It was bound to happen.

Things have gotten so bad for the San Diego Chargers - tickets have gotten so hard for them to sell - that the team has struck a deal with Groupon, according to UT San Diego. Nearly 13,000 tickets remain unsold for SD's upcoming home game at Qualcomm Stadium. If the Chargers are unable to sell more tickets, they will be blacked out locally for the third straight time this season.

The deal they're offering through the discounting service is $68 per person for "end zone seating" and $20 worth of concessions. Not bad. Shame the team isn't worth watching.

Unfortunately, the bargain will be null and void once the Chargers finally move to L.A.



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Saturday, 08 December 2012 12:02

A farewell to Norv

We have all heard the news. The Chargers are trying to deny it, but the cat’s out of the bag, Norv. Kevin Acee of UT San Diego reported that your ass is gone after the season. I feel I speak on behalf on most Broncos fans when I say that we are going to miss you. A lot.

That helpless face you make after a Philip Rivers pick-six, that subtle shake of your head, your pursed lips, the way your turkey neck flops back and forth. We will long for it all when you’re gone. We never knew what we had, Norv. You lovable loser.

We have faith that the Chargers will still be in terrible hands once you and AJ “the Lord of no Rings” are gone. The organizational ineptness might even be more entertaining, as the owners kid becomes the new G.M. and Andy Reid takes over as Head Coach. But still, there will never be another Norv.

On behalf of Broncos Country, I wish you the very best. Here’s hoping that, now that this window is closing, God opens a door for you in Kansas City.

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Your Denver Broncos are having a pretty darn good season. Perhaps even more importantly, the rest of their division isn't.

They hope to be victorious when Tampa Bay Bucs come to Mile High on Sunday, but even if the Broncos lose, they can win the AFC West. All they need is for the San Diego Chargers to lose to the surging Cincinnati Bengals in a game where they are a 1.5 point home dog.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't remember any season over the past decade where the Broncos were in such good shape. For them to have potentially locked up their division with four games left in the season is the kind of thing that we haven't experienced around here since the late 1990's.



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One of two things will happen today at Mile High. Either the Chargers will kiss their season goodnight or they will ressurect it. Which of these potential outcomes is this sports blogger expecting?

The answer is, as they say, "after the jump".

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Friday, 16 November 2012 13:21

For San Diego, it all comes down to Sunday

If the San Diego Chargers can somehow come into Mile High on Sunday afternoon and defeat the Broncos, they'll move to 5-5 on the season, just one game back from Denver who would then be 6-4. If they don't, and the Broncos, who are favored by over a touchdown, defeat them as expected, they'll fall to 4-6, three games behind the Broncos. Their season will be over.

The Chargers are a cornered animal at this point. The Broncos must be aware of that and not take victory for granted.

At stake for San Diego is far more than only their hopes for the 2012 season. The Chargers coach, quarterback, general manager, and even their future in San Diego could be on the line.

Norv Turner's seat is about as hot as they come. A loss to Denver will basically spell the end of the season for his team. Even if the Chargers were to run the table after a loss to the Broncos, the best they could do is finish 10-6. And they won't - not with Baltimore and Pittsburgh still on the schedule. They'll miss the playoffs again, for the third straight season, after immediate exits from the post season in each of the two previous years.

That type of inefficiency isn't going to be accepted amongst a fan base that has already begun to dissipate. The pressure will be on ownership not just to remove Turner, but to dispatch General Manager AJ Smith as well.

What's worse is that the rumors will only intensify that the Chargers are likely to make a move to Los Angeles. The Chargers have suffered from poor fan attendance already, largely due to a feeling among the fan base that they are cheering on a team they are likely to lose. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy in a big way. The more it looks like they're leaving the fewer tickets they sell. The fewer tickets they sell, the more likely they are to leave.

For the Broncos, a loss on Sunday  would mean a tougher path to the playoffs. They might no longer be in the discussion for the top two seedings, but be staring at a Wild Card berth instead. For San Diego it's all on the line. Everything. Is Sunday's game their Super Bowl? Maybe not if they win. But if they lose it will have been for sure.

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Monday, 12 November 2012 12:49

Next up for the Broncos: the walking dead

Your Denver Broncos have rattled off four wins in a row, having defeated the Chargers, the Saints, the Bengals and the Panthers. Boom, boom, boom, boom boom. Now,  at 6-3 they stand high atop the AFC West and trail only the Ravens and the Texans in the Conference. Their goal now is to displace one of those two teams to seize a Playoff Bye and home field advantage.

But first they need to ice the division. And that starts with jamming a length of rebar into the eyesockets of the San Diego Chargers, the walkiing dead. The Broncos can puncture San Diego's brain stem and halt it's directionless wandering on Sunday when the 'Bolts stumble drooling into Mile High.

Although they're barely human, the only humane thing to do is put the Chargers down once and for all. To keep them breathing is unfair. And, if they were to come into Denver and somehow bite the Broncos, their purposeless 2012 march would continue. The zombie Norv Turner would cling to hope and Philip Rivers' limbless torso would keep squirming. However, if the Broncos put them out of their misery by driving a fire axe 3 inched deep into their skulls,  the Chargers will fall to 4-6, buried six feet deep in a hole, staring up at the Broncos at 7-3. Their futile qwest will be over.

One week later the Broncos travel to Kansas City to barbeque the Chiefs. At one an seven, the Chiefs can hardly be considered walkers, but their lifeless, grunting corpses are still pressing against the chain link awaiting a visit from the Bengals, who are likely to remove their limbs and jaws this coming Sunday. By the time the Broncos get there they won't need a crossbow to eliminate the Chiefs. If they're smart, though, they'll leave Romeo Crennell standing.




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Monday, 29 October 2012 13:18

Join the #KeepNorv movement today!

Don't look now, but the San Diego Chargers may be about to so something that those of us residing in Broncos Country do not want to see happen. They might be thinking about firing Norv Turner.

There's a groundswell in SD and it's not an another earth-quake.

Chargers fans (there are a few) are angry. Their team just went into Cleveland and get beaten 7-6 after surrendering a 24-point advantage to the Broncos two weeks before.

There's AND I even found a Fire Norv Facebook page. It has over 1,500 "likes"!

Local sports writers are damning him and even the National guys are weighing in. This is reaching critical mass, people. Something must be done.

The Chargers manage to somehow fumble away their best players and their best opportunities with a consistancy we have come to count on. Without Norv Turner in San Diego, who knows what might happen?

It's up to us to save him now, Broncos fans. The powder blue people can't be counted on to keep Norv Turner around. We need the ownership of the Chargers to know that there is fan support for giving him another chance.

That's why we at the South Stands are promoting the #KeepNorv hashtag movement. We're just doing our part. Join us, won't you?

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News has broken at various outlets today that a Broncos fan who attended the Monday night game at Qualcomm Stadium was decked, knocked unconscious and hospitalized while finding his seat at Qualcomm Stadium.

According to Westword's Michael Roberts, the 22 year-old fan is named Eric. He's from nearby Chula Vista, Ca. He told Fox 5 in San Diego "Someone spilled their beer on me and the next thing I noticed, I woke up in a hospital the next day."

His assailant apparently sucker punched Eric from behind.

Stay Classy, San Diego.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 21:01

Did Peyton nail the coffin shut on Norvy?

That comeback on Monday night was incredible - but will it backfire on the Broncos? Will the Chargers fire Norvy!?

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 10:14

Welcome to Denver, Peyton. By Zach Sheely

Film maker and one-time Vic and Gary show runner, Zach Sheely, weighs in on our football addiction and lofty expectations while formally welcoming Peyton Manning to town.

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