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FantasyVille episode 1.1

Written by Thursday, 28 August 2014 23:25
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Episode one of the FantasyVille podcast featuring "Captain Fantasy" @scottstafford who dispenses his fantasy knowledge like a ladel from a water trough.

We talk drafts, strategy and how to avoid the dreaded auto draft and yahoo default rankings. Or do we?

Then the Captain talks about "old guys" he will be drafting and some general fantasy life style tidbits. All aboard.


"The club must demonstrate this time that it cares about its players beyond the football field."


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Maybe the last Skype show before the new bunker is ready? Possibly.

We talk Rockies and the sinister Star Wars night and how we will handle going to games in the future.

Then we give a preview of our "FantasyVille" podcast by giving you a lethal dose of fantasy football talk.

We dip into some Broncos, some Simpsons and whatever else tickle yer fancy.


"There are several dozens of other sites and outlets to choose from but these three and the people involved are all I typically utilize. They are the most accurate and have personalities I can stomach where some of the other sites/podcasts are non-stop inside jokes, corny posturing and so much fake self-deprecation, it becomes a distraction."

"The rules that are now being so aggressively enforced are not new. The league has simply realized that Seattle was not held to them in 2013."

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A solo show by John where he talks football, fantasy football and the Jags helmets.

Then it's on to the Rockies and how much he'll miss bitching about them on Twitter, and why Walt Weiss should pack it in after this season.

The recent Westword article by Bree Davies about the vanishing Denver is discussed and how that relates to the stadium experience in Denver. HINT HINT: lots of shitty Cubs fans.

New studio soon and that means more shows. But in the meantime, enjoy the solo stylings of Herr Reidy.


"If Hurdle was offered a significant job with the Rockies after he was fired and didn’t take it, it speaks volumes about the character of those who’ve left and those who’ve stayed.
No one with half of a brain wants to stay and work for the Rockies. So why should Walt?"

"Unlike in the Elway years we failed to watch the Broncos with wide-eyed amazement. Instead we anticipated victories and felt vindicated when they came. That's why the loss in the Super Bowl hurt the way it did."


"One of the key factors in a successful fantasy football season is arguably your team name. There are varying strategies when it comes to choosing your team’s name for the season but one that should not be taken lightly. It could determine your fate as a team and lay the groundwork for the season ahead."



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Yes, another Skype show but a show nonetheless.

We talk a bunch of Broncos before circling the drain with the Rockies and decide Tulo's song should be Black Sabbath's "Changes."

We add in some good fantasy talk before spiraling off into parts unknown.

New bunker will be ready soon. Thanks for your patience. 



"Meet Dawson Batts, a 12-year old pitcher from Fayetteville, NC who was born without a left arm. This amazing young man wowed the crowd at the Baseball Youth NYBC All-Star Challenge with not only his play on the mound but at the plate as well."




A farewell to Broncos Country

Written by Thursday, 07 August 2014 06:54

"Who will win the Tooth Trot at Coors Field is just as important to us Sports Atheists as who wins the AFC West. Regardless, I'm being called back into action like a weary commando in a Stallone movie." 

"...It’s those monsters I would like to reach. I want to wrap them in a snuggie with their favorite team’s logo on it and hold them, whispering encouragement as they fall into a statistical dreamland.

And since most people who are vehemently opposed to fantasy sports won’t let me hold them and whisper to them, I’ll have to go another route."

"The Press Box is my baby." Burns told me. "I am not looking forward to leaving it but I know it's in good hands."

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"Lammey says he looks forward to having a "bigger footprint". Having toiled in podcasting and radio for the better part of a decade Lammey feels that a two-hour daily radio show is a just reward."

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"The winter evenings are dark early and obviously cold, and it’s hard to drag yourself into the frigid night to go to Pepsi while it’s relatively easy to slap on a pair of jorts and head out to Coors Field in August. "

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