After three weeks only one of the seven wagerers in our season-long NFL wager-off versus the spread has lost any piece of his original imaginary $10,000. Care to wager who that is? The results of the contest after three weeks are now posted. Click the read more link below.

As the NFL season rolls on so does our season-long NFL wager-off in which our seven bettors compete with $10,000 in imaginary dough, wagering up to half their bankrolls each week. Here are the results and balances after two weeks.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 22:27

South Stands Denver Fancast Show 213

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This isn't your father's local talk radio Rockies talk. It's compelling and rich talk as we welcome in the incomparable Tyler Maun(@tylermaun) from the Purple Dinosaur Podcast (@purpledinocast) who talks all facets of the Rockies and if you're even a casual observer of the shenanigans at 20th and Blake, you'll want to hear this.

We break down the Rockies broadcast team with Tyler and after going in hard on some of them (MARK STOUT) we heap praise on Jenny Cavnar and plead for Root Sports to put her in a more prominent role. The anti-stats dbags are taken to task and how the old guard media in Denver needs to clear the way for the new generation.

Fake followers are discussed. A depressing Ray Lewis Tweep of the Week is recited. And we wrap it up, as we always do, with some Broncos talk.

Truly a great guest and we hope Tyler comes back soon. The Rockies may suck but the Purple Dino Cast does not, and that's all you can hope for at this point.



Football is back and luckily so is the lovely Christina (@yeswhatIsaygoes) with her weekly NFL picks videos. Here's her take on week two.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015 23:02

South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 212

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The always delightful Brandon Spano (@brandonspano) joins us and as usual, it gets loud.

We talk all about his wonderful Denver sports website, and what it's like to be a burgeoning new media guru in a world of old hacks who don't understand how Twitter works.

Then we stick it deep into Soicher for awhile and finally get around to some Broncos and some eye opening predictions for this Thursday and beyond.

Spano is a long time friend of the show and never fails to deliver on many levels. Check out the good work they're doing at and tell them the South Stands sent ya.


Football is back and so is the South Stands Denver season-long NFL wager-off. This season our bettors, Colin Daniels, John Reidy, Producer Scott Stafford, Brandon Spano, Snyder and Castle Rock Josh will place five imaginary wagers with one relating to the Broncos game that week. They can bet lines or over / unders. Each player begins the year with $10,000 fake bucks and must bet at least ten percent (but not more than 50%) every week. Here are the fellows' wagers for week one.

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Friday, 11 September 2015 22:48

FantasyVille episode 2.1

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FantasyVille season two starts off with a bang and John finally admits to Colin that he has become a DFS junkie over the last year.

A great discussion of all things fantasy, take a trip to FantastyVille and stay awhile...until the cops come and roust you from where you're squatting.


"The Brandon Spano Network is now “Broad Spectrum News” (because it’s less douchey)"

We finally corner Denver Post Rockies beat writer Nick Groke (@NickGroke) and make him sit in the hot studio for a great show.

We talk Rockies, but focus on Coors Field and its affect on Denver's development into the hot spot it is today.

KBUD is covered. As is why there aren't any more Arby's pint glasses honoring our local sports teams. Colin asks John and Nick about beards for some reason.

Demaryius is talked to in depth and we discuss how much athletes are paid and the misconceptions fans have about it. 

We finish it up with some questions for Nick about the Rockies broadcasters and then we nerd out on some Denver music stuff including the Warlock Pinchers. Check out Nick in the Denver Post as he covers YOUR Colorado Rockies.



A great return to form for the South Stands Denver fancast and in a new and improved studio!

We get right back into it complaining about Captain Bronco and even bring the Captain on to defend himself later in the show. Some old favorites reappear like the Horn of Plenty and Preppy Summer.

We talk Women's World Cup, the Nuggets and the woeful Rockies.

Colin details his fall at Coors Field and there's a poop story along with it.

Welcome back, we're thrilled you've joined us.