Last week we learned that Vic Lombardi’s co-anchor and sports life partner at channel 4, Gary Miller, was departing to become the play-by-play announcer and coach’s show host for CSU football and men’s basketball. 

We also learned that Miller will work the 3-6 slot at 105.5 ESPN radio, property of Front Range Sports, owned and operated by Tom “Lou from Littleton” Manoogian, Doug “Dealin’ Doug” Moreland and several other prominent investors.

Gary Miller, we reported, is leaving CBS 4.

This week we learned that Vic Lombardi, who is searching for a new on-air TV love interest, will also be taking on a radio gig. He will be the new morning host, 6-9 AM with Mike Evans on 104.3 the Fan. His new show will air opposite the Press Box with Kiz and Burns on Mile High Sports (which is now syndicated) and National morning programming on ESPN 105.5. All this according to Program Director, Nate Lundy who will also be a contributor the the new morning show.

Lombardi brings a formidable presence to morning drive. He’s a North Denver kid who has natural voice talent and plenty of things to say. Sadly, he won’t be working with Gary Miler.

Fans of the “Vic and Gary show” on the old 87.7 “the Ticket” (now ESPN 105.5) have been clamoring for the return of the duo to radio for quite some time. Now Vic and Gary are working for competing outlets. If Vic and Gary are to broadcast together again the contracts they each just signed will have to expire first.

Lombardi will be replacing Joel Klatt who valiantly arrived to work each summer morning at the Fan despite having covered the Rockies for Root Sports the night before. Klatt has, as reported first by South Stands Denver, accepted a position with Fox Sports 1 covering College Football.

The "Vic era" at the Fan begins July 1.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:25

Denver’s top 7 Sports Radio talk shows

What are the top 7 sports radio shows in the Denver market right now in the eyes of this sports radio junkie? The answer is, as they say, after the jump.

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Talkers Magazine, the self-proclaimed "Bible of Talk Radio and the New Talk Media" has named it's "Top 100 Sports Talkers of 2012" and two of the afternoon shows at Sports Radio 104.3 the Fan were listed among America's top Sports Talk Radio Programs.

The Drive with Big Al and Dmac was listed at #53 in the Annual contest, and Drew Goodman and Scott Hastings were included at #64.

Whether or not you agree with the selections (I personally consider Sandy Clough to be Denver's best), the honors serve as evidence that we are living in one the nation's best markets for Sports Radio.

The Fan alone is stacked with talent, offering excellent quality talk morning, noon and night. But it's only one of three great stations here. Mile High Sports supplies such choices as Peter Burns, Renaud Notaro and Brandon Spano, all popular; and 102.3 ESPN, despite it's large inventory of syndicated shows, has local personalities like Nate Kreckman who are incredibly entertaining.

It's easy to take for granted the fact that we have three great stations in Denver. Very few markets can say the same. Congratulations to Big Al, Dmac, Scott and Drew and to 104.3 the Fan for bringing home the brass.



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Joel Klatt takes his fair share of grief - in the Twitterverse and here at this site. But, when it comes down to understanding the NFL and Peyton Friggin' Manning, Denver's got a winner in Klatt.

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They say that, in Colorado, if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes.

The same is true for the schedule on Sports Talk Radio. 104.3 the fan launched its latest  shake-up just this week, moving stalwart Sandy Clough, largely considered to be the market's most cerebral host, to late morning (9-noon) and installing Program Director and Nationally syndicated (Fox Sports Radio) host Nate Lundy into Clough's old evening slot (6-9).

The new schedule also pushes the early morning program with Joel Klatt and Mike Evans back a half hour. It will now begin at 5:30 AM - which has got to be brutal for Klatt who covers the Rockies for Root Sports in the evening. The show used to to begin at 6 - which was plenty tough enough for a guy who sometimes works past 10pm. That extra 30 minutes doesn't seem like much - but, to Klatt's it only means more lost sleep. He's not complaining, though. He told us months ago that the schedule affords him valueable time with his young son during the afternoons.

Lundy's new show will bring a distinctly different flavor to the evening slot. His style is more youthful that Clough's. Lundy is no novice, though. He has a wealth of radio experience, having previously programmed stations in San Antonio, Memphis and Charleston.

While in San Antonio, Lundy became close friends with Jessica Redfield, then an intern at 760 the Ticket, where Lundy worked as P.D.. Her move to Denver was partially motivated by the fact that Lundy and his friend, Peter Burns were already here.  On the horrible Friday when we all learned of her passing, Nate managed to choke out one very powerful and unforgettable segment of radio before handing off the mic.

Lundy had been formerly been paired with former C.U. standout and NFL Pro Bowl linebacker, Chad Brown.


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Three stations. Three shows. We take a look at drivetime Sports talk in Denver.

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*Written July, 2012*

Sports Media multi-tasker and occasional muck-raker, Joel Klatt, from  Root Sports Rocky Mountain and 104.3 the Fan talks about doing dual-duty, his journey through the worlds of sports and broadcasting, the state of the Colorado Rockies,  the reason he's a Red Sox fan and what it's like to be on the road as a Dad.

Prepare to learn something you didn't know about a native son.

Klatt went from Pamona High to the Minors to CU to three years as a walk-on starter at QB to the Detroit Lions to the radio to TV. When it comes to sports, Klatt has seen it all.

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One of Denver's all-time great Sports yappers is appearing all this week on 104.3 the Fan.

Marc Moser is filling in for Mike Evans all this week, partnered with Joel Klatt mornings from 6-10.

Moser is super talented - which is why he's no longer a fixture on daily Sports Radio.

He has been the radio play-by-play voice of the Colorado Avalanche since 2007. 

Prior to becoming the man in the booth for the Avalanche he produced their radio broadcasts, worked as an in-studio host on Altitude TV and manned the phone lines for the radio program "Avalanche Talk". His relationship with the team dates back practically to the time they first moved from Quebec.

Moser has also called auto racing, Canadian Football and High School Sports both in California and in Colorado.

We remember him best for his work at the Fan. Like most talk jocks, Moser was partnered with various dudes over the years. We liked him best with Sandy Clough, although it always fun to listen to him giving Mitch Hyder shit for riding a scooter.

As good as Moser is at hockey play-by-play (which is really hard to do), it's great to hear him back behind the mic, chatting it up at the Fan with Joel Klatt.

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January 1, 2012 will be a sad day for fans of local Sports coverage.  Denver Sports Radio, 102.3 the Ticket will become an ESPN Radio affiliate.  Gone are Vic and Gary and a slew of other favorites.

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