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Wanna hear something bizarre? Peyton Manning and his Indianapolis replacement, rookie QB Andrew Luck, each has precisely 2,404 passing yards through eight games, and both captain teams that are 5-3.

Manning had more TD's and fewer interceptions. His passer rating is 108.6 while Luck's in only 79. However, if the playoffs started today, the Colts would play the Broncos in Denver.


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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 16:12

The polite thing to do is thank Jim Irsay.

We here in the Rocky Mountain region are known for our kindness and for our politeness. It's in that spirit that we here at the South Stands feel it's appropriate for us all to show our appeciation to Jim Irsay, the wacky owner of the Indianapolis Colts, for freeing Peyton Manning to sign here.

After Manning's performance in week one we're all feeling pretty grateful.

Since Jim Irsay famously loves Twitter so much, we can think of no better means of communicating our gratitude to Irsay than to Tweet him!

His Twitter handle is @JimIrsay. Let's all drop him a simple note and just say "Thanks, Jim!" and include the hashtag #Broncos.


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Well, it was bound to happen.

The Indianapolis Colts watched a legend walk away. And now their fans want him back. 

Peyton Manning's departure from Indianapolis made room for Andrew Luck, the number one pick who represents the future of the franchise. But that number one pick was picked himself - four times - in his debut game, while Peyton Manning, the man for whom Indy faithful are accustomed to cheering, played almost flawlessly for the Orange and Blue. The Broncos, fueled by the optimism Manning brings, have Super Bowl aspirations. The Colts hope not to finish dead last in their division.

It's a situation bound to cause envy and doubt. Colts fans have every reason to question whether or not Jim Irsay made the right choice. Not only did he let a future Hall-of-Fame player pack his bags to begin anew in Denver, he drafted a kid who looks on the surface to be the second best rookie quarterback in the NFL. Robert Griffin III, Dan Snyder's acquisition in Washington, clearly outshined Andrew Luck in week one. Is it any wonder the fans of Indianapolis are second-guessing all of it?

Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star addressed this in his column today. Kravitz, who's beat was once the Denver Broncos, encourages the fans of Indy to try and maintain perspective:

"I will say this until I'm Colts blue in the face: However this ends up, Irsay made the right call. He did what 31 other owners would have done"

Not surprisingly, Kravitz has been inundated by paniced fans. He asserts:

"football is designed for hysteria -- that's why we love it -- and no issue makes the locals more hysterical than anything involving Manning, Irsay and The Decision"

I find it interesting that Kravitz chose the phrase "the Decision" there. His choice of words underscores the enormity of the commitment the Colts made to Andrew Luck. Releasing Peyton Manning could not have been an easy choice for Jim Irsay. Lucas Oil Field is, after all, nicknamed "the House that Peyton built". But Irsay was bold - and he made that tough call. It won't always be as popular in Indiana as it is here in Colorado.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 12:25

This whole Manning thing doesn't feel right.

After all the excitement that lead up to his signing with the Denver Broncos, odd feelings and doubts about Peyton Manning are creeping in. Here's an article that's bound to go over like a lead balloon.

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