Welcome to the Shitty  Cars of Englewood #11

Within only blocks of the concrete bunker we find some of the junkiest jalopies in all of Colorado. It's not like us to keep this bounty to ourselves. Oh, no. We want to share it with you, our loyal readers.

Today we have the privilege of examining this 1989 Buick Century wagon.

The Century is a fine example of General Motors "A-Body" cars of the era. A decade prior, GM still built a diverse range of vehicles - each with their own individual styling traits and unique features. By the time 1989 rolled around, Japanese automakers Honda and Toyota had taken a huge chunk out of the American car business. General Motors was forced to standardize - building various different models out of essentially the same shitty car.

This Century is branded "Buick", but it could just as easily be a Chevrolet, Pontiac or Oldsmobile. Even the cheapest Cadillac was the exact same car - though not available as a wagon. Only trim items such as front grills differentiated the makes. It was a truly shameful era for America's leading auto maker.

The cars weren't built to last. This Century is a perfect reflection of that. The roof (not visible in the photos) is completely stripped of paint. The sun has beaten the finish away completely, exposing the primer underneath. Elsewhere on the car we can see blobs of rust pushing through the blue. Rubber items such as window gaskets have also degraded. This car is barely over twenty years old.

It's not only time and the elements that have abused it, though. Its owner is clearly klutzy. This Century has numerous dents, dings and scratches. Notice the black duct tape retaining the left front turn signal housing, the bent hinges on the driver's door, the crushed tail gate and the electrical cord dangling through the grill (probably for an oil warmer).

The strangest thing about this shitty car of Englewood is that is sits in front of the tidiest house for blocks in any direction. The Century's owner keeps a spotless yard, immaculate flower boxes and a crisp, freshly painted home. Why he still chooses to drive this pile of crap is anybody's guess.

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