When Broncos brass blew and came up hot, they really blew it. These are executives, grown men in charge of looking over and assembling younger men to achieve one goal; win the Super Bowl. 

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"It’s Tim Tebow’s bizarre legacy that Denver, Colorado has become the most eventful sports town in America. Unequivocally."
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Tom Nalen is without a doubt one of the most important players in the history of the Denver Broncos. His Ring of Fame honor is definitely deserved. 

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Tribute turns into lawsuit for Denver Broncos fan.

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The ridiculousness of "Fax Gate" leaves many wondering how this could happen.

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The Denver Broncos have gone from 4-12 to 13-3 in a mere two seasons and have John Elway to thank. His approach to free agency simply works, and it's only a matter of time until he leads the Broncos back to another Super Bowl.

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The Denver Broncos Quarterback Club is a booster organization formed in 1964 under the direction of Lou Saban. The groups primary purpose is to: “distribute Home Game tickets to children from disadvantaged situations so that they may experience the joy of seeing the Broncos in action. It also serves as a place for fellow Broncomaniacs to share their enthusiasm and support of the team, to meet players and coaches and generally have a great time while doing some good in the community.”

Members of the club get to meet every Broncos head coach in person. Various members of the Broncos organization speak to the club on an annual basis.

Membership is surprisingly affordable and is open to everybody. A membership application form can be found right here. The cost is $50 for a “Pro Bowl” membership and $100 for a “Hall of Fame” membership. Meetings are held monthly.

On Monday, March 11 Cecil Lammey, the guru from FootballGuys.com and ESPN Broncos insider will be speaking to the group.

Lammey, who recently returned from the NFL combine, will delve into Broncos draft prospects and discuss prospective targets in free agency. For Broncomaniacs wishing to be a step or two ahead of the media will want to be there. Nobody in town has Lammey’s depth of knowledge where the draft is concerned.

Only members may attend. There should be time to purchase a membership on Monday prior to Lammey’s speech, which will be given at Red and Jerry’s on Santa Fe on Monday evening.


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We’re not imaging it. It’s not pretend.
At NFL.com the latest mock draft has internet sensation and Heisman Trophy candidate Manti Te'o winding up a Bronco. Prepared by analyst Bucky Brooks, the mock has Denver selecting Te'o with the 28th overall pick.

This is a positive sign for the Denver sports media. Tim Tebow has been gone for almost a whole year. Can lightening strike twice in the form of another ESPN First Take superstar? All signs point to "yes".

Elway and Company met with young Te'o at the NFL combine and came away impressed. Linebacker DJ Williams is widely believed to be a goner, either via trade or by outright release. The Broncos could use some talent at linebacker.

Whether or not they need a catfish of a distraction is debatable, but T'eo could provide solid value as a result of his weird situation.

What's disconcerting is that this mock draft has Eddie Lacy, the Alabama running back, going two picks later to the Falcons.


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There is absolutely, positively no way that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to come into Mile High and knock off the Broncos today. Will they even make a game of it?
Here’s how I see this one going down.
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Friday, 28 December 2012 11:37

Will there be Brockin' on Sunday?

(photo MaxDenver.com)

Let's face it. The Kansas City Chiefs are awful. Between Matt Cassell, Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzy, KC doesn't have even half a quarterback and, aside from Jamaal Charles, they've got no legitimate weapons on the offensive side of the ball. They have one hell of a punter, though. He will be plenty busy on Sunday.

The Broncos are going to walk all over the Chiefs in their last regular season tilt at Mile High. The game has virtually no chance of being close. So...will we be Brockin' on Sunday?

Peyton Manning told Mike Klis that we won't be. He claims that he will play the entire game. Back in Indianapolis, however, it was common to see Manning's back ups take over late in meaningless games. It would be surprising if the Broncos don't spell him if they jump out to a big lead against KC.

Broncos Country has been clamoring to see the rookie Brock Osweiler get some game action. Maybe Sunday will be the day. Once it's clear that the game is in hand, and that Denver has secured a much-needed playoff bye, it would be senseless for John Fox not to insist that his aging MVP take a rest.

With all of the exceptional rookie quarterback play in the NFL this season we would like to get a chance to see how Osweiler measures up. Naturally, all Broncos fans hope that Peyton Manning has several good seasons left, but Osweiler is the future. We would like to get a look.

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