Harcore Denver Sports fans aren't generally wild about Channel 9 sports anchor, Drew Soicher. And that's just fine with him - and with the people he works for. Those are not the people he is meant to attract. Soicher's popular with families and with housewives - primarily with people who turn on the TV for entertainment, not opinion and analysis.

Still, Channel 9 is the "official" station of the Denver Broncos now. So viewers should demand more from its primary network anchor than the silly dog and pony bobblehead and seal show Soicher rolls out each week. People complain about him endlessly on Twitter, which is why Socher has blocked a great many people, myself included.

He uses Twitter as part of his schtick. He refers to it as "Soichal media". Since he's using the TV broadcast to drive people to his Twitter account, it's not surprising that he has over 13,000 followers. But, according to each of the two online tools available for "auditing" Twitter accounts, Status People and Twitter Audit, many of those followers are fakes. Twitter Audit reflects Soicher's "real" follower total as roughly 9% of his total, based on a sampling of 5,000 accounts. Status People estimates that actual humans comprise 17% of his total.

I have revealed in the past that there are places to buy Twitter followers. You can even get them on E-Bay for a typical cost of $18 per 1,000. Did Soicher buy followers? Honestly, I don't know. But I have found these online tools to be pretty damning in the past. I suppose I could ask him about this on Twitter, but I have been blocked ... so maybe you can. @drewsoicher




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Friday, 07 September 2012 11:31

Why does Twitter hate Drew Soicher?

He's cute. He's disarming. He's everybody's sports buddy - so why does Twitter hate Channel 9's Drew Soicher?

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Poor Drew Soicher. It's hard to know the names of all the Broncos. Even just the 53 who will make the final roster. So many names.

Like Joel Dreessen, for example. I mean, who has heard of this guy? It's like like he's a 7 year veteran who every fantasy player in America knows about or anything, right?

Oh, shit. That's right. Dreessen is a virtual household name!

And it's pronouced "Dree-sen"

Yet Soicher referred to the tight end as "Dress-en" repeatedly on tonight's post-game show on channel 9.

SHAME ON YOU, SOICHER! You're supposed to be a TV sports anchor. At least know who plays for your local NFL team. And if you don't ask somebody. I'm sure Vic Lombardi would answer the phone.

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