"...by allowing its columnists to work in radio, the Post was expanding its reach. By bringing snippets of radio back to its own pages the Post has taken an additional step toward integrating a diverse range of mediums into its online product" 

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John Reidy and I were scheduled to substitute- host the Press Box with Kisz and Burns on Monday morning, along with radio veteran Renaud Notaro (7-9 AM Mile High Sports AM1510 FM93.7).

That's no longer the case.

To host a Morning Drive radio program was a big opportunity for us. People work around radio for years without catching a gig like that. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Due to a "conflict", we will be listening, instead. And we hope you will too.

The "conflict" in this instance was that Mark Kizsla, who's very name is in the title of the show, and who's reputation it must  uphold, is concerned that we can't be trusted to honor basic standards. His fears arose from an article I wrote for this site on Friday, titled: "Mark Kiszla Kiszzes all over the Rockies" in which I compared him  to ejaculate and made fun of his name.

My peice was crude, and probably immature. I can see that now. Believe me, I had no idea that this would happen. I clearly would not have written it if I had.

I regret sacrificing the opportunity - not just for myself, but for John - for a couple yucks at Mark's expense.

I have apologized to Mr. Kiszla for what I wrote. He deserves more respect. But, the damage done, I have restored the article to my site after having removed it this morning. I can't hide from it.

Mark, if you're out there, I really am sorry. I should have given as much thought to my tact as I did to the topic. I think the piece, which was otherwise good, was written in such a way that the message got lost. That message? That sometimes you can take the poking too far. Ironic, isn't it?

Renaud Notaro, who is normally on in the evenings, will handle the show without us while Peter Burns travels home from Louisiana and Lindsay Jones and Mark Kiszla  traipse back from Cincy. Renaud, who's known for having the best voice in Denver radio, will do the Press Box proud, so check it out.

It's available streaming HERE.

We will be back for a rollicking South Stands Denver Fancast on Tuesday night. And maybe, just maybe, we will have learned something. 



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Join John Reidy and Colin Daniels from South Stands Denver dot com and the South Stands Denver Fancast on real, live morning drive Sports Radio on Monday, talkin' Broncos, Nuggets and MORE on the Press Box with Kisz and Burns.

Peter Burns, Mark Kiszla and Lindsay Jones, the three usually hosts of the popular show are all going to be out of town so they're rolling the dice and sitting us in front of open microphones.

FCC agents will be posted at all entrances and exits and veteran broadcaster Renaud Notaro will be in studio with us to make sure things go smoothly.

That's MONDAY, 7-9 AM on Mile High Sports Radio AM1510, FM93.7 The Press Box!


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We have a new leader in our annual NFL pickoff VS the spread.

After two straight incredible weeks of picks, our buddy Snyder sits at the top of the standings, having overcome a five game deficit to Colin Daniels. Snyder's picks have been other worldly.

After going 10-1-2 in week seven, Snyder followed through with a 9-5 performance in week eight, winning the week and launching himself into first place with a total record of 59-54-4 on the season.

Colin Daniels, who managed 5-9 on the week, moves to second place at 57-56-4. He had a five game advantage two weeks ago.

John Reidy and guest picker, Peter Burns each offered up a solid 8-6 this week. Reidy's overall score is 55-58-4.

Producer Scott Stafford's struggles continued. His 5-9 in week eight puts him at 50-63-4 on the season. Don't count Scott out, though. He's a smart cookie. He will turn it around.

For the second straight week our guest picker was from Mile High Sports. Both Brandon Spano and Peter Burns fared well, but fell short of matching Snyder's dominance.

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Saturday, 08 September 2012 11:32

Peter Burns tweets best pic ever

Before aspiring broadcaster Jessica Redfield was taken in the Aurora theatre massacre, she was in the process of organizing a sports equipment drive to benefit athletes displaced by the wild fires near Colorado Springs.

That drive was finally held without her today. Kroenke Sports donated the use of Pepsi Center. Among the people championing the effort was Peter Burns from MIle High Sports who had been a close friend of Jessica's.

Peter snapped this pick of the Nuggets' Kenneth Faried embracing Jessica's mother at the event. It might be the best pic ever tweeted.

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It's that time again, South Standers! Our most popular feature over the past two years has been our NFL pickoff VS the spread. Colin Daniels took the contest in 2011 by just a couple games. Reidy won a close contest as well in 2010.

This year we add Producer, Scott Stafford and our Buddy Snyder to the competition. Each week each of us will pick each game versus the Vegas spread. 

We're also inviting a guest to pick with us every week. For week one that's Peter Burns of Mile High Sports Radio.

Just like in the real NFL, everyone is 0-0 right now. 

For the record, we source our spreads from FootballLocks.com.

Our picks after the jump.

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A super-famous National prognosticator (from a major magazine) and a local Sports Radio host, each named Peter,  have made their predictions for the 2012 Broncos season. Which one's the optimist - and which one's the grump? Read on, friends.

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Our very own Colin Daniels is heading into the studios of Mile High Sports tomorrow morning to join Mark Kiszla and Peter Burns on the Press Box, the newly updated Morning show which usually includes Denver Post Broncos beat writer, Lindsay Jones who will busy preparing for Broncos / Seahawks.

You can listen at FM 93.7 and at AM 1510 or you can STREAM IT HERE

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Tracy "the Cowboy" Ringolsby is discovering that social media might not be his prarie.

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(photo: Peter Burns @peterburnsradio)

Here at the South Stands we are faced with the same challenge that everybody else is: how to move on.

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