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"For all I know there are hundreds of masterful announcers all over this great land who can keep fans informed and excited and paint a picture of a hockey game as it's moving at a frenetic pace. But I simply cannot imagine that there's a single one better than Marc Moser."

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As Paul Stastny scored the winning overtime goal in last night's exciting Avalanche victory over the Wild one elated fan looked familiar banging on the glass and cheering on the Colorado squad. None other than Nuggets' point guard Ty Lawson was in the Can to watch the game and you can see by the look on his face that he was enjoying the playoff atmosphere. Perhaps he'll enjoy that with the Nuggets again one day soon, but for now it's neat to see him there supporting the ice hockey club.

Shout out to Will Peterson for throwing this link on Twitter today.

Here's the VIDEO CLIP. #WhyNotUS

(photo: USA Today sports)

"If we're lucky we'll witness a dozen or so "where were you" moments in our lifetimes as sports fans. One happened last night."

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"If you’re going to head to your nearest sports bar to watch the Avalanches play the Minnesota Wilds starting tonight you’ll want to be prepared. It’s important to act as though you’ve been locked in on the Avalanches all season."

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We take a bit to get warmed up but when we do, it’s a hell of show. Local hockey media legend, Ryan Boulding (@rboulding) takes time out of his busy, busy schedule to pay us a visit and lay down a great show featuring tons of Avs talk, Broncos lamentation, and some Rockies talk that involves mostly George Frazier. We do a great hockey quiz, a Tweep of the Week, and we go very deep into the media and fan bandwagon overload going on in Denver right now. Then we talk about assholes who spoil TV shows for other people. We revisit Colin’s supreme home run call and then some Moser love. A great return to form right before the playoffs.


Hey, look who's in town! It's Denver's mystery man, the rocket-laser armed superstar quarterback of the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning, from whom we had heard absolutely nothing since the Super Bowl...until today. Old number 18 made an appearance at Pepsi Center this morning to support the Boy Scouts of America.

He took a little time to provide the assembled press with some paper-thin comments about the big game, players who are gone who he will miss and what it's going to take to get the Broncos back to the Super Bowl. Naturally, everyone lapped it up. What Manning didn't say was that he was embarrassed about his performance or that he regretted what Broncos fans went through on that miserable Sunday in February. Nope. It's all about looking ahead for Pey-Pey. Remembering is for the rest of us.  

On a side note our caps are tipped to Susie Wargin who clearly still has two great arms.

"There's an interesting contrast between the way the sudden popularity of the Avalanche is perceived versus the continued interest in the Colorado Rockies. Some in the media assert that the baseball team will never have incentive to improve until the fans stop paying attention. Yet fans did stop paying attention to the Avalanche and are now being punished by some for coming back."

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Make a day of the Derby with Table to Tavern

Written by Monday, 14 April 2014 12:48

Can't make it Louisville for the run for the roses? Then why not do the next best thing and join Table to Tavern on Saturday May 3rd for an all-day Derby party at Boone's Tavern and Atticus at the corner of Downing and Evans. There will be a hat and bow tie contest, a buffet and special Derby cocktails. About 70 seats are still available at just $45 per person - includes PPV coverage of the race.


"Thursday was a record setting day for Denver’s two exciting Russians. Each eclipsed franchise records on what proved to be a very exciting Thursday night for Denver sports fans."


"The young Nuggets are building confidence. By taking teams like the Rockets to the wire and by showing faith in their own talents the Nuggets are building a foundation for the future. They’re also learning to trust Brian Shaw. A full-blown tank job might have caused them to implode, leaving them to “rebuild” again next season."

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A huge shout out to a favorite of - and a friend of South Stands Denver, Adam Cayton-Holland who is throwing out the first pitch at Coors Field tonight for the White Sox / Rockies game.

Holland had appeared on numerous national shows including Conan on TBS. He's also been on the Fancast which makes his extra famous. Adam is a long-time Rox fan and has pursued the throwing of the first pitch for some time. Finally tonight this dream will become a reality.

Congrats, Adam.



"While disposing of the unused Jello shots and Super Bowl party confetti when you could muster up the heart to do it, you probably realized that the offensive line, which had played well for the bulk of the 2013 season, was now a legitimate cause for concern. "


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"People come to Colorado with their allegiances in tow. Rather than adapt, to become ardent fans of the local teams, they show up to our venues to watch their teams play. Sometimes they’re obnoxious about it. But all the while they know that they’re here because the place they came from isn’t as awesome."

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These days, when you hear or read that a slam dunk contest is taking place, especially the NBA one, the first thought in your mind is probably, no thanks. You certainly are not alone. Most people scoff at these events as the rules have been tweaked so much over years that nobody who is anybody wants to even participate anymore.


Luckily, the NCAA version is still entertaining and took place last night at SMU’s Moody Coliseum as part of their Final Four festivities.  The overall winner was Eastern Kentucky’s Marcus Lewis who edged out Baylor’s Cory Jefferson in the final round.


However, the slam of the night belonged to Michigan State’s Adreian Payne. After an assist from Lacey Holdsworth, an eight year old cancer patient who has developed a special friendship with the 6’10 basketball star, Payne pulled off a mid-air 360 while touching the ball to his feet half-way around.  On paper, that doesn’t sound too tough but I bet if you tried it on your nerf hoop above your basement door you’d see just how difficult and athletic that move actually is.


To top off this sick dunk, Payne followed up with the always funny and entertaining bowling pin celebration.




A simple plan for #RockiesTown

Written by Thursday, 21 November 2013 17:31

"Dan O’Dowd and Bill Geivett are so far beyond a train wreck of a front office, they’ve moved into “rolling corpse on fire in a desk chair about to fall over into a huge vat of feces” territory."

"If the Monforts build it we will come - because we're idiots. At least that's how the Denver sports media seems to see us."

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