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Ouch. This pathetic little fellow got left hanging something fierce last night. He somehow managed to keep his star-struck grin as Lebron pretended not to see him standing there with his hand outstretched in anticipation of some love from the MVP who was more interested in communing with his, uh, peers.



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Xavier Omon shined in the Broncos first pre-season game Thursday night. But not like he shined on this night.

Omon attended Nothwest Missouri State (presumably a College)  and, in the fourth quarter of the 2007 NCAA Division 2 Semi-Final game against Grand Valley State (presumably also a College), he broke of this beautiful 98 yard run to the hizzy with currrent NFL star Brandon Carr on his tail.

Pretty cool.

Omon was drafted by the Bills in 2008 and has bounced around the practice squad scene. The Broncos latched onto him in 2011. He obviously wants to make this team. Omon left it all out on the field this week. And we doubt he drove home in a Bentley.


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