There’s an exodus underway. Pretty much every decent Charger is becoming a Bronco. First Louis Vasquez joined the ranks of the righteous. Then it was Shaun Phillips. Now defensive back Quentin Jammer has joined the party, stating that he is “looking forward to winning a lot of games”.

Jammer is an eleven year veteran. He will join an already impressive Broncos backfield still reeling from a particular playoff game that we would prefer not to discuss at this time. Speaking of painful memories, Jammer picked Peyton Manning for a TD in the famous comeback game of 2012.

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Huge props to our Tweep, @Josh_D_Manning for Tweeting a link to this pre-season prediction by some hack Bleacher Report "Featured Columnist".


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Saturday, 03 November 2012 13:07

Seven Things That Suck About ... Cincinnati

Welcome to our feature - Seven Things That Suck about ...

Denver Sports fans have got it made. We live in Colorado! Win or lose, there's no place better. That's why it's easy to find Seven Things That Suck about just about every other City. Why seven? It's our lucky number. Elway's number.

Once a week we will elevate our already mile-high civic pride by picking on some other city.

This week’s victim is Cincinnati, ”the Queen City”, “the ‘Nati”

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Chomp on it, Michael Clayton and Mike "I make shit up" Silver.

Peyton Manning looked fantastic today. Number 18 had not one, but two TD passes to Decker, threw to his right repeatedly, went long, got hit (hard) and completed 10 of 12 for 122 yards.

Practice makes perfect.

Manning's QB rating was over 145.

And that's the story of today's game.

None of the rest means anything unless you're a player on the bubble.

I heard Ed McCaffrey say during the 4th quarter that, for some of these guys, that period was like the Super Bowl.

Yeah, well, I don't care. And neither do 9/10 of the fan base. The Broncos have to trim the roster by 40 or so players in the next ten days. The guys who get cut will be less than an afterthought to us by week 2.

All we care about is Manning. He's the 14 million dollar man. A stranger in a strange land - to which it finally appears he's adjusting.


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