The Chiefs made a roster move today that could threaten the Broncos' manhood.

Kansas City re-signed defensive end Shaun Smith who made a name for himself last season due to some, uh, inappropriate touching.

He grabs other players balls and squeezes them really hard. That's an assertion made by both Brown Center, Alex Mack and 'Niners Tackle Anthony Davis, who claimed to have their jewels scrunched by Smith.

Smith has been out of the league this season, sitting out as a street free-agent since being released by the Titans in August.

The Broncos will see him twice this season. They better keep their eye on the balls.

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Thursday, 01 November 2012 13:52

Chiefs / Chargers a cautionary tale

It could have been us, you know.

Tonight the Chargers will host the Chiefs in a contest between two teams condemned to irrelevance. They're both so lousy that it might end up being a fairly interesting game. Neither is likely to blow the other out, although San Diego is heavily favored. 

The Chargers and the Chiefs have plenty in common besides both playing in the AFC West. "Chief" among the similarities is their struggles at the quarterback position. Matt Cassell has played very poorly, and been a turnover machine. Brady Quinn, who's head injury will keep him from participating for Kansas City tonight, has been too careful. Phil Rivers, who's run with San Diego has had its ups and downs, has looked "off" for at least two years now. If Norv Turner loses his job fans need look no further than Rivers' performances for the factor that pulled Turner under.

Thank goodness for Peyton Manning. Otherwise, the Broncos would be mired in much the same way. In today's high-flying NFL, a team simply must enjoy significant production from the quarterback position. Mistakes, of which the other AFC West signal-callers make many, are magnified 1000x.

John Elway's pulling out of the stops to attain Manning was motivated by this very knowledge. And, by adding him, Denver pulled immediately ahead of the rest of the division. 

As you watch the Thursday night game (and you know you will) be grateful for what we have here in Denver. Keep in mind that both the Chiefs and the Chargers are only one player away from being as good as the Broncos - assuming that one player is Peyton.





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Monday, 22 October 2012 12:13

It's Quinn to the rescue in KC

Don't look now, but the QB situation in Kansas City just  got a whole lot sexier, you guys.

The no-longer injured Matt Cassell has been shoved aside for former Broncos clipboard holder Brady "I'm to sexy for my shirt" Quinn who has been named the starting quarterback of the Chiefs.

Romeo, oh Romeo.  Crennell believes that Quinn gives KC "the best chance to win".

Luckily, that's a phrase we don't here much in Denver anymore.

Broncos fans are truly beginning to see the value of having clarity at the QB position. If we didn't have Peyton, Quinn might be starting for us in week eight.


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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 16:01

Schlereth, Spano spat on social media

Local radio host Brandon Spano has come to defense of Chiefs fans following the frap involving their supposedly cheering for Matt Cassel's concussion. Former Broncos offensive lineman and current ESPN personality Mark Schlereth has lambasted the KC faithful for their behavior.

The two men stand on opposite sides of the Cassel issue - and their disagreement has found its way onto Twitter in a delightful way.

Your Tweet off after the jump

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I will resist taking this opportunity to poke fun at the Kansas City Chiefs fans for cheering after their quarteback got knocked out. It was a sleazy thing to do, but can we really say that the same thing would never happen here?

Probably not.

Although, after Eric Winston's post-game locker room speech to the K.C. media, maybe no fan base will ever do a thing like that again.

Winston's message is concise, powerful, accurate and heart-felt. It should, if you have a soul, make you view athletes a little bit differently. Yes, they are there to entertain us - but they make big sacrifices. Winston points out that he may not live as long because he plays football. That's a heavy price.

Matt Cassell has been awful for K.C.. But there's no excuse to cheer his being injured.

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The Chargers went into Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and toyed with the Kansas City Chiefs. KC was blown out so badly that these fans got really, really bored. But, since Chiefs fans are nothing if not resourceful, they were able to find a way to entertain themselves (besides chanting "BRA-DY, BRA-DY, BRA-DY. (Quinn, that is.)


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Friday, 23 September 2011 21:34

Jamaal Charles NFL Fantasy ad was deplorable

This ad appeared at NFL.COM on Thursday to pimp their Fantasy Football product.  it's in ridiculously terrible taste.  Shame on the NFL for dehumanizing a player like this.  Jamaal Charles is a man, not an object.  it's not a wonder that players like Arian Foster are critical of Fantasy players for their callous attitude toward players.  This ad wasn't placed by a fan, though.  It was placed by the league.
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