Tuesday, 20 November 2012 23:58

Our week twelve NFL picks VS the spread

Our annual NFL pickoff VS the spread is a tight race, although our Buddy, Snyder seems to have a pretty solid lead. We'll see if Producer Scott Stafford, John Reidy and Colin Daniels can get that bastard back on the ropes before he starts getting a big(ger) head.

No guest picker this week. We had to get this crap in turned in early 'cause blogger buy is driving to Nebraska on Wednesday morning. Ah, the Good Life.

Our week 12 picks are, as they say on the internet, "after the jump"

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Thursday, 29 September 2011 11:36

Our week 4 NFL picks VS the spread

Pickin' aint easy.  Reidy and Colin are both relatively knowledgeable NFL fans but they aren't gamblers - and it's a good thing they aren't.  Colin is 20-24-2 on the season picking against the spread and John is only slightly better at 23-21-2.  Still, they press on.  Here's how the fellahs see it goin' down week 4:



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