Wednesday, 13 February 2013 11:36

Can Benjamin Hochman save newspapers?

"Today it’s all about eyeballs and earbuds. How many people will ingest your sponsor’s message how many times per day? New media is instantaneous, interactive, mobile and increasingly social. Few people understand this in the way Benjamin Hochman does. He is everywhere."

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Tuesday, 03 January 2012 23:19

South Stands Denver Podcast, Show 87

South Stands Denver Fancast PodcastAn epic show where the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman (@nuggetsnews) and the Ticket's Nate Kreckman (@natekreckman) join us for the second time, the first time together.

We talk Broncos and the upcoming playoff game, get into some Nuggets talk but really the towering achievement of this week's show is the cutthroat TV trivia game John plays with the guests. It's a knock down, drag out battle and a new champ is crowned. Kreckman pulls a "Norv".

Tweep of the Week where DJ Williams wonders if there's 3D porn, and a plethora of laughs and shenanigans. Hochman and Kreckman are always super cool to come hang with us so follow both of these gracious chaps on twitter and their various media adventures please.

{enclose show87.mp3}