Friday, 30 November 2012 15:08

Kiszla to CU cast: "shut up"

Amongst the totally-free digital content that I absorb on a daily basis compliments of the Denver Post, the "Lunch Special" feature in the Sports area has become my favorite. Various columnists offer a daily dose of sports commentary in a format that never sees the print edition. I have commented on Adrian Dater's work for the Lunch Special recently.

Today Mark Kiszla weighed in on this weeks drama surrounding the removal of Jon Embree at CU. "Shut up", Kiszla said.

In summing up what most people seem to think about the whole mess, Kiszla points out that the football program is supposed to be about student athletes, not the fragile feelings of grown men. Kiszla asserts that Jon Embree was given an opportunity at Colorado that he has never going to be given anywhere else - and should therefore not be quite so bitter. He also puts Bill McCartney and Mike Bohn in their places.

You can read Mark Kiszla's Denver Post Lunch Special feature HERE

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Thursday, 02 December 2010 14:14

Race MUST be a factor at CU.

I must be a glutton for punishment. I have been reading the comments section beneath the Jon Emree story over at the Denver Post's web site.

Some commenters there apparently live in an imaginary utopia where the fact that CU is close to hiring an African-American coach is immaterial. "Don't care if he's green a purple", says one dumbass. Yeah, yeah, we get it, whitey. Race shouldn't matter. People need to pull their heads out of their politically-correct asses.

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Tuesday, 09 November 2010 12:51

McCartney: a$ good a$ Black and Gold

Dan Hawkins has finally been canned as H.C. of the CU Buffs. Better late than never. To say that Hawk's rein was marked by mediocrity is high praise. It's more accurate to state that it sucked. Colorado was a ridiculous 19-39 under 'Hawk. The 35 unanswered points K.U. peeled off in the 4th quarter last Saturday was more than A.D. Mike Bohn could take.

Bohn is promising a sweeping national search for Hawkins' replacement. Meanwhile, 70 year-old former head man, Bill McCartney is jumping up and down screaming "Me, Me, Me!" Bohn will call on him. He doesn't have much choice. It's all about the Benjamins. Millions of them.

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