Wednesday, 19 December 2012 12:33

McD to the Dogpound?

Ah, what's better than NFL rumors?

The hot one making the rounds today via Pro Football Talk is that Joshie McDaniels would "jump at" the chance to coach the Cleveland Browns if they were to bid farewell to their current head man, Pat Shermer. Ironically, McHoodie replaced Shermer as the offensive coordinator of the Rams.

McDaniels is bound to get another crack at being the head coach of an NFL franchise eventually. If I were him I would wait for his dark overlord to retire in New England.

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Jimmy Haslam, son of James Haslam and CEO of Pilot / Flying J corporation, purchased the Cleveland Browns for a reported sum in excess of one BILLION dollars from Randy Lerner.

Haslam takes over a team known more as a laughing stock than as a powerhouse. He has promised the people of Cleveland that the team isn't going anywhere and that it will establish a new winning tradition. Peyton Manning might help him accomplish that.

Haslam and Manning share an Alma Mater, the University of Tennessee. In fact, Haslam's brother, Bill, is the Governor of the State of Tennessee. His father, Jim, also graduated from the University and is amongst it's most noted donors.

According to Pro Football Talk, Manning may take on an Elway-like role with the Browns once his stint in Denver has been completed.

Prior to signing with Denver, Manning was lured by the Tennessee Titans, who suggested to him that an ownership role could be made available to him once his playing career ended. It's beyond conceivable that a similar opportunity could avail it's self in Cleveland, where Manning could work with his close friend, Haslam.

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Saturday, 04 December 2010 11:55

An open letter to Pat Bowlen

I decided to take a few minutes to write Mr. Bowlen and share some of my feelings about my relationship with the Denver Broncos. Enjoy.
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Josh McDaniels might have had a bye this week but he lost anyway.
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