Monday, 12 December 2011 19:32

Is Tim Tebow kissy with Lindsay Vonn?

The good folks at Deadpin report that rumors are flying around the world of pro Skiing that Tim Tebow was at the center of Lindsay Vonn's recent divorce.

In a post titled: "Did Tim Tebow Break Up Lindsey Vonn’s Marriage?", the site suggests that Vonn might have bailed on her old man to spend a little more time with the Chosen One.  Tebow, the rumors say, is "the other man". 

Of course, Tebow has said publicly that he is saving himself for marriage.  It's doubtful that he's bangin' her.  She says she's just close with his family.  We're pretty sure that, if there is any fire to go with this smoke, it couldn't go any further than some light petting.


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The normally elusive Jake Plummer has made the rounds here recently and he's had some interesting things to say about Tim Tebow.  In the above video his comments about TT and some mystery coach he fails to mention by name - starting at 1:12. (thanks @Bretthanson5).  He also ran his mouth a bit in a Phoenix radio interview.

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