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What have we learned since starting our first ever $10K season-long NFL wager-off?? It's hard, that's what. We're not even paying a "vig" and most of our wagerers have struggled to stay above water. Still we did have one winner this week!

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"The industry has cleverly slipped into the loopholes left in the gaming act and in doing so has essentially replaced online poker as the most popular form of internet gambling."


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We spend a nice quiet night with the Honey Bear aka Zach Fogg (@zachfoggsports) of 104.3 The Fan and that quiet evening quickly turns into a shouting match about the Broncos.

But first Colin goes off on his detractors and people who don't get his "humor."

Then we spend a good portion dissecting the Broncos woes before going a little deeper than your average local show on the AVs. It's compelling, we promise.

Then we wrap it up with a "Did they tweet it" and some other non sequiturs befitting a good clean (not language wise) show of this caliber.


It's high time the Broncos unleash the Latimer

Written by Tuesday, 18 November 2014 16:52


"This Denver Broncos team is still very much capable of winning the Super Bowl, but there are some

tough realizations that have to take place for that dream to become a reality."


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Whoa Nelly! Week eleven in our season-long $10K NFL wager-off was the toughest one yet for a couple of our five wagerers. While none of our players has had an exceptionally good year, all remain in the game as we head toward the stretch run of the NFL regular season.

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"Better now than later, I say. Better for the fans. Better for the team. Not only do the Broncos now have a better perspective on how they might be beaten when the chips are down, Broncos Country now knows to adjust expectations."

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"The newest changes in Denver Sports talk radio are coming to 104.3 the Fan and  would seem to have been precipitated by the results of a survey the station sent out to listeners last month."

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Are the Nuggets already shopping Javale McGee?

Written by Friday, 14 November 2014 17:12

"In a league where a third string center can get $5 million a year just for suiting up, $11 million a season for a 26-year old who averaged 11 points and eight rebounds the last two years he was getting starter minutes really is not a big deal."

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"That’s pretty lame, and unprofessional as those are, my two favorite moments from Soicher came in 2012 when he asked the newly-acquired Peyton Manning to sign his bobblehead on-air and this July when he spewed out a tasteless joke about Pat Bowlen and Alzheimer’s. Great moments to remember for 9 News I’m sure."

"If the Nuggets are tanking it would be nice for the fans to be informed. If they aren't tanking they're just a goddamn disaster."

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South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 199

Written by Thursday, 13 November 2014 00:13
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A great honor to have both the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman, and Grantland's Jonah Keri on the show tonight.

We cover a lot of ground and immediately hit on the Rockies since we have some baseball experts in the house. We serenade Jonah, then we  talk about local sports radio and blowhards.

This pod goes all over the place, Too Many Cooks, John pussyfoots around Jonah's interactions with Ringolsby, but Jonah sets the record straight. And then some good Ringolsby/selfie info is released. Hochman the nickname creator is discussed, #WINS is explained, an epic TV quiz and a whole lot of interesting stuff is yapped about in under 2 hours. Dig it. Such a treat, you guys. We hope you enjoy it.


Our season-long NFL wager-off continues and our bettors continue to take a beating. Each began with an imaginary $10K bankroll to take on the year with. While success has been fleeting we did see two of our wagerers save their hydes this week. One of them scored the biggest win of the season so far.

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The Broncos' slow starts are nothing to dismiss

Written by Monday, 10 November 2014 17:32


In fact, this wasn’t the first time one might’ve watched the beginning of a Broncos game and wondered what the hell is wrong with Manning?

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"As much as we all want to believe that Osweiler is learning under Manning and that he will, at some point, be unleashed as the heir apparent to 18’s throne, the odds are really far better that Brock moves on to start somewhere else."

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The other half of Broncos Country

Written by Friday, 07 November 2014 10:09

 "...ultimately, what we saw at Gillette Stadium was a team that still isn’t going anywhere if Manning isn’t playing at an

elite level."

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South Stands Denver Fancast, Show 198

Written by Wednesday, 05 November 2014 22:21
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This is the Broncos show you've been waiting for as our Broncos "outsider" Snyder (@madgamecc69) visits the bunker for a hard core Broncos thrashing. But first we talk Colorado politics and how the recent election resembles sports fans and their support of particular teams. We talk the Chicago Cubs and why the Rockies couldn't even get into the running for Joe Maddon. Julie Browman is brought up.

Then we delve into the Artie Lange controversy and how different mediums for controversial material work better than others. Like talking about incest on local radio shows.

Colin calls out a fantasy douche bag but please buy Rich Kurtzman's book, Chasing Lombardi, where fine books are sold.

Then we hit a good vein of Broncos talk before talking a little AVs. We then get back into predictions for the rest of the Broncos season and slag off the coaches even more. Tweep of the week and huge missed opportunity at a Raider or Juggalo.



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