Huzzah! I got myself a steady radio gig – working with Renaud Notaro, filling in for Dr. Travis Heath each Thursday from 6-7 pm. Please tune in, won’t you?

Mile High Sports Radio is on your AM dial at 1510 and at FM 93.7. You may also stream the show online HERE.

Tonight I hope to discuss athletes as celebrities with Renaud, maybe a little Rapids, too. Who knows.

I am grateful to Mr. Notaro for the opportunity he is giving me to connect with readers and Fancast listeners via terrestrial radio.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012 11:52

Eric Goodman to Buffs4Life: "get a clue"

When I got my Mile HIgh Sports Daily in my e-mail inbox this morning I was thrilled to read Eric Goodman's column titled "Buffs4Life needs to get a clue" because I knew sparks would be flying. There's nothing better than a little media infighting on a Wednesday morning.

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Saturday, 03 November 2012 10:40

DJ Williams' PR tour 2012 continues

DJ Williams' suspension(s) are close to over.

The linebacker will be available for the Broncos after week nine. That means he only has to sit out one more game at the behest of the league. How quickly his team decides to run him back out on the field remains to be seen. There is has been some speculation that Denver will take advantage of Williams' availability by mixing up defensive schemes and widening their play selection.

One way or another, Mr. Dyme Life will contribute for the Broncos as they make their push toward the playoffs. The Broncos and DJ Williams know that fan reaction will be mixed to his return. That's why the old PR jets have officially been scrambled. The Broncos are no dummies when it comes to managing public perception.

On Thursday night DJ sat down with Chris Bianchi of Mile High Sports for a lengthy interview. On Friday he did the same for Lindsay Jones, who recently left the Denver Post to join USA Today Sports. In each interview Williams expressed regret. In talking to Jones, however, he revealed that he is angry: "I thought I was dealt an unfair deal," Williams said, "there's a lot of bitterness about it."

Williams denies ever having used any form of performance enhancing drug and worries that what he calls false accusations will attach an asterisk to his career. He's lying, of course. He was flat busted. Not only did Dyme Life attempt to cheat, he did it in the most laughable way - with animal piss and a prosthetic wiener. That's what was reported by the testing official from the NFL who popped him. Williams failed to address these things. He made excuses and admitted to making mistakes but offered nothing in terms of a confession.

Also missing from Williams' many, many words was any promise to change. He had better. His whole "Dyme Life" schtick isn't going to fly any longer. He has allowed partying to be persona. Professionalism is the order of the day.




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Friday, 02 November 2012 10:47

Chris Bianchi sacks DJ Williams interview

Our hats (fitted, not snap-back) are off this morning to Mile High Sports and writer Chris Bianchi for sacking an interview with the elusive DJ "Dyme Life" Williams. 

Williams subjected himself to more than the agreed-to half hour of questioning, and provided his insight on a number of topics relating to his troubling behavior, legal issues and growing reputaion as a scamp. Bianchi left no stone unturned with his questions and, in his summary article, allowed worms to squiggle out from under the rock that is DJ Williams.

A complete list of Chris' questions can be found here.

We believe that DJ will benefit from getting some stuff of his chest. - and that the Denver Broncos will benefit from Williams' availability on the field.

Way to go, Chris. Way to go Mile High Sports.

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Where there's smoke there's fire - or so they say.

Mile High Sports reported earlier today that CB Tracy Porter was on the outs with the Broncos organization - that folks were displeased with his attitude and that the Broncos may be looking to move the former Saint.

Within about a half hour Mike Klis of the Denver Post reported that Porter was scratched from the San Diego game and remains day-to-day not because of his attitude, but because Porter had been suffering from "pre-seizure" conditions. Klis reported that Porter had been wrestling with seizure related issues since August. Others raised the possibility that these seizures could possibly relate to the altitude in Denver - which would explain why they never came up in N.O..

I find it odd that there had been no mention of the seizure issue prior to Mile High Sports' earlier report. The public (and the NFL)had been told that he had an "illness" and nothing more.

Once MHS's "source" gave them the attitude story, however, it seems as though the team scrambled the PR machine - got hold of the Post and got the seizure story out there as fast as possible.

Now Mile High Sports is also acknowledging the seizure story - but not denying that the reports about Porter being a bad egg remain true.

Reading between the lines, I believe MHS' original report. The way everything went down today, it's tough not to smell spin control.

Porter was not too happy about the MHS report, either. He Tweeted this about an hour ago:

And for the "genius" reporting I'm going to get traded/released bc of an "attitude", that's why u don't work for ESPN. Get your facts str8


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Because they have their purple panties in a bunch over criticisms, the Colorado Rockies snubbed charitable efforts on the part of Mile High Sports. Now Jay Alves and the Rockies PR staff looks really, really bad.

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Our pals at Mile High Sports have relaunched their web site. We love the changes they've made.

The new site features a super-clean design in the same general style of Deadspin and The home page offers recent original content addressing the latest stories surrounding all four major local teams as well as the College sports scene along with boxes featuring the latest standings in the various leagues.

Advertising is tastefully placed and unobtrusive.

The site represents the latest step in MHS' development into a go-to source for Denver Sports news and opinion. Despite its fantastic articles, the site had been a bit the weak spot in the MHS mix, which includes  Mile High Sports Magazine and a talk radio station (FM93.7 AM1510). That's no longer the case. With the relaunch, MHS instantly becomes a direct competitor the the Denver Post's blog where web content is concerned. 

Bloggers Andrew Mason, Chris Dolge, Darren McKee (Dmac), Josh Pennock, James Merilatt, Doug Ottewill, Garrett Duman and various guest writers will offer extensive content, making MHS web a daily stop for those of us looking for ideas to steal. They can't say "motherfucker", though. Thus, This site remains a daily stop, too.

If I have a criticism of the new layout, it's that the upper navigation links do not offer drag-down menus. That's an easy thing to fix. Congratulations, Mile High Sports! Looks great!  






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Our very own Colin Daniels is heading into the studios of Mile High Sports tomorrow morning to join Mark Kiszla and Peter Burns on the Press Box, the newly updated Morning show which usually includes Denver Post Broncos beat writer, Lindsay Jones who will busy preparing for Broncos / Seahawks.

You can listen at FM 93.7 and at AM 1510 or you can STREAM IT HERE

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One local media type isn't impressed with Channel 9's Broncos coverage - and he's been letting folks know it on Twitter.

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Monday, 19 September 2011 11:03

Merilatt not rootin' for Rich Tuten

In today's Mile High Sports Daily, James Merilatt takes to task one Rich Tuten, strength and conditioning coach for the Denver Broncos. 


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