiss, who's currently Regis High’s skipper, the Rockies gig is not, as Kiszla argues, a "big step down". It's probably his only shot to make it the big leagues as a mangager- assuming it's what he wants to do. And it must be. Otherwise, why would he be interviewing for the job yet again?

Newspapers need headlines and Mark Kiszla is a master of making them. His content gives the Denver Post the power shock with its bold proclamations. That's why people pick up a paper. That's why they click. That's why they kill the endless Netflix pop-ups. Kiszla is not meant to himself be the story, but this case he is. People weren't talking this morning about the four candidates for the Rockies managerial job: they were saying "did you read what Mark Kiszla said". The Rockies have been down for awhile. Continued kicking at this point seems cruel and unusual.

The Rockies earn every drop of criticism they get. They certainly deserve a good Kiszzing every now and then. There comes a point, though, when they should be allowed to towel off and get on with their business. Today's column feels like interference. If Weiss is the best man for the job, like Kiszla says he is, then we hope it’s offered to him, and he accepts. There will be plenty of opportunities for the Rockies to be Kiszzed in the future. But right now, and only right now, they could use a break.





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