Terrell Davis made the Mile High Salute famous. He and his Broncos team mates of the Super Bowl era used the gesture to celebrate and as a way to honor our troops.

Since then it's made occasional appearances. Peyton Hillis adopted it, Tim Tebow did, too. But the 2012 Broncos haven't embraced the Broncos' traditional TD celebration and fans are noticing. It's a real shame, too. Mile High would go positively nuts it Peyton Manning were to bust one out.

I believe we have seen Eric Decker do it, but not Demaryius Thomas. Not even Knowshon has. Maybe it's part of the reason that, despite the Broncos rather shocking success in 2012, Broncos Country doesn't seem quite as fired up as last season.

It's high time that the Orange and Blue bring back the Mile High Salute and treat Mile High fans to a healthy dose of good old-fashioned tradition when the Broncos come home to face the Browns and Chiefs to close out the season.

Wins are nice, but here in Broncos Country we like to salute the past.

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Sunday, 04 November 2012 15:27

Get that Manning feeling.

Confidence. Help yourself to some, Broncos Country.

Your team is never out of it. It's a weird feeling isn't it? It's that Manning feeling.

Maybe you didn't feel it at half time of the Chargers game, when San Diego lead 24-0 and the Broncos looked hopeless. But you felt it when the smoke cleared and Denver had scored 35 unanswered points.

You certainly had that Manning feeling last week, while the Broncos were decimating the Saints.

But did you have that feeling today, when the Broncos fell behind, when Manning had thrown two picks, when the Bengals scored a touchdown to make it 20-17?

I did.

I'm not saying I am some kid of soothsayer, but I Tweeted at the time: "The Broncos can overcome  a three point deficit to the Bengals to win". Denver then went on to score 14 unanswered points. A meaningless late field goal was all that Cincy had left in them. Their dispirited fans had even less left in them - they had left long before that kick.

Peyton Manning doesn't make all the plays. It takes a team to win. But the Hall of Famer does give his team mates that feeling that they're never out of it. It's our turn. We fans need to get that Peyton feeling. We should just know by now.

Now the Broncos are 5-3 and with #18 at the helm the sky's the limit. Is anybody counting them out now?


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Sunday, 28 October 2012 22:52

Holy crap! The Broncos are for real.

Look out, AFC.

The Broncos are not screwing around.

Peyton Manning is clearly locked in - and what looked even a week ago to be a Broncos team that would be happy with a Wild Card spot is now a juggernaut.

At 4-3 the Broncos have a lock on thier division. And, with one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL, they have a shot at the whole enchilada.

Yeah, I am talking Super Bowl.

Is there anyone in the AFC that can stop Denver if they have  a real defense - a secondary - guys that can shut down Drew Brees !

Holy crap! The Broncos are for real.

I want another crack at the Pats. Well, that's coming. Meanwhile, bring on the Bengals. And consider them mince meat.

The worst of their schedule is behind them. The Broncos are poised to go on a tear now and I can't wait!

Peyton Manning was far and away the best answer for this team and John Elway deserves a ton of credit for seeing that and stopping at nothing to make it happen.

His best is yet to come.



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The expression is Broncos Country. THIS is Broncos Country.

Raider Nation.

Broncos Country.

See the difference?

Now, I realize that a lot of you moved here from somewhere else. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. You didn't know.

Now you do. Any Broncos fan referring to Broncos Country as Bronco Nation will be forced to sit with the Raiders fans.


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