"What is a cause for real concern is that the Nuggets aren’t as deep as they have been advertised to be. They may have a nine-man rotation, but without their starting point guard they’re eminently beatable. "

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Just like everyone else, Nuggets fans needed a diversion last night. Their team didn’t let them down.

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Friday, 30 November 2012 10:17

Nuggets grasping for clutch

Your Denver Nuggets fell to the Golden State Warriors last night in the exact same way they lost to Utah on Monday ... grasping for clutch.

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It's tough to blame George Karl for last night's Nuggets 103-105 loss in Utah. 

Once again, the coach put his 12 million dollar man, Ty Lawson in position to tie the game in the closing few seconds. Karl instructed Andre Miller to toss an inbound pass to Lawson who was wide open. Lawson took that pass, dribbled toward the hoop and chickened out, kicking the ball to the perimeter as the final second ticked off.

Game over.

Isn't that the kind of situation he's being paid a hell of a lot of money to shine in? Isn't he supposed to be the man? Isn't this Ty's team? Karl has said that it is, but we are yet to see it. Instead, newcomer Andre Iguodala and second-year man Kenneth Faried have been Denver's best players. But neither of those guys are responsible for driving the offense when the Nuggets desperately need a basket.

Lawson has got to step up and earn his stripes - and the massive contract extension he was given.

His problem seems to be a lack of confidence, which might come on the heels of his big pay day. He wasn't so tentative when he was a role player.

Of course, if the Nuggets weren't one of the worst free-throw shooting teams in the NBA it might not matter quite so much.


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The Nuggets gave Ty Lawson 48 million reasons to step up as a leader and become the man in Denver. 12 million reason per year for four years. So where is he? Has anybody seen Ty Lawson? Mr. Lawson, Mr. Ty Lawson to the white courtesy phone, please. 

Denver's almost 50 million dollar man was nearly invisible in the Nuggets first eight games, but last night he was nowhere to be found. The "star" point guard scored precisely not at all against the Heat last night at Pepsi Center. Zip, zero, nada, nothin'. He dropped not a single basket, not a floater, not a jumper, not so much as a layup. And it's not because he was too busy contributing in other areas. Lawson totalled one rebound, eight assists and two steals in 36 minutes on the court. and never got to the free-throw line. Of course, with a free-throw percentage of just over 50% on the season, getting to the line hasn't meant much for Ty.

Lawson may be little, but you shouldn't have to squint to see his impact on the floor.  The Nuggets are counting on him to captain the ship. Meanwhile the new guy, Andre Iguodala is the one demonstrating the leadership that Karl and Co. are looking for. Iggy's not just providing the defense that he was brought in for, he's scoring, dishing and setting up his team mates for success. They'll continue to fail, though, without their star playing like a star.

It's time for the Denver Nuggets to put out an A.P.B. on their star P.G.


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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 13:16

Nuggets Ty up Law$on

Four years. 48 Million.

Ty Lawson just got paid. The Nuggets Ty'ed him up in what's being reported as a 12M per year deal.
Not bad money if you can get it.

Lawson is widely considered to be Denver's best player. The team didn't want his contract status to be a distraction with the NBA season set to tip off. It looks like Ty can rest easy now - on a golden bed stuffed with cash.

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Can the Nuggets win Game Three of their first round series against the Lakers? You're damn right they can. Read how here.

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Saturday, 26 November 2011 10:29

Lockout's Over! Who wants to be a Nugget?

Carmelo's gone.  He took Chauncey with him.  JR and Kenyon weren't willing to wait.  They're in China.  Wilson Chandler bailed, too.  As they head toward their first game (on the day after Christmas), your Denver Nuggets are selling from an empty shelf.  Almost.

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Thanks to Mile High Buzz for the heads up on this sweet chunk of video from Ty Lawson' historic performance VS the Timberpups.
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