Tuesday, 04 December 2012 18:05

Get "Sauced" with 5280 Shirt Shop!

With the injury to Willis McGahee your Denver Broncos are really counting on Knowshon Moreno not to get "sauced" again anytime soon. But you can get it any time from our friends at 5280 Shirt Shop!

Just in time for the Holidays they're offering this "saucy" new style inspired by Moreno and the license plate on his Bentley! This tee is bound to be a hit at Christmas parties and is approved for use behind the wheel! Designate your order TODAY.

Every Shirt is printed to order!

5280 Shirt Shop ... Friend of the Fans ... Friend of the Fancast


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Our wonderful sponsor, 5280 Shirt Shop announced its newest design today. This will be their biggest seller.

It's the HOT new "Mile High Salute" design. Every tee, ladies cut tee, toddler tee and hoody is printed to order and shipped immediately.

5280 Shirt Shop is the Friend of the Fans - and the "Mile High Salute "design is only one of dozens of football-friendly styles you'lll find there.

So CLICK THIS LINK and pay them a visit, won't you?

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The NHL lockout like Hockey players need bar fights, but it looks like there will probably be one, anyway.

It's depressing. But, if you're an Avalanche fan who wants to look like a really, really smart Avalanche fan, you can now order Burgundy Brigade tees from our friends at 5280 Shirt Shop. They've teamed up with the popular Avalanche blog to distribute these beauties.

Visit 5280 Shirt Shop's virtual showroom by hitting THIS LINK

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Stop by 4258 South Broadway TODAY and meet James Hernandez from 5280 and the cool folks at Widowmaker Apparel who are printing up a big orange batch of "I call it Mile High" tees - as held up here by our Twitter pal @303MP.

These babies are coming off the presses as I type this, folks. Be among the first to shop 5280 Shirt Shop's new brick and mortar partner - and tell them the South Stands sent you!

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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 13:35

5280 Shirt Shop goes brick and mortar


Our sponsors over at 5280 Shirt Shop are working with a retail store - WidowMaker Apparel at 4258 S Broadway in Englewood - not far from the Concrete Bunker. Now you can just walk right in and buy a shirt from 5280 Shirt Shop rather than going online and ordering one.

The first tee that will be available at WidowMaker is the white hot "I call it Mile High" design. It's a great gift to buy somebody - like yourself, for example. You deserve it!


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Naming rights suck. Yeah, we said it.

That's why we're glad that 5280 Shirt Shop offers this badass tee-shirt proclaiming "I call it Mile High". The guys over at Gart Brothers (or whatever it's called) are not likely to stock this baby, so order yours today - at 5280 Shirt Shop dot com.

Friend of the Fans. (tm)


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