Thursday, 06 December 2012 11:12

CU's big win eclipsed by Butch's Bohning

It seems as if the University of Colorado can't win. But it did ... just last night.

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Tuesday, 06 November 2012 12:07

Vote Nuggets in a landslide!

Get out to the polls tonight, Denver, and vote for your Denver Nuggets over the Detroit Pistons in a landslide.

It's the Nugs' home opener and hoo-boy do they need win. Beyond that, they need some swaggar. Like them, the Pistons come into tonight's game 0-3. They're the ideal prey at the ideal time for a Nuggets team that showed us on Saturday night in Miami that they can play with the league's best. Denver faded down the stretch and made some bonehead mistakes, but gave Lebron and his Heat all they could take. There were more positive signs than negative in that game.

If it comes together tonight, and the Nuggets win by ten or more, everyone in Nuggets Nation will feel just a little bit better.

And besides, no matter what happens at the polls today, about half of them will need something to smile about.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 13:16

Nuggets Ty up Law$on

Four years. 48 Million.

Ty Lawson just got paid. The Nuggets Ty'ed him up in what's being reported as a 12M per year deal.
Not bad money if you can get it.

Lawson is widely considered to be Denver's best player. The team didn't want his contract status to be a distraction with the NBA season set to tip off. It looks like Ty can rest easy now - on a golden bed stuffed with cash.

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(Photo Denver Post, Hyoung Chang)

Your Denver Nuggets open their new season in Philadelphia on Halloween night. Will this season be a treat - or just more of the same old tricks?

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Friday, 26 October 2012 12:43

Blog View: What happened to IAMAGM.COM?

This blogger is deeply saddened to learn of the demise of one of the very finest National Sports blogs.

IAMAGM.COM was an absolutely critical reference for NBA news and gossip - and it's gone. Poof. It's just not there anymore. The thousands of articles that had been published on the site still come up in a Google search, but when you click on the links there's nothing there.



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Tuesday, 23 October 2012 11:11

Andre Iguodala hangout on Google+

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This coming Tuesday, at 2pm, Colin Daniels will be moderating the Google+ Hangout with Nuggets star Andre Iguodala.

Andre Iguodala, AKA "Dre", will be on web cam fielding questions from a lucky group of fans (who will also be on cam) while Colin reads YOUR questions from Google+ and from Twitter. Just use the Hashtag #DreHangout to submit!

The event will stream live right here at South Stands Denver as well as at Google+ and will be available on YouTube afterward.

Join Andre and US as Google+ demonstrates its power to bring fans and athletes together in a whole new way.

Join Andre Iguodala's circle on Google + for an opportunity to participate in the hangout!


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When Andre Iguodala was introduced to the Denver Media yesterday, Denver's premier NBA blog was there. When will our NHL team allow access to the digital media?

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Thursday, 09 August 2012 11:49

Some Yahoo talks trade. Nugs fans go nutty.

It took some doin' for the Nuggets to become a central part of today's local Sports conversation, but, thanks to a trade rumor championed by Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, they are.

Denver is reported to be part of a four-team trade discussion aimed primarily at bringing Dwight "the other Carmelo" Howard to the LA Lakers. Naturally, every NBA trade rumor somehow involves Howard to the L.A., but this one includes the Nuggets.

The Blue and Yellow would part ways with Al Harrington (and his awful contract) and Aaron Afflalo (a fan favorite) and bring back Andre Iguodala (a stout defender). The entire mix can be seen over at Denver Stiffs. I won't spell out the deets.

The bottom line is that the Nuggets would get a tad better and gain some flexibility while the Lakers would become even more unbeatable in the West, with the ultimate goal of facing down the Heat in the East. 

Ultimately, for the Nuggets, being involved beats not - but the deal would hardly influence thier playoff fate. They're a first or second round out regardless. 

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What a shame that this part of our sports calendar is so fleeting. Baseball and Basketball are completely different - but they go great together.

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