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Thursday, 06 December 2012 10:12

Who the hell cares if the Raiders suck?

Certain media types continue trying to drive home the point that the rivalry between the Broncos are Raiders isn't what is used to be just becuase Oakland has been terrible. Anybody who says a thing like that has clearly lost touch with the fans.

Rant coming.

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For members of the Denver Sports Talk Radio community, a win is a win but a loss makes things easier.

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Sunday, 30 September 2012 17:42

Manning, McGahee whoop that Raider ass

Oh, what a glorious day in Broncos Country.

The Broncos thrashed the hapless Raiders,  answering a thousand questions along the way.

Broncos 37. Raiders 6.

Not even the most dilusional of fans could have predicted an outcome like this.

It was an all-out ass kicking. And Manning looked fantastic, throwing for well over 300 yards and three TDs with no picks.

Willis McGahee, the running back time forgot, had 112 and a touch of his own.

On top of that the defense looked awesome. Champ was Champ, Von was eatin' greedy and Carson Palmer was running for his life.

Oh, and both Decker and D.T. were money.

Enjoy this week, Broncos fans. We're 2-2 and headed into another killer match-up VS the Pats.


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Your Broncos have got to get straightened out this week. They're 1-2 coming into a home game against a critical division opponent - and that opponent just happens to be the Raiders.

Good news, Broncos fans. The Orange and Blue will be .500 after this one. They just gotta be.

How will they get it done?

Well, for one thing, they will control Darren McFadden. The Raiders' only true offensive weapon will be held to around 70 yards rushing. He will catch a number of passes but be held out of the end zone. Tight End, Brandon Myers will be a bigger concern for Denver - and he will score a TD.

Oakland will test the Broncos secondary. Denarius Moore will also find pay-dirt as Oakland racks up 17 points.

Peyton Manning will silence his doubters. The veteran will take advantage of Oakland's questionable defense today, amassing three TD passes.

Denver will also add a TD in the ground game and a Matt Prater FG for a total of 27 points.

Broncos 27, Raiders 17.


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Saturday, 29 September 2012 10:35

The Broncos aren't worried. Are you?

(via Pro Football Talk)

The Broncos' fearless leader, John Fox, and their offensive coordinator, Mike "slow start" McCoy aren't concerned about Peyton Mannings arm - at least that's what they're telling the media. A report at Pro Football Talk says the team is adjusting to Manning's abilities.

Mike McCoy is quoted as saying: “To me, his arm is fine now. I wasn’t around him before, so to compare where he is now to back then, that’s really for him to say. But his arm is fine.”

Despite this assertion, McCoy says it's his job to make adjustments in the game plan - not unlike he was forced to with Tim Tebow under center. McCoy told the NFL Network's Albert Breer: "We’ve packaged together the Indianapolis stuff, and blended it together with our system. It’s what I’ve done. It’s what Peyton’s done."  McCoy continued: "we go into every game with a different plan, new wrinkles based on the opponent."

Week four at home versus the Raiders should tell the coaching staff a lot about what they should expect moving forward. They say they're not worried ... but should they be?

Whether or not the Broncos truly are confident in  Peyton Manning's strength, it's clear that they feel the need to make some adjustments in an effort to compensate for something. Perhaps Manning's not living up to their expectations.

To say there's a lot of stake for the team where #18 in concerned is an enormous understatement. They're all-in.



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Friday, 28 September 2012 17:20

I am trying to break your heart Broncos fans

"A season that started out with such great promise, now stands at the precipice of failure in only the fourth game of the year. Will the Broncos stand tall or fall off the cliff?"

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The Sports Radio waves are humming loudly with the vibrations of discontent is wake of a second straight Broncos loss.

But didn't we all know that the Falcons and the Texans would be really, really good? Yes, we did. And haven't the Broncos managed to make the outcomes of each of the past two games closer than we though they would? Yes, they have.

So they're 1-2. It's no big deal.

I propose that, unlike last week, when we buzzed about Peyton Manning's noodle-armed first half performance versus Atlanta right up until Friday, that this week we fans put our laser, rocket focus squarely on the task now at hand - beating the Oakland Raiders at our place. Win that one and it's all good. The Broncos will be .500 again and have a softer piece of their schedule ahead.

Today we woke to a chill of autumn in the air. That chill rode in on a wind that kicked up around 6 pm, just as the Broncos game wrapped up. It was the spirit of Oakland advance-scouting Broncos Country.

We will be ready at 2:15 next Sunday afternoon. That's all that matters now.

The Raiders treated their fans to an overtime win against the Steelers yesterday. We can't under estimate the Silver and Blech, but the Broncos didn't need a field goal to handle Pittsburgh. They handled 'em pretty easily. Making the Raiders their bitches in week four will allow the Broncos to put the Falcons and Texans games behind them and get on with the business of making the playoffs.


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Tuesday, 11 September 2012 08:53

Dennis Allen: Oakland's next former head coach

He was Denver's Defensive Coordinator in 2011. In 2012 he's the first NFL head coach on the hot seat.

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Remember when former Raiders Coach, Tom Cable punched that assistant? Yeah? We do to.

Well, that same dude was arrested on assault charges, himself, according to ProFootballTalk.com.

Once a Raider always a Raider.

Randy Hansen apparently went after some dude with a beer bottle in a bar somewhere in California. Hansen was employed by Cal Poly - but he's suspended indefinitely.

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