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"Lammey says he looks forward to having a "bigger footprint". Having toiled in podcasting and radio for the better part of a decade Lammey feels that a two-hour daily radio show is a just reward."

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"The winter evenings are dark early and obviously cold, and it’s hard to drag yourself into the frigid night to go to Pepsi while it’s relatively easy to slap on a pair of jorts and head out to Coors Field in August. "

"As he steps away from the game and a franchise that he was directly involved with day in and day out for over 30 years, we at South Stands thought it would be only right to honor him by reflecting on two of his greatest attributes: his coolness and his ability to win."


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Drew Soicher's silly routine on 9 News got him in trouble this time. Audio provided by the Press Box

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"Network television, which was once the shining star that brought us Magnum PI and Moonlighting is now a cesspool filled with Dancing with the Stars and America’s Got Talent."


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"No one wanted to believe ol' Kiz because we all thought the trade for Iguodala was good for the Nuggets - but he was right - because he saw firsthand Iguodala’s reaction to the news. And I believe he’s right about O’Reilly based on the reaction of this Avs front office person’s standoffish attitude toward him."

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A beauty of a Skype show as the new Bunker nears completion.

Not only does John sit and jaw with Colin for an indiscriminate amount of time, we bring in Ryan Boulding (@rboulding) to give us the scoop on the looming Ryan O'Reilly situation. It's pretty grim.

Colin and John talk a shit load of Rockies, Monfort and we veer into some Broncos before sliding back into some more Rockies.

This show was a challenge because Skype wasn't cooperating this evening but hopefully you can't tell. Colin's "Questions Read" was especially offensive.



Who will be Robin to Montee Ball's Batman?

Written by Wednesday, 16 July 2014 11:52

"What does remain a mystery is who will be the change of pace back and provide relief for Montee Ball? At the current time, the backfield is wide open behind the sophomore running back- like room for a whole European country’s population, wide open."


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Easy Rider: Mile High Style

Written by Monday, 14 July 2014 15:24

Check out this beauty I saw bright and early this morning on my run. It's parked outside an antique/thrift shop on 44th Avenue in Wheat Ridge. What is it you may ask?

I have no idea, but whomever made this is a Bronco fan with an awesome imagination. 

This piece first ran in July, 2012

"Colorado and Denver especially, is a fervent sports environment. Despite our great weather, vast outdoor activities and millions of micro breweries, we get behind our sports teams and would throw ourselves on our swords for you if the Rockies improved even slightly."

Check out this offering on Craigs List for a "Barely Used Major League Baseball Team"

Just going to get worse from here Dick.


UPDATE: it's been taken down, but if you look at the pic, it also says "taxpayer financed stadium"


Good stuff whoever you are...

"And when you do make your Nixon-like retreat from the Colorado sports scene, it will be cheered like a Peyton Manning touchdown."

Dick Monfort got himself in a little hot water this week by lashing out at a fan from Grand junction via email. Another fan, however, wrote Dick a lengthy letter to which he responded. That fan, Christine Voss (@hurryhurryomaha) on Twitter, recieved a reply from Dick - and a request to meet him for coffee. Christine will be sitting down with the Rockies owner tomorrow. She has kindly allowed us to reproduce her letter here at South Stands Denver. It's after the jump.

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"Their loyalty, however, is misplaced. Rather than offering it to the people who pay the bills they give it to Dan O’Dowd. The reason for this is no mystery. O’Dowd shares the Monforts’ faith."

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"The Rockies are, after all, a team bejeweled with All-Star talent, one that absolutely drips with potential. But that potential is never realized. Monfort seems to be awakening to the fact that it's inexcusable."

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South Stands FLASHBACK: A simple plan for #RockiesTown

Written by Thursday, 21 November 2013 17:31

This piece by @JohnReidy303 first ran in November, 2013


"Dan O’Dowd and Bill Geivett are so far beyond a train wreck of a front office, they’ve moved into “rolling corpse on fire in a desk chair about to fall over into a huge vat of feces” territory."

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