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Blog view: It really is good to be a Stiff

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A really great Sports Blog makes being a fan more fun. There's nothing "stiff" about Denver Stiffs.

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Denver has a great Sports Blog scene. This is the first post in a series profiling some of the sites that enhance our experience as fans.


Andrew Feinstein, Nate Timmons and Jeffrey Morton are the Denver Stiffs. The name of their site is derived from the term legendary Nuggets coach Doug Moe used to refer players he wasn't too crazy about.

Well, we are crazy about Denver Stiffs. It's a must visit site for Nuggets news, game previews and recaps, features and polls. It's also a place for informed opinions and excellent writing.

We go there every day.

Denver Stiffs is part of the SB Nation network of about 300 Sports Blogs covering leagues and teams across the USA. Local affiliates include Mile High Hockey, the Ralphie Report, Purple Row and the Mile High Report. SB Nation sites are clean and easy to navigate, which is nice.

Some National Blog networks use clunky layouts that are mostly designed to direct readers' eyes toward advertising and to "lock" them in with navigation tricks (looking at you, Bleacher Report). SB Nation's presentation feels more credible and less intrusive.

Being affiliated with SB Nation offers the Stiffs certain resources and allows them to focus on writing while the network populates the site with sponsor ads. And write they do. 

Denver Stiffs typically runs about four new posts every day. Nate and Jeffrey do most of the heavy lifting while Andrew typically comes through with the signature articles. Writing duties are split pretty equally and all three authors have their own distinct styles. They aren't the least bit stuffy. Even stat-driven stories are written with enough flair to be both informative and entertaining. The writing isn't forced. The Stiffs love the Denver Nuggets and it really shows.

Despite being closely affiliated with the Nuggets (Andrew calls George Karl, Masai Ujiri and Josh Kroenke "friend"), Denver Stiffs does not accept press credentials because they want to cover the team from a fan perspective. They still sit in the bleachers like the rest of us. Feinstein is a season ticket holder and, as such, is as invested in the fan experience as anybody.

Speaking of fan experiences, the thing that really sets Denver Stiffs apart is it's "Stiffs Night Out" tradition. The proprietors of the site invite readers to get together periodically to watch games, usually at Jake's Food and Spirits downtown. They hold trivia contests, work the crowd and make their readers feel truly welcome. The events draw media types as well. Masai and Josh even showed up to mingle after the Carmelo trade.

Denver Stiffs also welcomes readers to post articles of their own in the fan posts section. This is one more way in which the site involves Nuggets fans and creates loyalty.

Denver Stiffs is among the most well-operated Sports Blogs you'll come across, locally or nationally. It's a ton of fun and a great place to go to get your Nugs on.

Take our advice, South Standers, bookmark it, and visit every day.

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