The Los Angeles Lakers were poised to make their run. The off-season acquisitions of point guard Steve Nash and center Dwight Howard had them stacked. They would make a pre-ordained tear through the Western Conference and be prepared for their inevitable showdown with the Miami Heat for the NBA title.

Then the season started.

The Lakers lost Steve Nash in their opener. A bone fracture will keep the Hall-of-Famer sidelined for gosh knows how long. They've gone 1-4 in their first five games and are in the basement of the Pacific Division. And today they have reportedly fired their head coach, Mike Brown.

Uh, oh. Trouble in Lakerland.

That's great news for your Denver Nuggets, who appear to be improving with every game. The Nuggets, currently 2-3, can pull themselves back up to .500 with a win at Pepsi Center tonight versus the Utah Jazz. They appear to be battling back after a slow start, and are looking down at the Lakers in the Western Conference standings. This circumstance was unexpected and, now that LA's apple cart has been upset, there's no telling the benefit to Denver.

The Lakers will certainly get things turned around - they'll be a formidable contender. But, for the time being, their instability bolsters the hopefulness of the Nuggets and their fans. The early part of the Nuggets' schedule, after all, is tough. So for them not to be losing ground to LA right now is fabulous.

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Thursday, 09 August 2012 11:49

Some Yahoo talks trade. Nugs fans go nutty.

It took some doin' for the Nuggets to become a central part of today's local Sports conversation, but, thanks to a trade rumor championed by Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, they are.

Denver is reported to be part of a four-team trade discussion aimed primarily at bringing Dwight "the other Carmelo" Howard to the LA Lakers. Naturally, every NBA trade rumor somehow involves Howard to the L.A., but this one includes the Nuggets.

The Blue and Yellow would part ways with Al Harrington (and his awful contract) and Aaron Afflalo (a fan favorite) and bring back Andre Iguodala (a stout defender). The entire mix can be seen over at Denver Stiffs. I won't spell out the deets.

The bottom line is that the Nuggets would get a tad better and gain some flexibility while the Lakers would become even more unbeatable in the West, with the ultimate goal of facing down the Heat in the East. 

Ultimately, for the Nuggets, being involved beats not - but the deal would hardly influence thier playoff fate. They're a first or second round out regardless. 

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For far too long the Nuggets have been beaten down by the Lakers. Now is the time for Denver to finally get their revenge.

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Can the Nuggets win Game Three of their first round series against the Lakers? You're damn right they can. Read how here.

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Friday, 09 December 2011 12:06

Guest CP3 commentary, courtesy of AJ Niss

Our pal, AJ Niss, a veteran of the Fancast, has a few thoughts to share on David Stern's rejection of the Chris Paul trade.  Thanks for the submission, AJ.  Remember, South Standers, we want to hear from YOU!

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