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With a new offer on the table from the NHL toward its locked-out players union there's new optimism that there will be a full season of pro hockey in 2012. Here's why that might not be such great news.

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Our old friend Ryan Boulding, the blogging mastermind behind Hockey on the Rocksis uber-pissed off at the league he follows so closely. He was good enough to let us re-post his brilliant rant, "How do you lock out the lockout?" It's a good one, you guys.

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Friday, 07 September 2012 22:21

Dark days ahead as Landy lands the "C"

"Duchene may have been the future choice to wear the “C” when he was drafted, but his inconsistent play and trade friendly contract make for delicious possibilities on the open market."

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When Andre Iguodala was introduced to the Denver Media yesterday, Denver's premier NBA blog was there. When will our NHL team allow access to the digital media?

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012 13:17

A goalie honors Jessica Redfield

(via the Goalie Guild )

Here's a cool thing. Heather Galindo, a hockey goalie and blogger, had this memorial mural painted onto her protective backplate by an outfit called Head Strong Grafix.

She told the Goalie Guild, “I was pondering ways to honor Jess when it dawned on me: My mask was at the painters with plenty of room on the backplate to fit a tribute.  Jason jumped at the chance to help, and he came up with that design. I can’t believe how great it turned out. She’d be thrilled, I know!”

Way to go, Heather!


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A brand new Reidy column awaits you over at the AV Club Denver / Boulder.   How about forgetting about those Broncos for a while and learning a thing or two about the 2012 Avalanche?  Sound like a winner to us.


"Maybe it’s important to know what these guys look like, but they’re all nondescript white guys who could blend in at any bar or be members of Kings Of Leo."

Visit the AV Club and read Jock Itch by John Reidy RIGHT HERE

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Please join The Avalanche Guild, Mile High Hockey and the Burgundy Brigade in remembering three former Avalanche players who perrished in a plane crash in Russia. 

A memorial is scheduled outside Pepsi Center beginning at 10am on Saturday 9/10.  Sign posters and share memories of our fallen hockey heroes and send a message to their families that they will not be forgotten by the Colorado Avalanche fans.

Information HERE

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Thursday, 07 April 2011 09:18

Foote's walkin'

Another reason for fans to head for the gates.  One of the great Colorado Avalanche stars, Adam Foote, is prepared to announce his retirement.


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Sunday, 06 February 2011 14:38

FOPPA!! Petah signs with Avalanche

Move over, Liles.  He of the Steely Blue Eyes is back!


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Friday, 15 October 2010 20:15

Av's off to a fast start

Your Colorado Avalanche are 3-1 after bedeviling New Jersey tonight.



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