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Jake the Snake: "I’m not trying to point out something the fans don’t know."

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Jake Plummer joined Big Al and Dmac this week to talk handball, football, Shanahan and Tebow. We sure miss that guy.

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One thing you have to love about Jake Plummer is that he is a straight shooter. Jake says what he means and he means what he says. That's makes him a great guy to interview.

Jake was in Denver last week throwing some footballs to some guys and a few of the local sports jockeys got a crack at him for their broadcasts.

Vic Lombardi had him for television and Big Al and Dmac got him for radio. Both interviews were fantastic, but the radio one was much longer - and therefore resulted in more juicy tidbits. Dmac isn't afraid to ask anything.

(Vic Lombardi should consider getting a radio show. I'll bet he would enjoy the format... But I digress.)

Old number 16 didn't say anything too inflammatory. He kept it cool for the most part. But, Jake did answer some serious questions with the relaxed tone of a guy who doesn't give two shits what anybody thinks.

He lit up his old boss a little: "Shanahan was a great coach and did a lot of great things but he hasn’t been winning a lot since that decision went down." The decision Jake refers to, of course, is the one to bench him and bring in Jay Cutler. "I’m not trying to point out something the fans don’t know." Plummer softened his tone: "Of course we didn’t mesh as coach and player once (Gary) Kubiak left but that’s in the books man."

In the books, indeed.

The Snake spoke on the Teebs VS 18 as well: "The kid has a big heart, he’s a humanitarian but to back up what Elway did, you don’t win Super Bowls with a humanitarian at a quarterback you win Super Bowls with a genius quarterback who knows what is going on and that is Peyton Manning."

He then softened his tone again: "I think Tebow will have success wherever he goes because he is a positive guy and you can’t help but be impressed by how positive he is and that rubs off on people".

Ah, the company line.

As for Jake coming back to the NFL? "I made my mind up a long time ago and I stand by my decision."

If Jake did come back, would he play for the Broncos? "I don’t know how serious they are about winning a Super Bowl there. If they wanted to maybe they would already have me signed."

Good stuff, Jake.

He says he's in great shape. It seems like he really enjoys doing what he's doing now - playing handball and throwing sticks to his dogs.

Lots of people still wonder how Jake Plummer walked away from the NFL. Listening to him speak you wonder why more guys don't just take that first ten million and split before they get busted up into little peices.

Plummer got a big lesson in what really matters when his best friend, Pat Tillman, died. Pat had walked away from the NFL, too. To serve his country. He was killed by friendly fire. Tillman's death gave Jake perspective. 

I will always admire the way Jake layed down the law with the most powerful league in sports. He's the greatest Bronco ever in that he would have rather quit than be traded - and he did.





Hats off to Sports Radio Interviews for the transciption. What a cool site!

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