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Saturday, 03 November 2012 10:40

DJ Williams' PR tour 2012 continues

DJ Williams' suspension(s) are close to over.

The linebacker will be available for the Broncos after week nine. That means he only has to sit out one more game at the behest of the league. How quickly his team decides to run him back out on the field remains to be seen. There is has been some speculation that Denver will take advantage of Williams' availability by mixing up defensive schemes and widening their play selection.

One way or another, Mr. Dyme Life will contribute for the Broncos as they make their push toward the playoffs. The Broncos and DJ Williams know that fan reaction will be mixed to his return. That's why the old PR jets have officially been scrambled. The Broncos are no dummies when it comes to managing public perception.

On Thursday night DJ sat down with Chris Bianchi of Mile High Sports for a lengthy interview. On Friday he did the same for Lindsay Jones, who recently left the Denver Post to join USA Today Sports. In each interview Williams expressed regret. In talking to Jones, however, he revealed that he is angry: "I thought I was dealt an unfair deal," Williams said, "there's a lot of bitterness about it."

Williams denies ever having used any form of performance enhancing drug and worries that what he calls false accusations will attach an asterisk to his career. He's lying, of course. He was flat busted. Not only did Dyme Life attempt to cheat, he did it in the most laughable way - with animal piss and a prosthetic wiener. That's what was reported by the testing official from the NFL who popped him. Williams failed to address these things. He made excuses and admitted to making mistakes but offered nothing in terms of a confession.

Also missing from Williams' many, many words was any promise to change. He had better. His whole "Dyme Life" schtick isn't going to fly any longer. He has allowed partying to be persona. Professionalism is the order of the day.




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A great Broncos beat writer and friend of the Fancast, Lindsay Jones, had her final piece for the Denver Post published online today. It's a poignant reflection on the opportunity she had to live her childhood dream of being a part of "team Post" along with Mike Klis, Jeff Legwold, Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla.

Jones says that today is "bittersweet". She goes on to describe a few specific memories of covering the Broncos, such as the nuttiness that surrounded the Josh McDaniels era and the mania of 2011, the Tebow season.

We wish Lindsay the best as she advances to the next phase of her career. We also thank her for the rich coverage she provided of the team we love.


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Friday, 12 October 2012 11:21

San Diego columnist: "Manning is offensive"

San Diego Union Tribute fan boy columnist, Kevin Acee penned a column that ran in his paper yesterday boasting about the Chargers' dominance over Peyton Manning over the years.

It was written in reaction to Manning's comments during a requisite conference call with the SD media.

"I’m used to ignoring NFL types trying to insult my intelligence. But Manning is offensive.", Acee wrote.

His beef? That Manning is willing to blow off his history against the Chargers because he was with the Colts when those games were played. He's a Bronco now, and the Chargers are now a division rival. Things have changed.

"I guess he wasn’t trying in those non-division games against the Chargers.", Acee responds.

The column is fact-filled, yet bitter and whiny from the headline ("Peyton Manning doesn't give Bolts respect") down. Acee comes off as writer from a fan blog more than he does a beat writer for a major newspaper. I certainly can't recall Denver's Lindsay Jones ever publishing anything as biased. Of course, that's one reason that Jones was hired by USA Today and Acee wasn't.

He has a point. The Chargers definitely had the Colts' number. However, Acee fails to recognize that the Broncos will match up to the Chargers differently. Peyton Manning is only one piece of the puzzle for Denver just as he was in Indianapolis. The fact that San Diego has a 5-1 record against Manning the Colt since 2005 (they've picked him 15 times) simply does not translate to an advantage against Peyton the Bronco.

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Tim Tebow had a busy Sunday...on and off the field.  Is this guy for real?

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