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Will there be Brockin' on Sunday?


Let's face it. The Kansas City Chiefs are awful. Between Matt Cassell, Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzy, KC doesn't have even half a quarterback and, aside from Jamaal Charles, they've got no legitimate weapons on the offensive side of the ball. They have one hell of a punter, though. He will be plenty busy on Sunday.

The Broncos are going to walk all over the Chiefs in their last regular season tilt at Mile High. The game has virtually no chance of being close. So...will we be Brockin' on Sunday?

Peyton Manning told Mike Klis that we won't be. He claims that he will play the entire game. Back in Indianapolis, however, it was common to see Manning's back ups take over late in meaningless games. It would be surprising if the Broncos don't spell him if they jump out to a big lead against KC.

Broncos Country has been clamoring to see the rookie Brock Osweiler get some game action. Maybe Sunday will be the day. Once it's clear that the game is in hand, and that Denver has secured a much-needed playoff bye, it would be senseless for John Fox not to insist that his aging MVP take a rest.

With all of the exceptional rookie quarterback play in the NFL this season we would like to get a chance to see how Osweiler measures up. Naturally, all Broncos fans hope that Peyton Manning has several good seasons left, but Osweiler is the future. We would like to get a look.

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Despite the Broncos success this season, plenty of critics still hammer Elway and Co for their handling of the 2012 draft. One critic, in particular, opened up a can of it on them in a piece published today at Mile High Sports' web site.
He made some valid points, but there's every chance he was dead wrong.
For those about to Brock, this post's for you.
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This is the kind of thing that makes us happy.

Huge thanks to @AdamMackWright for the alley-oop and for the pic.

Brock Osweiler has a Tattoo on his arm with a very positive message: "Live life to it's fullest".

For those of you who attended ASU, or any other University in Arizona, I'll point out that the use of the apostrophy in "It's" is incorrect in this phrase. "It's" is an abbreviation for "It is".

His tattoo says "Life life to it is fullest". Sounds almost Latin.

Anyhow. This is really awesome and we are just over the moon about it.


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