Friday, 16 November 2012 10:27

Congratulations, Denver Stiffs!

It is, indeed, good to be a Stiff - and we would like to pass along out heart felt congratulations to our friends at Denver Stiffs, Nate Timmons, Andrew Feinstein, Jeffrey Morton and Colin Neilson for having been named Denver's best Sports Blog by a "local weekly" at last night's "local weekly" web awards in Lodo.

These fellahs deserve the honor. Denver Stiffs is as thoughtful, timely and well-written as any team blog in the United States. Denver Stiffs has it all, opinion, stats, game recaps, previews, criticism and praise. It's a daliy must-visit site for all fans of the Denver Nuggets and the NBA.

Be sure and visit their site RIGHT HERE and pass along a quick "congrats" to their Twitter account, @DenverStiffs.


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If you've ever wondered what it looks like to see a team gel before your very eyes, skip to the end of this highlight video and watch the way Andre Iguodala embraces Danilo Gallinari. It's the kind of sports moment that makes me glad to be a fan.

Props to our friend, Jeff Morton from Denver Stiffs for pointing this out for us. In his Nugs / Suns teaser article. posted today, Morton says of the embrace "Encapsulated in that moment was winning, teamwork, support, encouragement and determination all wrapped up in to one. It is this moment, I believe, that will define this Nuggets team going forward through this season. The symbolism is massive"

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The good folks at Denver Stiffs, the finest Denver Nuggets blog in all the land, donated a brand new Denver Nuggets "Yellow Skyline" logo Jersey Shirt for us to give away in any manner we saw fit.

So, since we're kinda nutty we came up with this...

Tweet us your best Denver Nuggets Haiku poems any time during tonight's Nuggets home opener versus the Detroit Pistons along with - in this is important - hashtag #NugsHaiku and my Twitter handle, @SouthStands303. We (myself and Reidy) will look them over, as will the Denver Stiffs guys, and we will name a winner as soon as the game is over. Also, if these are as good as I hope they will be, I will publish them on this here interweb site.

The final buzzer is the last chance for submissions.

Winner will be recognized on Twitter and can take delivery whenever / however. We're  easy.

If you don't know the rules of Haiku, you can Google it.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 12:09

It's Stiffs Night Out Season

Time flies, doesn't it? It's already basketball season - that means it's Stiffs Night Out season, too. What's Stiff's Night Out? It's a periodic gathering of Nuggets fans and local media types that combines beer, great food and Basketball in a celebration of the Blue and Yellow.

Our friends at Denver Stiffs, the top Nuggets blog in the world, invite you to join them at Jake's Food and Spirits on Saturday evening, Novemeber 3rd, to watch your Denver Nuggets take on the World Champion Miami Heat.

The fun starts at 5pm. Jake's will be offering $10 burger / beer combos, $1 "stiffy shots" and giving away Nuggets tickets, new logo jersey shirts and more.

Fun will be had by all who arrive - the only question is: WILL YOU BE THERE?

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(Photo Denver Post, Hyoung Chang)

Your Denver Nuggets open their new season in Philadelphia on Halloween night. Will this season be a treat - or just more of the same old tricks?

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When Andre Iguodala was introduced to the Denver Media yesterday, Denver's premier NBA blog was there. When will our NHL team allow access to the digital media?

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Saturday, 26 November 2011 10:29

Lockout's Over! Who wants to be a Nugget?

Carmelo's gone.  He took Chauncey with him.  JR and Kenyon weren't willing to wait.  They're in China.  Wilson Chandler bailed, too.  As they head toward their first game (on the day after Christmas), your Denver Nuggets are selling from an empty shelf.  Almost.

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Our friends at Denver Stiffs snagged a great interview with Nuggets coach George Karl tonight.  Good stuff.  George even weighs in on Josh McDaniels' firing.  Timely.  Nice job, Andrew.

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010 15:20

Nuggets fans gotta get Stiff

Denver is fortunate to have many, many excellent Sports Blogs. Among them, one is the very best,
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South Stands Denver FancastLive from Jake's Food and Spirits (3800 Walnut)! Jake's is a great sports bar part owned by Denver Stiffs' Andrew Feinstein. We watch the Monday Night Football debacle from a back booth...(more after the jump)

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