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Pete Carroll is no angel. But the head coach of the Patriots makes him look like one.


"Both fanbases are obnoxious wankers that make ISIS look like a few rowdy lads you could have a beer with."

Oh, sweet irony. Here's a video from the three-part series "Life of Ty" where Lawson promoted the ride share company  Lyft.


Well, folks, if you're planning to go to the Nuggets game tonight you can probably expect not to see Ty Lawson as the dimunitive point guard was popped riding dirty in LODO after 1AM Friday morning. Lawson was visibly impared according to Denver PD and slurring his speech. 

The arrest is Lawson's second for DUI in Denver.  Not good. He was driving 28 MPH over the speed limit, too, which means that he's not just a drunk driver. He's a bad drunk driver. 

Stay tuned. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled to see how the Nuggets respond. Will he be suspended? Fined? Traded? Forced to ride with Javale on his Segway? 



Change is in the air all around Denver sports radio. 102.3 is now 105.5, the Fan is presumably being purchased by Altitude Sports and the entire lineup at Mile High Sports Radio is shifting due to the Press Box shutting down.

Here's what I understand the new weekday lineup at MHS to be beginning next week. 

6AM-7AM The Rude Awakening with Josh Dover and Jesse Trujillo

7AM-9AM Morning Mayhem with Danny Williams and Marcello Romano

9AM - NOON The Brandon Spano Show

NOON - 1PM Whitely on Sports with Gil Whitely

1PM-2PM The Irv and Joe Show

2PM-4PM The Big Show with Chris Braden, Benny Bash and Kent Erickson

4PM-6PM Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman, Josh Pennock and Will Peterson

6PM-7PM the Renknowitall w/ Renaud Notaro, Dr. Travis Heath, Andrew Mason and Colin Daniels (rotating)

7PM-8PM CU on Mile High Sports with Don Brenner

8PM-10PM Last Call with Benjamin Albright and Joe Morgan



Radio Row: Say goodbye to the Press Box

Written by Thursday, 22 January 2015 12:51

"The success of the Press Box show earned Peter Burns national attention and that attention ultimately led to his being discovered by ESPN and eventually hired to anchor the new SEC network. Burns relocated to North Carolina and left the show in the capable hands of Krisztal and Lomena who have worked hard to keep it vital"

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The boys from the Sin Bin, Mile High Sports (and the only one of its kind in Denver) hockey show, joins us for a rip roaring show about hockey, the Broncos and plenty of sack talk.

Kevin Goff (@BrgBrigadeKevin) and Aaron Musick (@Avalangelist) endure  our  venting that everyone got to make ball jokes all week and we didn't get a chance. IT'S OUR FORTE DAMMIT AND WE DEMAND TO HAVE OUR MOMENT IN THE SUN. And we do.

We talk hockey, Avs, a little more sacks and then we finally get into some Broncos/Kubiak talk before we do an Avs quiz where John absolutely gets smoked.

Check out the Sin Bin on Mile High Sports, Sundays noon to 2pm.


OK, Peyton. One more year and that's it, okay?

Written by Wednesday, 21 January 2015 12:33

"Pretty much everything Peyton Manning is yet to do can be done in 2015 - including winning a Super Bowl in a Broncos uniform. But after that he's got to go and let Brock Osweiler - or whoever happens to be the QB of the future - begin his reign for the Orange and Blue."

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"Once the Broncos took a dive to the Colts on Sunday, January 11th, the Nuggets had a rare opportunity to create a gleam in the finicky eye of the Denver fan base even in the wake of the firing of John Fox and the "coaching search" that ensued. It was but a fleeting moment, however, and their opportunity quickly passed."

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We talk A LOT of Broncos and delve into whether the coaches tanked, whether the players quit and where we go from here.
Our good buddy Renaud Notaro (@renknowitall) joins us and helps us sift through the wreckage.
We also talk about the Fan, daily fantasy, and some Super Bowl and Broncos coaching predictions. Next week will be more positive, we promise.


In the NFL being a favorite doesn't alway mean you'll win. In the South Stands $10K season-long NFL wager-off the same is true. Scott Stafford has long been a favorite to take the contest down but two dark horses, both from Mile High Sports have moved ahead of Scott over the past few weeks. It's a three-horse race now as we head into Championship Sunday.

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Will Silent Stan save 104.3 the Fan?

Written by Wednesday, 14 January 2015 11:06

He owns the Avalanche. He owns the Nuggets (kind of), he owns the LA St Louis Rams, he owns Altitude Sports and Entertainment and now, if speculation holds true, "Silent" Stan Kroenke will soon own 104.3 the Fan.
The station became for sale when Entercom, who bought out Lincoln Financial Media, was forced by the FCC to divest one of it's FM signals in the Denver market. Entercom chose to divest the Fan presumably due to its overhead - which is naturally higher than that of a voice-tracked music station.

104.3 FM is anybody's to purchase and, if the purchaser were to decide to, the format of the station could easily be changed. Denver sports radio listeners might lose their favorite station. But if Kroenke Sports buys the station it will clearly remain a sports signal and continue to be the radio carrier of Avs and Nuggets games. The company is the ideal buyer for the Fan. So hopefully the rumors that KSE is the buyer are true.

According to Mark Knudson's blog, Kroenke Sports will pay $12M for the Fan and take over operations sometime in the next sixty days. This is fantastic news.  

"So long as number 18 is suiting up for the Denver Broncos the Denver Broncos will be built around Peyton Manning. The offense will be designed in his image and the defense will suffer for the tools Manning needs."

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"But is John Elway's house cleaning in reaction to Denver's pathetic playoff performance versus the Colts or is it all about Peyton Manning?"

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