Saturday, 03 November 2012 10:40

DJ Williams' PR tour 2012 continues

DJ Williams' suspension(s) are close to over.

The linebacker will be available for the Broncos after week nine. That means he only has to sit out one more game at the behest of the league. How quickly his team decides to run him back out on the field remains to be seen. There is has been some speculation that Denver will take advantage of Williams' availability by mixing up defensive schemes and widening their play selection.

One way or another, Mr. Dyme Life will contribute for the Broncos as they make their push toward the playoffs. The Broncos and DJ Williams know that fan reaction will be mixed to his return. That's why the old PR jets have officially been scrambled. The Broncos are no dummies when it comes to managing public perception.

On Thursday night DJ sat down with Chris Bianchi of Mile High Sports for a lengthy interview. On Friday he did the same for Lindsay Jones, who recently left the Denver Post to join USA Today Sports. In each interview Williams expressed regret. In talking to Jones, however, he revealed that he is angry: "I thought I was dealt an unfair deal," Williams said, "there's a lot of bitterness about it."

Williams denies ever having used any form of performance enhancing drug and worries that what he calls false accusations will attach an asterisk to his career. He's lying, of course. He was flat busted. Not only did Dyme Life attempt to cheat, he did it in the most laughable way - with animal piss and a prosthetic wiener. That's what was reported by the testing official from the NFL who popped him. Williams failed to address these things. He made excuses and admitted to making mistakes but offered nothing in terms of a confession.

Also missing from Williams' many, many words was any promise to change. He had better. His whole "Dyme Life" schtick isn't going to fly any longer. He has allowed partying to be persona. Professionalism is the order of the day.




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Friday, 02 November 2012 10:47

Chris Bianchi sacks DJ Williams interview

Our hats (fitted, not snap-back) are off this morning to Mile High Sports and writer Chris Bianchi for sacking an interview with the elusive DJ "Dyme Life" Williams. 

Williams subjected himself to more than the agreed-to half hour of questioning, and provided his insight on a number of topics relating to his troubling behavior, legal issues and growing reputaion as a scamp. Bianchi left no stone unturned with his questions and, in his summary article, allowed worms to squiggle out from under the rock that is DJ Williams.

A complete list of Chris' questions can be found here.

We believe that DJ will benefit from getting some stuff of his chest. - and that the Denver Broncos will benefit from Williams' availability on the field.

Way to go, Chris. Way to go Mile High Sports.

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The National Football League has suspended DJ "Dyme Life" Williams an additional three games for his DUI.

These three come on top of the six games he was already suspended for using a fake penis to dispense animal pee in an effort to mask his use of PEDs.

His nine games in suspensions mean that Williams, who is a moron, will leave the Broncos in the lurch for over half the NFL season.

Thanks, dude.

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DJ Williams will have plenty of time to enjoy the "Dyme Life".

As expected, his six-game suspension by the NFL for failing a test for PED's (and masking the results with "non-human urine" and a Whizzinator) has been upheld upon appeal. That means Williams will be shelved for some time. The Broncos are prepared to proceed without his services, although it remains highly unlikely that the team will release the skeezy linebacker.

In addition to squirting animal piss from a prosthetic cock, Williams has thrown egg on the faces of his team mates by getting popped for drunk driving (and later convicted of DWAI) and by Tweeting an image from the Broncos' playbook.

He's a heck of a guy.


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(via ProFootballTalk)

Two NFLers currently under suspension are partners is a Miami BBQ joint called Brother Jimmy's. One of the miscreant owners of the eatery is Jonathon Vilma of Saints' bounty scandle fame. The other is none other than Mr. "Dyme Life" himself, the drunken driving, fake penis-wielding, PED-ingesting DJ Williams of the Denver Broncos.

The two operators are not fans of NFL Commish Roger Goodell (for obvious reasons). That's why they posted a sign in the window of the joint reading "do not serve this man" with a photo of Captain Touchback.

Revenge is sweet. And smokey. And delicious.


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Superlawyer Harvey Steinberg, the real MVP of the Broncos, loves mistrials.

That's why DJ Williams is in court today for his DUI trial, rather than having had the issue resolved months ago. He was pulled over and arrested on suspicion of DUI clear back in November of 2010. But Steinberg has managed to string the court system along until now. Williams' previous trial was declared a mistrial becuase Steinberg had not been allowed enough opportunities to eliminate jurors.

Steinberg tried to get a mistrial declared again today, based on the testimony of a police officer who stated that the police don't take sober people to rehab. Apparently, that comment implied that Williams was guilty as hell. That's not the impression Steinberg wants in the minds of the Jurors.
This time the judge declined Steinberg's request. The jury is currently deliberating.

Of course, the fact that a mistrial was not granted opens the door for an appeal. I would not bet against it.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 20:01

Web rumors have DJ Williams heading to Philly

Take it for what it's worth, but rumors circulating on the web indicate that the Broncos are negotiating with the Philadelphia Eagles to ship linebacker DJ Williams out of Denver in exchange for a 3rd round draft pick. 

Rumors can be found here, here and here.  Hopefuly the police there don't mind the occassional DUI.

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Monday, 06 December 2010 23:07

A juicy tidbit from Vic Lombardi's Twitter

Vic Lombardi on Twitter:  INFORMATION: A Broncos player tells me there was a confrontation on the practice field today between Josh and Champ Bailey/DJ Williams.

Not exactly a mutiny. But the player described it as very heated and contentious. Something about wind sprints.

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What DJ Williams can afford is a Limo.
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