One of two things will happen today at Mile High. Either the Chargers will kiss their season goodnight or they will ressurect it. Which of these potential outcomes is this sports blogger expecting?

The answer is, as they say, "after the jump".

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Stop by 4258 South Broadway TODAY and meet James Hernandez from 5280 and the cool folks at Widowmaker Apparel who are printing up a big orange batch of "I call it Mile High" tees - as held up here by our Twitter pal @303MP.

These babies are coming off the presses as I type this, folks. Be among the first to shop 5280 Shirt Shop's new brick and mortar partner - and tell them the South Stands sent you!

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Naming rights suck. Yeah, we said it.

That's why we're glad that 5280 Shirt Shop offers this badass tee-shirt proclaiming "I call it Mile High". The guys over at Gart Brothers (or whatever it's called) are not likely to stock this baby, so order yours today - at 5280 Shirt Shop dot com.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 23:39

Sports Authority Field At Mile High?? LAME!

Will the Broncos play in Sports Authority Field in 2011?  Is it to late to name the stadium after a dispensary?



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