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Romeo's out. Scott Pioli, the Belichick disciple, is out, too. The Kansas City Chiefs are prepared to enter into a new era of futility, lead by deposed Eagles head coach and noted fatty Andy Reid.

Reid, who's gaffes seem to have outnumbered his successes over the past several seasons, will be handed the keys to the once-proud Chiefs franchise. He will be among the league's head coaches tasked with not only play calling but with personnel matters as well. He will name a General Manager to work with him - and that person will almost certainly be powerless.

Only a few days ago it was believed that the walrus-like Reid was bound for Arizona to lead the Cardinals. Perhaps it was Phoenix's stifling heat or maybe he just likes Gates BBQ, but Reid has opted to instead captain the Chiefs when it was widely believed that he was only using them for leverage.

This is not going to work.

Andy Reid is not the coach that he once was. Had he taken a year off to rest and to study the game the way Mike Shanahan did before he joined the Redskins I could see him finding success. But his jumping right back into the fray is a mistake - one that will cost the Chiefs three seasons of possible progress. It's tough not to feel for their fans. While the fact that Reid will cripple a division rival of the Broncos for the foreseeable future is certainly a positive for Denver, it's regrettable to see one of the NFL's greatest fan bases exposed to this.

The Chiefs will continue to struggle under Reid. Rather than restoring that legendary Arrowhead Pride, he will flounder for three seasons (out of the five that he will be paid for) before being fired. The Chiefs will not be a factor in the West until long after he's gone - 2016 or 2017 at the very soonest. They're entering into Cleveland Browns territory - the realm of a cute also-ran that will be a fun pre-season pick that fails every year to materialize.





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Your Denver Broncos are having a pretty darn good season. Perhaps even more importantly, the rest of their division isn't.

They hope to be victorious when Tampa Bay Bucs come to Mile High on Sunday, but even if the Broncos lose, they can win the AFC West. All they need is for the San Diego Chargers to lose to the surging Cincinnati Bengals in a game where they are a 1.5 point home dog.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't remember any season over the past decade where the Broncos were in such good shape. For them to have potentially locked up their division with four games left in the season is the kind of thing that we haven't experienced around here since the late 1990's.



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Monday, 12 November 2012 12:49

Next up for the Broncos: the walking dead

Your Denver Broncos have rattled off four wins in a row, having defeated the Chargers, the Saints, the Bengals and the Panthers. Boom, boom, boom, boom boom. Now,  at 6-3 they stand high atop the AFC West and trail only the Ravens and the Texans in the Conference. Their goal now is to displace one of those two teams to seize a Playoff Bye and home field advantage.

But first they need to ice the division. And that starts with jamming a length of rebar into the eyesockets of the San Diego Chargers, the walkiing dead. The Broncos can puncture San Diego's brain stem and halt it's directionless wandering on Sunday when the 'Bolts stumble drooling into Mile High.

Although they're barely human, the only humane thing to do is put the Chargers down once and for all. To keep them breathing is unfair. And, if they were to come into Denver and somehow bite the Broncos, their purposeless 2012 march would continue. The zombie Norv Turner would cling to hope and Philip Rivers' limbless torso would keep squirming. However, if the Broncos put them out of their misery by driving a fire axe 3 inched deep into their skulls,  the Chargers will fall to 4-6, buried six feet deep in a hole, staring up at the Broncos at 7-3. Their futile qwest will be over.

One week later the Broncos travel to Kansas City to barbeque the Chiefs. At one an seven, the Chiefs can hardly be considered walkers, but their lifeless, grunting corpses are still pressing against the chain link awaiting a visit from the Bengals, who are likely to remove their limbs and jaws this coming Sunday. By the time the Broncos get there they won't need a crossbow to eliminate the Chiefs. If they're smart, though, they'll leave Romeo Crennell standing.




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Monday, 22 October 2012 12:13

It's Quinn to the rescue in KC

Don't look now, but the QB situation in Kansas City just  got a whole lot sexier, you guys.

The no-longer injured Matt Cassell has been shoved aside for former Broncos clipboard holder Brady "I'm to sexy for my shirt" Quinn who has been named the starting quarterback of the Chiefs.

Romeo, oh Romeo.  Crennell believes that Quinn gives KC "the best chance to win".

Luckily, that's a phrase we don't here much in Denver anymore.

Broncos fans are truly beginning to see the value of having clarity at the QB position. If we didn't have Peyton, Quinn might be starting for us in week eight.


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Oh, boy. This is a big game for the Broncos. They're heading into Qualcomm Stadium for a Monday Night Football clash with the lead in the AFC West on the line. What do I think will happen? Glad you asked.

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It's MONDAY - and that means MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, Broncos @ Chargers in a critical week six game that will determine a leader in the AFC West.

The South Stands will be at Boone's Tavern tonight (in the back room) to record a new South Stands Denver Fancast. We'll do a little before the game, a little during and a little afterwards when we will be celebrating a HUGE BRONCOS WIN!

Join us! Boone's is packed for Broncos games, so get there early. GO BRONCOS!



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"Super Bowl caliber teams are strong in all three phases of the game, the Broncos are not that." Rich Kurtzman

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Broncos fans rejoice!  Raiders' QB Carson palmer is an interception machine and he is signed through 2014.

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Sunday, 11 December 2011 18:13

A Sason of a Lifetime

We'll be telling our grand-children about this season, you guys.  This is beyond odd, beyond curious.  It's more than a miracle.  It's a season of a lifetime.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011 10:25

The10-6 Broncos will win the AFC West

There was much we did not yet know about the 2011 Broncos before the season began.  We did, however, project them finishing the season 10-6.  They will.  And they will win the AFC West for the first time since 2005.  We'll explain how.  


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