Sunday, 14 October 2012 00:01'll be a Yankee soon: speculation

"And trading Tulo will be about as popular as the Ubaldo, Chris Drury and Chauncey Billups trades combined, but it will be necessary if the team has any hopes to climb out of the poop filled sewer it currently resides."

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What a shame that this part of our sports calendar is so fleeting. Baseball and Basketball are completely different - but they go great together.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 11:42

Grand Junction gets BASEBALL!

We learn via SB Nation's "Mile High Buzz" that the Colorado Rockies' minor league affiliate, the Casper Ghosts, are relocating to Grand Junction on the Western edge of Colorado and will be renamed the Grand Junction Rockies.  This is exciting news for the entire region.  Someone tell the players to stay away from the cantaloupe.
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Resident sports columnist John Reidy talks the Rockies and their bounty of fans this week in his column, Jock Itch at the AV Club Denver / Boulder:

"Still, one area of the Rockies’ most disappointing season to date has been nothing but sunshine and rainbows: the suckers who filled the seats at Coors Field."

"amidst one of the worst flame-outs in Denver sports history, the Rockies still enjoyed healthy crowds out at the ballpark. Attendance was actually up from any previous year out at Coors Field since 2001"

Check out Reidy's column HERE and be sure and leave a comment.  He loves comments.

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Is it's wrong to revel in another's pain why do I find this story so enthralling?


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Our very own resident Sports writer, John Reidy, is back with yet another fabulous JOCK ITCH column at the AV Club Denver/Boulder. In this weeks edition, Reidy tackles the many humorous sport-themed gifts available this Holiday season.

Denver Sports Holiday Gift Guide

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Tuesday, 02 November 2010 13:14

SF Giants - Let's Play Spot the Penis!

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Monday, 04 October 2010 23:05

South Stands Fancast: Show 48 Second Half

South Stands Denver FancastJohn is a gasbag. Literally. Avs expert J. Scott Moore weighs in on the upcoming season and give his take on various scoring odds. The Rockies fell flat on their faces, but since the Padres failed even more miserably it's o.k.

Juggalo or Raider fan is back but not before a stern resentment that it's "racial profiling." Tweep of the Week, and Scott won't give up who FakeDater is. Oh yeah Tom Tancredo eats Mexican babies.

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